Meet Julian!

  • Current position: Tech Lead
  • Currently hanging out in: Cali, Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: Travel, movies, listening to music, teaching, learning, all things DIY, making things with his hands – like furniture, and dabbling in making his own 3D printer from scratch.
  • Thankful for: His supportive family, kind and quality friends that are more like siblings than friends, a wonderful wife, health, opportunities he’s been given, his job, living in a peaceful environment and to live in this era where he can have a variety of points of view of the world with the realization that we are blessed to have so much more than we would have had even 100 years ago.
  • Amazing traits that stick out: Analytical, ability to see things from many different angles and generate ideas to solve them, avid listener, loyal friend, helpful, good memory, and keeper stoic humor

Let’s get to know Julian. This super person is proud of/that/for:

First in his family to go to university. 

Commitment and study are no stranger to Julian than breathing or walking. With his parents’ support, he decided to go to university. He chose to make small sacrifices, over and over and over, to focus on what mattered to him most – getting as much out of his education as possible. He ended up not only graduating with his Bachelor’s, he also went on to get his Master’s in Engineering Management. When it comes to your future, don’t let distractions sidetrack from what matters most. 

Changed his entire profession, twice. 

He started off working at a media services company in charge of communication systems, where he learned the development of design and how to design systems themselves. From there, he grew into research and development for products related to the audio and visual areas of music, and after 14 years decided to pivot and go into the web development world. 

At that point he wanted to stretch beyond his comfort zone, so he started developing software for the web, and that’s when Bunny Studio gave him an opportunity. Within Bunny itself, he’s gone from full stack engineer to senior developer to tech lead, embracing and outgrowing each position as time has gone on.

In all of this, he grew by choice, not because he had to. Was anxiety involved? Yes. Did some people think he was crazy for leaving a 14-year career? Yes, but those people also didn’t realize that when Julian puts his mind to growth, growth is exactly what’s happening. He knows when to move forward, and any time there’s too much comfort, it means it’s time for change and evolution is afoot. Having the wisdom and strength to push beyond boundaries and through discomfort to the other side is not something everyone can say they have or do. This man is one that can, and every day he becomes a less limited person by removing restrictions that he’s placed upon himself, taking risks and challenges where learning is imminent, and knowing that there is always a price to pay to get what you want. Whether we choose to pay it, can make all the difference.

Has the ability to always make the best choices in his life for important decisions. 

Academically, personally, professionally – when big decisions have arisen, Julian’s taken all of the most plausible scenarios and thought them out from best possible outcome to the worst thing that could happen, and everything in between. Never in a rush, he’s taken the time to thoroughly examine how each would affect his life, and the lives of those around him, for better or worse. That space to imagine has molded his ability to consistently deliver the best possible result each and every time. Does that mean there’s never any spontaneity? Of course not! Life is full of flavor and meant to be enjoyed. Knowing when to process something deeply vs when to enjoy the moment is a blessing and can take the weight off of every choice needing to be perfect. It doesn’t, and nor do we. We are innately imperfect, and that’s what makes us all unique. Balance these knowing you are doing your best, and allow life to surprise you in the meantime.

Golden nugget: It’s not necessary to share similar taste in things if you share the same values.