Meet Lady!

  • Current position: Mid Full-Stack Developer
  • Currently hanging out in: Bogota, Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: The power of technology to create whatever we want, using tech to improve our collective issues, fashion, playing cello, and video games to the high heavens!
  • Thankful for: Being born a woman at this powerful time, her loving family who truly love each other and it helped to make her who she is. 
  • Amazing traits that stick out: easygoing, always learning and growing, determined, responsible, ability to balance priorities, solution oriented

Let’s get to know Lady. This purposeful person is proud of/that/for:

Her professional career is aligned with who she is.

While she was still in university, Lady was eager to get a jump start on her career, so she dove right into a Dev. Support job a year before graduation. The job, along with also finishing college, was definitely challenging and though the load was heavy with everything that was thrown at her, she overcame it, one piece at a time. With the real world experience, she not only gained a sense of confidence but deciphered how real time projects worked and how to manage them, giving her the insight of how much she really loved the career she chose. With the love and support of her family, along with the support of her team, she couldn’t be happier and is proud to be working at the ever versatile Bunny Studio. 

Persevering to be one of the smartest people in all of her classes with commitment and determination brought her happily to where she is. 

Starting off in public school with a less than impressive education, she devoted her time to studying for the national exam every day for her last year of high school. Her studying paid off – she received a scholarship to the Universidad de Los Andes! Once she got in there, she was thrown into new and unique social situations – while also competing –  with privately schooled students, most of the time being the only girl in the class. As it turned out, she was recognized as one of the smartest in her class overall. Throughout her academic career, studying was her primary pastime. Hobbies and friends took a back burner, with the library, research, and books taking primary residence in her brain and life. It was all worthwhile – Lady graduated in less than 5 years. Though sometimes things we want can be difficult to achieve, if you commit to making the changes necessary within yourself and your life, anything is possible.

Helping her family have a better life.  

With a childhood where there wasn’t enough money to go around, Lady knew she needed to study hard to grow up and do something great for her family. Her big brother led the way, studying laboriously and making his way into a systems engineering career, allowing her to pursue her own education, while simultaneously showing her what a good role model looks like. From there, she followed in his footsteps, helping create financial stability for her family and opportunities for her little brother to follow his dreams and making way for him to pursue his career goals. Together, she and her siblings helped to allow her mom to rest, relax and retire from the laborious work she had done for many years to support and raise them. What a beautiful thing to do, helping to raise her family out from under financial worries and having such a loving support system to do it with. When people support each other, it’s not only their life that changes, but also the lives of others around them. That can change the world. 

Golden nugget:  Enjoy your free time, and also take care of how you use your time.