Meet Leo!

Current position: Senior Customer Experience Associate

Currently hanging out in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Passions, loves & hobbies: History, astrophysics, origami, cooking. 

Amazing traits that stick out: if he has an idea – be prepared to watch it come to life, resolute, purposeful, independent.

Some amazing things about Leo are:

He values freedom above all things.

As a part of his own personal growth process, he left the city where he was born in a sudden and decided to start from scratch in a place he loves, Buenos Aires.
He had to figure out how to become independent and manage it all by himself in a very short period of time; paying bills and overcoming unexpected situations were imminent. His sparkly and a bit acid sense of humor certainly helped him to get very close friends.

He got to explore art, design, self improvement, and follow the innate curiosity within him to places previously unknown.

He leaned into it, became stronger, and even more resilient. Difficulty arises in our lives and we always have a choice as to what we do with it. Leo chose to grow, to be a part of the process, and to thrive

In these years Leo decided to resume an old passion: swimming! And we know it’s not easy to be far from what you love, for which during the long months of lockdown he constantly suffered from abstinence syndrome.
To Leo, swimming is a very self demanding and intimate moment full of focus and vigour.

Leo is quite an intense person.

He has very well set opinions and usually stands out in conversations through his points of view. However, beyond how it may sound, he’s quite delicate and very aware of the way through he expresses himself.
As the years went by, he gained the skills of keen observation, self awareness, social and body cues, to express his thoughts without causing any discomfort. ¡Go for Mayor, Leo!

Golden Nugget: As many of us, Leo adores delicious, well-prepared food. And he took it one step beyond. He’s been cooking for over 20 years now! He focuses on finding the highest quality ingredients, never stop learning, and sharing the results with his closest friends. He’s gathered his top recipes in a well-hidden notebook.