Meet Melissa!

  • Current position: Finance Manager 
  • Currently hanging out in: Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: Skincare! She can spend hours upon hours reading about medical investigations on how to take care of the skin or watching any and all skincare related YouTube videos about new serums, formulas, etc.
  • Thankful for: amazingly loving and supportive family
  • Amazing traits that stick out: tenacity, a quick mind, ability to always find a solution

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Some amazing things about Melissa are:

Has accomplished all the academic goals that she set.

 You know how difficult it can be to get into a school of your choice. Heck, for some of us, it’s hard to focus on what the teacher’s saying in elementary school, let alone find a college we want to go to when we get older and then Get In to said college! Melissa managed to get into one of the top universities in Colombia and graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Oh, and she also may have (and by may have, I mean Did) get her International Master’s Degree in Management from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Spain. No biggie. 😀

Went to another country, found it wasn’t for her, and instead of leaving, shifted and ended up in a better place than before.

She got everything together, ready more than ever for a new adventure, and left to attend school in Berlin, Germany. She started studying German, getting to know the city as she went along. And as she went along, she noticed that this wasn’t quite the place for her. The longer she stayed, the unhappier she became. Knowing this wasn’t what she wanted for herself, she sat down and had some tough decisions to make. Go home to Colombia for good? Stay and be unhappy? No, neither would do – there had to be another way. And another way there was: she flew back to Colombia, changed all her paperwork for schooling, and headed off to another country a month later. Could she have suffered through things? Yes. Could she have given up and left completely? Yes. But those just aren’t Melissa things to do. There is no problem without a solution. No challenge that can’t be turned into a learning experience. Welcome to the Melissa way. 

Got her Master’s in another country at night, while during the day, she worked at the 2nd largest spirit company in the world.

After doing an amazing pivot, Melissa went from a place that didn’t fit her, to one that fit just right: Spain. She spent a year there diving into the world of spirits and learning all she could on the job at her internship at Pernod Ricard as a financial analyst during the day. At night, she’d make the time to hop over to attend her classes, dividing her time between learning and implementing, all at once. In the end, after gaining so much knowledge from both her internship and classes, she graduated with her International Master’s Degree in Management, like a boss. Duality at it’s finest. 


Golden Nugget: Everything is temporary. If you are having a bad time, know that it won’t last forever, and hard work pays off.