Meet Philipp!

  • Current position: Senior Customer Experience Associate
  • Currently hanging out in: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: Running, manga, photography, improving himself, and anything where he can bring fun into things.
  • Thankful for: The support and love he gets from his girlfriend, being healthy, having a job, being able to live his life, theoretically being able to do a lot of things (pandemic notwithstanding), family support, and his amazing friends.
  • Amazing traits that stick out: Trustworthy, diligent, loyal, determined, quick learner, tech savvy, caring, optimistic, open to new things, always improving himself and going further to better his life and the lives of those around him.

Let’s get to know Philipp. This steadfast person is proud of/that/for:

Every relationship has helped him to grow and mature.

Every relationship Philipp had has allowed him to see life in different ways, realize things about the world, himself, and how he relates to others in it. Relationships can teach us a lot if we pay attention. Each person that comes into our life can be a reflection of ourselves and where we’re at that moment in our life. If we take the time to listen to ourselves when we speak, we can gain a lot of insight into what’s going on in our minds. If we take time to listen to others, we can learn to empathize with and understand the multitude of viewpoints that this world has to offer, and in turn, become a better friend, partner, colleague, and human.

Always persevering with determination. 

Worked full time while going to a technical college for his apprenticeship, studying, and immersing himself in difficult material to absorb. Takes the time to delve deeply into anything needed to be learned for work, outside of work. Gives his all to be the best he can day in and day out, and when something comes up that he sees needs changing, he changes it. Commitment is no stranger to Philipp, and loyalty is a close friend. Throughout his life, through challenges and learning curves, through the ease and growing pains, he has continued to strive to put his best foot forward. Giving us easily isn’t in his bones. And you can guarantee that if you ask Philipp for something done with fine detail, meticulously thought out, and done well, that you will get it.

Took a chance, stepped out of his comfort zone, moved to another country, and made it.

Was it the easiest thing ever? No. There were hurdles to be overcome, for sure. For one, relocating to Mexico City from Germany came with a tad bit of a culture shock. People in Mexico were warmer, friendlier, more affectionate…not so much in Germany. It took some adjusting. Not to mention the huge language difference and learning curve that took place to get fully comfortable. Also, finding a job throughout all of this. When he did find one, it happened to be the sink or swim kind of environment of a commission only sales broker in finance. The turnover rate was high and with no network to work from in a tight knit community, cold calling potential clients was a daily endeavor. He became the master at small talk, being able to arrange meetings, present and sell products all of the time to basic strangers. And he didn’t do half bad! It taught him that he could stretch his comfort zone again, and again, and succeed in a strenuous environment. That he was more resourceful than he thought possible. Showed him the realities that other’s lived in and how tough other people’s lives can be. Showed him that money can be difficult to make, and also that money isn’t everything. And finally, that if you open your mind, you can see the beauty in the smallest things, and if you open your eyes, you’ll see a world that you’ve never seen before. 

Golden nugget: Take what circumstances you’re given to learn more, grow, improve your skills, and use the crises in your life to become a better person.