Meet Robert!

  • Current position: SEO Engineer
  • Currently hanging out in: Colombia
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: Be able to help others to grow in their life, teaching, cooking, and creating new things (like software or artifacts), likes to dream, design, plan and execute in different scenarios, and share time with his family and meet new people
  • Thankful for: an amazing family that continues to grow with love and understanding
  • Amazing traits that stick out: able to commit with his goals and moving forward to achieve them, a good friend, supportive, organized, honest

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Some amazing things about Robert are:

He was ranked first place in academic studies for most of his school years.

 This is beautiful because his school gave his family an economic discount for the charges for the next year of studies if he received high rankings. That helped his parents with the monthly budgets, which is something really helpful when your family is looking to create a better, sustainable future. It also instilled the values of discipline, dedication, and focus, which he kept sharp and continued to use when he got to university. He also happened to receive high academic rankings there as well. 😉 Surprise, surprise.

Turned business failures into life lessons.

 With experiences in working for others, and it not turning out so well – burnout, anyone?? – to founding his own companies and trying other entrepreneurial adventures that didn’t always work out, he learned a lot about how to work, treat people, and how to focus on your goals. An important lesson learned is not assume what people are thinking, and don’t just trust that all people have your same inspiration, perspective, and the skills that you have. That’s not necessarily true. And though these ventures didn’t work the way he would have liked, hard-earned life education was won. When you fail you might think you’re not enough; when he failed, he learned that even with broken dreams, you can relearn how to rethink about yourself, your goals, and in doing so, change your future.

By watching his mom go face cancer, he learned how to live.

This last year, his mom fought against cancer as best she could. And during this time, she showed Robert how to face death with not only fear but also with love and hope. She was strong, fought with all she had, and sadly, didn’t win the battle. What she did do, however, was embody what it means to live. She faced what we will all face one day with intensity, and happiness. More importantly, she showed him how to face life with love, passion, and gratitude in all circumstances. You don’t know how much time you get on this planet. Use it wisely by loving the opportunities presented to you as problems, learning from mistakes, growing into change, and always becoming your best self, every day.

Golden Nuggets: 

  • About Time: Invest time in your family, invest time in planning your life, and also give some moments of your time to other people to listen and learn from them.
  • About Life. Find a transcendent purpose, plan your life and pursue your dreams/goals or whatever you are looking for, but also have a space to improvise and change your plan on the road, always while keeping your purpose in mind.
  • About Relationships: You need to learn – and keep close to – positive people and far away from toxic and negative people. The quality of your thoughts and life is related to the quality of your relationships.
  • About Money: You can like it, you can dislike it, you can spend it or you can save it. In the end, you need to keep a good relationship with the money; money is your friend! But remember, it is not your main relationship.