Meet Tisha!

  • Current position: Customer Experience Associate
  • Currently hanging out in: Philippines 
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: loves learning new things and is currently learning Spanish and how to garden. She is growing a nursery of baby herbs and plans on making her own pesto once they’re big enough
  • Thankful for: big and beautiful family, trying new things, her fabulous new hair color
  • Amazing traits that stick out: organized, takes charge and makes things her own, brings people together, a light people are drawn to, sticks to values, giving

Some amazing things about Tisha are:

She took a chance on going from an in person office job to remote – before the pandemic hit.

 If you’ve ever only worked an office job, or service job, and heard and thought some of the same things a lot of us have when it comes to remote work: “Is this company legit? Is this a scam? Is this a pyramid scheme? How can I tell if this is real? Do good remote jobs even exist??” Plus a job search on top of all of that? It can be nerve wracking, disheartening, and overly time consuming. Thankfully, she was told about Bunny Studio, did her research, and thought it looked too good to be true, she took a chance, found out it was real/legit/not too good to be true, and – as you may have guessed – got it the position. Woohoo! The beauty in all of this is that yes, it can be scary to go outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith in something or someone. Just know that not all leaps are failures – some are met with the steady ground and open arms to help catch you.

One random, out of the blue day in college, she decided to run for vice president of an organization she was in…and she got it! 

Did she plan to do this far in advance? Not really. One day she just decided this is something she’d like to have, and someone she’d like to be. This was more intense than a usual situation – there was a panel of judges all sitting there, judging her every move. She prepped and had friends that challenged her in all the ways needed to get her ready, not to mention the application process. Talk about intense! In the end, she got in front of the panel, and though she was nervous, she nailed it. Just because something is nerve wracking, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, or at least worth trying. You never truly know what you’re capable of until you go for it. And like in this situation, you may be surprised to find yourself on the winning end after all. 

For her thesis, she traveled and talked to lonely elders about their lives, and in doing so, changed them.  

How well does it feel to be listened to? I mean, truly heard?? Priceless. This is the gift Tisha gave to so many during her 6 month thesis project, of which the basis was on the loneliness of old people. So many stories were told. Some of heartbreak, some of mental illness, some of love and understanding, with lessons abound in it all. Some of the lessons and stories they shared were: Keep your family close by – they’ll be the ones to stick with you in the end. One talked openly about her own suicidal tendencies. Another spoke of her daughter dying and how that affected her. Yet another spoke about keeping connections you have for the years to come and make sure to enjoy the little things. The grace in all of this is that Tisha took the time to be there, and actively listen to these people. And who knows the last time someone did that for them. Maybe never, until that day she interviewed them. You don’t know how much simple things can mean to someone who has never had themBe kind, be present, be compassionate, and be yourself. The world needs exactly who you are for the best change to come about. Just like here, just like this.

Golden Nugget: Go with your gut. Everything doesn’t have to be so complicated.