Meet Vanilson!

  • Current position: DevOps Engineer
  • Currently hanging out in Brazil
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: learning new things, his pup, exploring opportunities to grow as a human
  • Thankful for: his wife, learning from past mistakes, and having the courage to make new ones
  • Amazing traits that stick out: adaptive, supportive, determined, team-oriented

Some amazing things about Vanilson are:

He’s a compassionate animal lover.

Has a beautiful pup that he just adores that, sadly, got into an accident and became disabled, losing most of her movement. She needs to have diapers at the moment, and also needs them changed every 2 hours. Vanilson and his wife’s big hearts are up at all times of day and night, helping her out and keeping her as healthy as possible. So much love and devotion are shown in these acts, going above and beyond for the one who gave him so much love in return. Though it’s a lot of work, it’s all worth it. 

A supportive and adaptive husband.

With his wife studying for 3 years, he went to work and kept the household flowing, all while supporting her and her dreams. For those 3 years, they got by, just paying bills and making it through. Then his beautiful wife graduated and got a job in another area, so out into the country they moved. All while he transitioned from one job to another, and eventually into Bunny Studio!  All along the way, he adapted to be and do what he needed to, to be a loving and supportive husband and friend, and the best person he could be.  

Moved to another state in Brazil with no money, family, or friends around; only his wife and a new job opportunity. 

His friends and family were in shock that he was moving to a place where he didn’t know anyone for a new job that may or may not work out for the best. But he did, and that courage worked out better than they thought it would. The company he moved for had a program for junior developers, where they would spend 45 days in India getting to know a different culture, how to work as a team, how to deal with clients, and new technology, all while in another place in the world. Did I mention he was also learning English at the same time?? Ah yes, well he was. All the things all at once. 

Because of this job opportunity, he was able to learn English, get to hone his skills as a developer, experience a new culture and way of being in the world, and then come back and be able to work with clients outside of Brazil, which is exactly what he did. Opportunities are always coming our way, and it’s whether we take a chance on them to change our lives that all make the difference.

Golden Nugget: Be yourself, always. No matter the circumstances.