Meet Vitor!

  • Current position: UI Designer
  • Currently hanging out in: Brazil
  • Passions, loves & hobbies: Geeks out on technology, lover of good stories from all sources possible and music – soundtracks, metal, rock, and pop.
  • Thankful for: Parents, family, wife, and that everyone is healthy and safe. His career, and finding people who help him to grow both in knowledge and as a human being.
  • Amazing traits that stick out: An ability to focus no matter what is going on around him, organized, joyful, communicative, inspirational, hard working, takes things seriously, respectful, generous in sharing knowledge, motivates others around him to be their best.

Let’s get to know Vitor. This bright person is proud of/that/for:

Expanding his mind and comfort zone with a postgraduate customer neuroscience course.

Ever want to branch out from what you know, and learn something new? Something you haven’t delved into before? Then you’ll relate to Vitor. A couple of years ago, Vitor decided that well, his current knowledge set wasn’t enough and he was just a little too comfortable. So what did he do? Decided to dive into the world of neuroscience – postgraduate style. Way out of his comfort zone, he dove head first into learning how people behave and the why behind it, how we think about options that are presented to us, how we make decisions based on those options, and much, much more. It’s helped him to not only understand others but also understand himself, as a human being. Though the end of the course is near, the fascination with the brain and all intricacies is something that’ll keep him curious and constantly coming back for more.

Starting his own design agency.

After graduating college and working for various advertising agencies, he decided to start his own agency. I mean, it can’t be that hard, right? More like taking on and getting a second degree! From employee and client management to finances and bookkeeping, he learned it all and learned it fast. Within a relatively short time, he went from just starting out to watching his business become successful and grow. Day by day, he started doing less designing – his passion – and more and more business management, until one day he realized that though he was running a successful business, it wasn’t fulfilling. So, he closed it, and instead decided to follow his heart. Remember, success doesn’t have to look like what the world tells us it does; we get to decide and define what success looks like for us.

Being a professor at a college for postgraduate students.

At the time he decided to teach, he was a leader of designers, working with people who knew the tech, knew the lingo, and knew what they were doing in the field. He jumped from that into teaching marketing postgrad students who didn’t understand the design content….at all. Basically, he was starting from scratch. This whole experience changed the way he thought about design, completely. He had to figure out ways to explain, show and teach people who had a limited understanding of design and also limited knowledge of how the internet worked. This gave him a perspective that he hadn’t had before, and continues to use to this day: become humble, and assume everyone doesn’t see things like you do, or know exactly how to do something. Show and teach with understanding and kindness. Do these things and it will change how you see your colleagues, your loved ones, your friends, and others around you in the world. 

The amazing family he has been blessed with and everything he’s learned because of them.

He grew up in a humble environment, where family meant everything, and they did everything they could to give him the best education and upbringing possible, even at times when struggling financially. They supported him, taught him important lessons, and passed down values to him about being a good person and what that meant. Using them as an inspiration, he moved forward in life while bringing his curiosity and humble beginnings with him. Like his mom says: “You can buy anything and lose anything except knowledge”.

Golden nugget: Keep your word, and don’t make excuses. Be true to yourself even when you fail, be the first to admit when you do, and assume the responsibility of finding a way to fix it.