Bunny Studio is making a move to determine if a four-day workweek is a feasible option to assist our full-time team members while keeping up the high-quality services that our clients expect. The shortened workweek experiment will begin on July 6th, the start date of week 28, and go through August 29th, the end day of week 35.

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Even before the pandemic hit, companies have started looking at ways they can help their employees integrate their professional life with their personal as best as possible. At Bunny Studio we have always wanted to ensure our team members are satisfied with their work and workplace as we believe that highly engaged and rested team members provide the best work possible. The pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone, from our team to our clients. Everyday stress is now exacerbated and seems to be even more problematic.

Our experiment is intended to help improve our team members’ well-being by giving them a shortened week without having to worry about a cut in pay by reducing their workweek by a day. Their day-off can be used to spend time with family, take care of their errands (which nowadays take longer than usual), and give them more time for personal and professional growth.

To our clients, we assure you that this experiment has been set up not only with our team’s well-being in mind but with your expectations in mind, as well. To achieve the goal of a shortened workweek, but offer the same high-quality service, we’ve taken a hard look at our schedule. Many of our team members will be off on Fridays. However, our essential staffing will still be available to you throughout our typical business week by staggering the days off for some of our crucial positions.

Our end goal is to use this experiment to determine if it’s feasible to continue going forward with this schedule or if we need to examine other ways to go about our business. We have set up several ways to evaluate the success of this program, such as surveys and quality control criteria. We don’t know how this may change our future workflow at the end of the experiment, but we strive to provide a workplace that our team members can be proud to be a part of and the best service to our clients possible.