Car magnets are thin and strong magnet layers which can stay on a car for as long as we need them to. They’re used for different things including advertising and marketing. They usually require careful design to make them really stand out and attract their target audience. That’s why creating a great car magnet mockup design is essential.

Using Car Magnet Mockup Designs

Car magnets are, as stated above, attached to a vehicle. This vehicle moves throughout a particular location and the target audience gets to see the magnet’s information. The movement of the vehicle may be quite methodical or more haphazard. This really depends on the aims of the magnet and of the campaign (or lack thereof).

Light Approach

Consider, for instance, a car magnet created for a realtor. Such car magnet mockup design would include the realtor’s name, telephone number, email, website, and a logo of the company. The car magnet could be attached to the vehicle most of the time, but the car (presumably the realtor’s car) need not be moving in a particular area. The magnet would, instead, serve as a sort of moving business card more than anything else, prompting people to call or visit the website.

A car magnet mockup design could be similarly created for a lawyer specializing in personal injury. Again, the magnet could carry basic information such as the lawyer’s name, telephone, website, personal picture, and email. The vehicle (again, presumably the lawyer’s own vehicle) could carry this magnet around without too much of a set route or approach. The magnet would be a moving business card, enticing people to call the lawyer or visit the website.

Heavy Approach

Alternatively, a car magnet mockup design may be used in a heavier, more deliberate way. Consider, for example, a car magnet for a political campaign. First of all, it’s likely that we’d need more than one car magnet. For such a campaign, a series of car magnets for a number of vehicles would be more likely. Surely the use of the magnet would not be light or haphazard.

On the contrary, we’d need to create a strenuous approach. The vehicles with the car magnets would probably need to cover a certain area, perhaps at particular intervals and schedules. This way, maximum exposure could be achieved, serving the needs of the campaign.

Advantages of Car Magnet Mockup Designs

Car magnets are usually an affordable way to spread a bit of information. It’s really not a stretch to say that a vehicle equipped with a car magnet is a sort of moving billboard. It can move throughout a particular location, be it a neighborhood or community, and spread a message quickly.

Car magnets are also quite durable. They’re certainly sturdier than other forms of marketing or advertisements like posters, flyers, or leaflets. They’ll usually endure winds and the sun. Quite notably too, car magnets can be removed. This is very useful if the person using the vehicle decides to take a break from the ad/marketing campaign.

Disadvantages of Car Magnet Mockup Designs

There are some disadvantages to using car magnet mockup designs. For one, a car may be moving too fast and people won’t be able to see the design or the information on it.

It’s also true that car magnets are best used in mild weather. A situation where there is too much rain, sleet, or snow may diminish the effect of the magnet. First of all, the material may not hold as well. More importantly, though, extreme conditions may make an audience unlikely to see advertising on a vehicle.

It’s also true that car magnets are an easy way to spread just a bit of information. Their uses for massive advertising/marketing may be more limited. In this case, using car wraps or similar tools may be more effective.

Creating Car Magnet Mockup Designs

The process of creating first-rate car magnets begins with design. There really is no other way. Although it’s true that poor execution will often ruin an otherwise strong concept (think of a lackluster printing procedure), it’s definitely impossible to achieve a good result with a poor initial design.


The first thing that should be considered is why create a car magnet mockup design at all. What is the intention behind the car magnet? The purpose could very well be to advertise. In this case, we might need to develop a design that captures the attention of passersby and serves the role of advertising as such. In fact, and depending on the campaign we have in mind, we may come to discover that another form of advertising may be more efficient, such as the use of car wrapping, as mentioned above.

Alternatively, the car magnet may be intended to provide information, in a rather soft approach. Think of the car magnet which a realtor might want to put on their own car. In this case, the car magnet mockup design could be more of a moving business card, so to speak.

What are the goals of the design?

Once we understand the purpose of the car magnet mockup design, it’s time to set down some goals. It’s ideal that these goals be measurable and somewhat reasonable. Imagine that the car magnets will be used as part of an advertising campaign. In that case, the goals may include things such as the areas where the vehicles will move through.

It’s also quite possible that the goal of the car magnet mockup design is simply to create a great magnet and that’s it. This would usually be the case when the magnet is designed for a professional who may want a little bit of exposure but only that.


Another important element when brainstorming the car magnet mockup design is to consider the constraints. A typical constraint when creating a design is time. Naturally, designs which need to be created fast will need to be simple. If there’s more time to spare, then more elaborate designs may be created.


Car magnet mockup designs need to be attached to a vehicle. This means that there will inevitably be participants in the form of drivers. How many vehicles and drivers will be used? Or is the car magnet a single magnet that will be used by a single car? These are worthy considerations to make.

car magnet mockup design

Errors and Improvement

Every process will inevitably have some errors. It’s therefore vital that there is some way to measure the results of the campaign and craft additional improvements. This is not only true during the execution phase of the campaign. It’s actually quite important that the design process incorporates a serious methodology to take care of possible mistakes. Indeed, a designer who’s open and willing to work and then re-work on a design is vital to achieving amazing results.

Value Proposition

What exactly is the value proposition of the car magnet mockup design? What value is being offered to potential clients via this magnet ad? Does the brand itself already have value in the eyes of the target demographic? How does the ad make or intend to make its target audience feel?

When pondering these questions there are several things that may help out. When all is said and done, try to figure out what the car magnet is proposing the client and why. If possible, synthesize the whole value proposition into a single sentence.

Consider, for example, a car magnet mockup design for a family doctor. Since the doctor is operating in a specific community, the car magnet would be used as a sort of business card. This means that we’d be aiming for a light approach, and not quite a moving ad or something of the sort. What we want is to keep things simple. The car magnet mockup design would include the doctor’s name and personal information (telephone number, website, and perhaps an email). This would be enough. Since the doctor practices family medicine in that community a short slogan/phrase could communicate this promptly. It could be as simple as ‘Family Doctor’ or ‘Family Medicine’. This little slogan will communicate the primary reason why the target audience would want to give this doctor a call.

Making it Happen!

Now then, once you have a car magnet mockup design, it’s time to bring the creation into reality.


It’s vital to remember that even though the objective is to create a car magnet mockup design, the fundamentals of graphic design still stand. The borders of a car magnet mockup design may be several types. They could make a square/rectangle, a custom shape, a custom shape with additional borders or rounded corners altogether.


It’s important to remember that a car magnet mockup design is only the first part of the process. Once we have a design, it’s vital that the manufacturing process is first-rate, lest we damage an amazing design with subpar materials and procedures.


A car magnet may be placed in different places on a vehicle. The most typical locations are on the side or on the back.

Troubleshooting Car Magnet Mockup Designs

There are some situations when a car magnet mockup design fails to hit the mark.

It doesn’t stick!  

There are times when car magnets won’t actually stick. This happens for a variety of reasons. First of all, the area where the car magnet is going to be featured must actually be made of metal.

There are several things that can happen. Sometimes, some vehicles may use aluminum in certain areas, like side doors. It also happens that some vehicles may have undergone reparations and certain areas are now not quite metal but may have replacement fiberglass and similar materials.

The Bunny Studio Way!

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