Creating content can be difficult; there are so many intricacies from SEO to audience appeal, how can you do it all? One way to succeed in the area of content whether it’s for your blog, website, or marketing endeavors is with one of the great content writing services.

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What are Content Writing Services?

Content writing services are companies that outsource professional writers to create content. These writing services vet professional writers and by fostering relationships with writers and clients, they can create the best match for the job.

Content services can handle a wide variety of writing jobs and styles, including SEO, marketing, blogs, web content, even scripts and voice over content. Because the writers have already been screened, you can know that they are professionals with strong backgrounds and expertise.

With these services, you can pick your writer according to your needs and specifications. Some companies will offer their writers opportunities to pitch to you and you can choose the best fit. You can also often request a writer you have had before who did great work for you. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with not only the service but the writers as well.

Maybe you are wondering why you would hire someone to do this when you’re a pretty good writer yourself. Professionals in content writing services have a grasp on what works online and what can grab your reader’s attention. Between SEO, keywords, and tone, you can get a strong piece from a content writer that you may not be able to create yourself.

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Finding and Narrowing Down The Best Fit

Once you have decided you’d like to work with a content writing service, the next step is to find one that meets your needs. So what should you look for? A good place to start is to look for the specific skill you need. If you are looking for a blog writer, make sure the service offers this.

Another key to look for is an opportunity for you to provide details. A word count and type of piece is really not enough to craft successful content. If the service takes the time to inquire into things like tone of voice, target audience, keyword inclusion, and other critical details, your piece will be more relevant when it is finished. So make sure your service wants to find out about your piece, not simply provide you with theirs.

Entrepreneur provides some more details of what to look for in a content writing service. This article shares that it’s important to look for a company with

in-house writers or a network of freelance writers that they will provide you based on your niche, tone and content requirement. Some agencies will take care of everything from content ideation, writing, editing to publishing for you along with providing relevant images.

It is also important to make sure that who you choose t0 work with takes plagiarism seriously and will not allow any articles to go through their service with any type of plagiarism. One way to ensure this is by asking the service provider to check the uniqueness of articles by scanning them through a reliable plagiarism checker. You may also want to see a sample from the writer you are considering. This will help match their tone to yours and make the piece flow naturally and organically on your site.

Another key point is revisions and satisfaction. Make sure that the service takes your satisfaction into consideration and inquire about revisions. For instance, Bunny Studio offers 100% guaranteed and revisions until you are happy with the final piece. Also, you can pick and choose what parts of the content you’d like to outsource. You can find the creatives willing to jazz up your site with their magic touch while you stick to the parts you love. Maybe you have a knack for photography and want to include your images. Go for it and let the writers surround your images with beautiful prose. Just because you hire a writer does not mean you relinquish control or ownership on any part of your site.

Types of Work From Content Writing Services

So do you imagine a giant room filled with identical desks and identical people tapping away on their desktops to create your content? You know that image from Harry Potter when he releases the decoy detonator in the Ministry of Magic? Well, no, all content services aren’t like that. They consist of a variety of individual writers all with their own talents and specialties. However, they are all expert writers. Here are some of the  categories  you can find:

  • Website content writing services
  • SEO content writing services
  • Blog content writing services
  • Script writing services

Website content writing services

This covers any content on your website. Good content is more than just interesting writing. It consists of quality, shareable, understandable, relevant content that is visually appealing and meets the criteria to appeal to the target audience. This could be your landing page, your relevant content, your press releases and news, and product information including development and description. Basically it’s any content a viewer would see on your website.

SEO content writing services

When it comes to SEO,  you’ve got to have some know how.  According to,

Content SEO refers to creating content that helps your web pages to rank high in the search engines. It includes everything to do with the writing and structuring of content on your website.

This includes keyword strategy, site structure, and copywriting. The Yoast article tells us that this is what makes Google notice your website and that is what gets it to show up in search engines. You’ve got to have strong SEO content to get noticed through a search engine, and a good content writer can do this for you.

Blog content writing services

Many business owners or people with websites like to include a blog. Blog content works best in a conversational, shareable, relatable tone, and sometimes this can be hard to capture. With a few details that you supply, a blog writer can create the perfect content for your site.  As this article shares with us, blog writing is different from general web content writing. Blogs tend to have a more informal, conversational style and may be much longer and more anecdotal than most web pages. 

Blogs are great to include on your website and they can connect you to your followers and customers. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner with a website, your blog could share your service within the community, funny stories about cooking at home, or how you want your restaurant to be a safe, comfortable place for anyone. Blogs help your readers see you as more of a  person and less of a business.

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Scriptwriting services

Scriptwriting is very different than other types of writing. If you want a voice-over or material for a commercial or another advertisement, you may want to turn to a professional scriptwriter with one of the content writing services. Scriptwriters excel at using words concisely and setting the desired tone.

There are plenty of other writing specialties that you can turn to a content service for. Whether it’s something we already talked about or something like a product description, an about us page, a how-to piece or something altogether different, think about outsourcing your content.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Writing Needs

You may still be on the fence about hiring someone to write your content. That’s understandable, but remember, your content is a big part of your site. You have probably hired other people to take on some of your responsibilities, whether it’s an accountant, an assistant, or a delivery person. A writer can help you out, too. There’s a lot to attend to if this is your business site, running your business is one of those things. Let a professional take on your writing so your site has that professionalism.

Also, if you are working with a reputable content writing service, they will handle all aspects of this for you. They’ll ask you what they need, they’ll find a writer, have set prices, and meet your deadline. No worrying about negotiations or if your piece will be ready when you need it. It’s worth investing in a service as you’ll know what you’re getting.

Quality is hugely important and with a professional service, you know you’ll be getting that service. You have probably spent a lot of time on your product or service and take pride in the professionalism there. Let it carry through to the content on your website and continue to wow your customers. You can do this partnering with a content writing service.

Summing It All Up

It can be difficult to know what to take on yourself in your business and what to hand off to someone else. There’s something to be said for handling it all on your own, but we have professionals and specialists for a reason. Let someone else handle the writing on your site while you handle the customers, the production, the marketing…you’ll still have plenty to do. And by outsourcing your content, you not only will get high quality, shareable, interesting content, but you will have more time to tend to all those other aspects.

Remember, the more information and details you can share, the better your writer can give you the work you want.