The world has seen slightly more than 63,762 since the first game, Bertie the Brain, was released in 1950. Moreover, millions of enthusiasts are playing some type of games on their gadgets. As for other gamers, they never seem to go beyond the launch in some games. Additionally, only 20% of published video games make any profit. About  90% of the $152B revenue in 2019 came from 10% of existing games. With such sumptuous numbers, no wonder the hunt for demos videos is on the rise.

The popularity and revenue from two different games will likely differ in terms of numbers. However,  the difference is not only in the quality or the design of a game. The difference is mostly in the market entry strategy.

Like all other products, most buyers like testing the game before buying it. It is the reason compelling developers to release demos for their video games earlier before the final products get into the market. Hence, the video demos cater to the needs of the 32% of gamers who have to sample the games.

Fortunately, the gaming industry usually operates like all other industries that have been using video demos for years.

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Benefits Offered by Demos Video

Video demos transform your marketing strategy by offering the following benefits.

  • The demo is proof that the product does what you say it does.
  • A video makes it easier to explain the features of a game or product.
  • It reduces the time taken to sell a product because you are doing and not saying. In short, it speeds up the buying decision.
  • It makes a product or game easier to learn through actual demonstration.
  • As a developer or manufacturer, you’ll use the feedback to improve the problematic elements of the game or product.

Manufacturers who use demos have enjoyed the above benefits and many others. These merits provide sufficient ground for you to think deeper about demos for your video game.

What is a Demo of a Game?

Before diving further into the subjects, let’s first define what a demo of a game is, shall we?

The gaming industry is different from other markets when it comes to the development of a demo. The ordinary market uses a demo to showcase how to use a product. The gaming industry, however, goes beyond the demonstration; it allows a gamer to play. It’s comparable to the feeling of sitting in a restaurant, then tasting the food before the waiter serves it.

Therefore, a demo ceases to become just a free piece of the game: It is an extension to a trial version.

Types of Video Game Demos

By expanding the role of a demo in video game production, we can derive three types of demos.

They are:

1. Overview Demo

The developer sees the video game as a product. Thus this type explains the features of a game. The demos show explanations on:

  • Where to press on the console
  • How to navigate
  • How to collect winning points
  • plus other relevant information for a gamer

Hence, anyone who wants to play the game can learn from your demo and then play. The overview demo may also compare the game with previous versions to demonstrate the improvements made.

2. Live Demo

In this type,  the camera captures the screen during a dummy game. You can look at it as a screen recording in real-time. The demonstrating player will guide the viewer through a few tricks or just the first level of play for familiarization.

Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to see the graphics, maneuvers, and other essential elements that would convince a player to buy the game.

3. Trial Version Demos

Video game developers usually create trail versions to allow gamers to play an abridged version. The trial version is usually free to give players a feel of what to expect. Nevertheless,  it is different because it does not require any previous recording. Most developers use this type of demo not only to test features but also to entice people to buy the complete game.

Thus, it should now be clear on the type of video demo to choose for your game.

Now let’s get down to work and make a demo that will send waves into the gaming industry.

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Fabulous Tricks to Create Video Demos That Trend

Anyone can create a video, including using a mobile phone. The challenge is to ensure that such a video captures the attention of the market to get some market share from other games. Remember a video game demo is not like any other video.

Before you make any step, however, remember that a demo will make or break your game. Consequently, a trashy demo will send away persons who had fallen in love with your story or graphics.

Simply put, a demo is a double-edged sword. If you get it right, you have a blockbuster in your hands. If you get the demo wrong, all your investment in the development of the game is lost.

Do I need to say that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression? You better get it right from the start.

Here’s how to do it right the first time:

1. Understand The Game

Video game demos only pick a few elements about the game for display. Choose the few aspects that will headline your demonstration. Note that you cannot choose these elements unless you know the inside-out of the game. Moreover, knowledge about the game helps you to hook the view from the first second.

The best elements to show on video demos are improvements on previous versions and aspects that make the game different from what already exists in the market. Furthermore, you must love the game.

Viewers are likely to detect the enthusiasm in your voice, determining their desire to play the game from the demo.

2. Decide the Type Of Demo To Create

Every game developer has the option of two types of video demos; overview and live demo. The production process depends on the kind of demo you are making.

Whether you choose the live or overview demo, you have to invest in quality production. Marketing strategy determines the kind of demo to make for your video game.

3. Create A Script

A demo is so short: you cannot afford to waste even a single word. Do you know that most of the best video game demos are only two minutes long? Now you understand the need to develop a script.

A video demo script ensures that you cover all the essential elements of the video game within a restricted time. It also improves the quality of your presentation by eliminating filler words like ‘um’ and ‘sort of’, among others. Remember, a viewer interprets stammering and unnecessary words as a lack of confidence or deceit.

Hire a professional to write your video game demo script. An expert writer will make the narration of your demo, both engaging and exciting to watch & play.

Create a demo that goes beyond the launch to cater to the needs of a gamer comes across the game years later.

4. Record The Demo Like A Pro

A video game demo is all about the impression you create. By investing in professional video production, you’ll raise the stakes and chances of winning the hearts of target gamers.

Unlike product demons, the most elegant video game demos do not have a visible narrator. It is a voice-over artist who narrates the views seen on the screen. It means that you have to invest in a professional studio and artist.

Demos video recording combines what the camera captures with additional graphics. While the video shows action on the screen,  graphics point at the directions, buttons, points to be collected, among other gaming aspects.

Ultimately, the quality of video cameras used helps to highlight graphics that are crucial to gamers. Therefore, eliminate any bloopers that may lower the quality of your video. Remember to synchronize the video, graphics, and audio to make a captivating video.

5. Test The Demo

Do not release the demo into the market just yet. Send it to a few people who have never seen your game and obtain relevant feedback. The feedback will point at elements of the video that require improvement or enhancement. By the time the video hits the market, you will be sure that what you are churning out is ready for the taking.

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Practices in Video Game Demo Production to Consider

A video game demo is a chance to impress the more than 2.3 billion gamers in the world today. However, you’ll be wrestling for their attention with other game makers and video content producers. Thus, your demo has to stand out if you are to win the attention race.

Here are some best practices in video game demo production to consider:

  • Keep it simple– viewers will love your game if it is simple to play. Henceforth, the demonstration you make must give them this impression. Remember, trial versions or demos have to find the delicate balance between making the game too easy that a player loses interest and making the challenge too stiff that no one wants to attempt. If the demo makes the game appear complicated, your target players will take off. Ultimately, watch out for high-information-density that makes a demo too technical for an ordinary person.
  • Keep it short– It is well known that a demo should not go beyond two minutes. Therefore, stick to this rule without any exception while providing all the information necessary. No wonder the need to be short yet comprehensive emphasizes the importance of a script.
  • Be realistic– a demo needs to stir the market before the release of the actual game. Therefore, these expectations must be as realistic as possible. Any negative experience might lead to the loss of potential buyers. The disappointed gamers will then generate negative reviews that eventually taint the image of your brand.
  • Create videos for mobile57% of gaming revenue by 2021 will come from mobile. Unless you do not want a piece of this cake, your videos should better be compatible with mobile phones. Create a video format that is easy to share over the phone.
  • Make a video for everyone– Because of consumers using the off-sound mode, you should consider using subtitles. The graphics should also help to demonstrate instead of relying solely on sound. Such a video can be used to target markets in different language jurisdictions.
  • Engage your viewers– while the demo video is recorded, it must not feel like a machine. Use inviting words so that potential gamers can look forward to playing the game.

What Next?

Experts in the production of video game demos will help you to produce the most fantastic film. Above all, remember that a demo is supposed to bring people to the game.

Provide only the information that will compel your viewers to rush to the store and purchase your game. If you know the value of a demo, you will give it the attention it requires.