Graphic design services offer professional help in creating the perfect brand for you and your company. So much of your brand is visual, from the logo that represents you, to the color scheme that flows on your site, to the merch you sell and the website people visit; let professional design services help you create the perfect brand and graphics for your company.

Design Services: Professional Creation for You

We live in a very visual world. And let’s admit it, we can be quick to judge. When we see a brand that catches our eyes, we want more. And if the logo or color scheme or social media content isn’t what we want, we quickly skip over it. Good branding and design is integral to a successful business. It always has been, think Mad Men, but it has transgressed over the years. It’s not just the lengthy commercials that are all important, but also the detailed aspects of your brand – the color scheme, the logo, the design and vibe of your website, your social media presence, the brochures you have, the signage at your store, and so many other components.

Design needs to flow naturally, too. You can’t have a great logo on your Instagram and a different one on Facebook. Well, you can, but it will confuse your customers. Everything has to match and flow, complement each other, and be consistent. For instance, your email template and Instagram profile picture should coordinate. As should your web graphics, packaging, and anything else that represents you.  Web design services can create this seamless flow for all of the components you want and need.

Design services offer a wide array of services and depending on what you want, you can pick and choose. For example, here are some services that professionals at our own Bunny Studio offer:

  • Web design
  • Illustration
  • Banner ad design
  • Print design
  • Presentation design

Working with a professional design studio allows you to have your ideas come alive. Whether you have the whole vision or you need help creating it, design experts can help get your visuals and design together for a cohesive, compelling whole picture to carry through every component of your business.

Design services for freelancers

But if you prefer to watch a video instead, click here:

The Importance of Design Within Your Brand puts it clearly and succinctly, Good design is good business.

We are a visual society. Aesthetics have become more and more important to us over the years with the Internet and captivating images constantly at our fingertips. This same article shares that companies with a strong design outperform companies with a weak design by 219% on the S&P Index (a stock market index) over the span of 10 years. Clearly, good design is important. But why?

The article from Advertising Week 360 tells us a few reasons. For one, first impressions are important. People have short attention spans and when something is alluring and appealing, it grabs the attention. We only have a few seconds to do that, and when the images speak to the audience, they’ll stop and look further.

Another reason is that good design promotes brand consistency. A good brand design will elicit emotions and these emotions will stay with the consumer whenever they notice the brand. Sure, your brand may not be as big as Google or Amazon, but you still want your customers to feel a certain emotion when they see your brand. It’s also a way of connection. Think about when you see the Walt Disney logo – many of us get a little giddy whether it’s on a website, a social media page, or a t-shirt.

One more reason for incorporating great design is that it promotes shareable and noticeable content on social media. People like images and they like compelling images that speak to what they’re looking for. When they see these, they stop. They may also share and repost, so a compelling image can take you far. They’ll also remember you.

Sure, design services come with a cost, but the cost is worth it. Think about it. Getting your content shared on social media is free, so putting some cost upfront to get that shareable design opens up a wide world of cost-free engagement.

Brands, Logos, and Cover Art

Logos and podcast cover art are two big things when it comes to your brand. Logos are the face of your business. You’ll have your logo everywhere, from your website to your emails to your social media page and packaging. Everyone loves a little extra treat, too, like a sticker in the box. How many cars do you see on the road sporting a logo sticker? That’s free advertising in and of itself.

Logos and Branding

Creating that logo can be tricky, though. So it’s well worth it to enlist the services of logo design services. Trends come and go with logos, and you may even have to update yours every few years. Keep in mind the trends, and if you’re working with a service, make sure they stay on top of them, too. Here’s some great advice from Advertising Week 360 again.

The truth is that not all logo trends are created equal. And, even if a trend does offer some inherent aesthetic value, if it doesn’t support and reflect your brand, it’s a poor choice for your logo.

A good logo design must reflect your brand, and be memorable, unique, and timeless.

Think of your audience, what do they like? What type of vibe are you going for with your brand? Let’s talk about coffee for a minute. We all know the Starbucks logo, right? The green mermaid? Well, there’s also about a gazillion small coffee shops who sell delicious coffee online, too. Let’s look at some of their logos and brands.

Bones Coffee –  This brand is bold and graphic. They say, coffee isn’t just a drink that wakes you up in the morning, it’s an experience. And their brand design reflects this with coffee names like Shark Bite and Electric Unicorn. Their strong brand carries through from their website to their social media to the black bags of coffee. There is definitely a successful target audience appeal.

Ruby Coffee Roasters – This brand is the polar opposite of Bones, but no less successful. With clean red and white bags and its slogan of “colorful coffees” Ruby appeals to its own set of customers. We know who they are and what they represent.

What do these brands have in common besides coffee? Sure one is dark and graphic, the other one is clean and simple, but they both have great designs that depict who they are and appeal to a certain group. You’ll see this on their website design, tone of content, social media, and packaging.

Podcast Art

You may not think of this one right away, but podcast cover art has a lot to do with your brand. Design here is just as important as anywhere else. When someone is looking for a podcast, they’re essentially shopping. When they see your cover art, it should appeal to your target audience. And if you have a website and merch, this should, again, carry over. A design service can help you create this graphic, too.

Design services guide

What to Look For in Design Services

When you begin your search for design services, look for someone willing to work with you. You want someone to hear your story and bring it to visual life. This should incorporate things like:

  • Color schemes
  • Lines and graphics
  • Fonts and typography

Another important part of branding is the “unboxing experience.”  Think of all the Instagram stories where people are unboxing their purchases. A design service can help you here, too. Packaging is more and more important in this time of aesthetics. Think about Apple. Who doesn’t love unboxing something from them? And if you’re a small company, maybe include a fun sticker or logo sticker that depicts your brand. Who knows where it will end up and it may be some great advertising you. Again, packaging is a great thing for a design service to help you with.

Some other things to think about when searching for just the right design company are aspects like cost and time frame. You can find all levels here. Both of these should be upfront, though. When working with design services, you should know the cost and timeframe ahead of time. Also, ask about revisions and make sure the design will be yours to do with what you want.

Take a look at some of the work they’ve done. Does it fit your aesthetic? Are they versatile? Do you see that brand consistency you want? What about the platforms? Do they cover logos, podcast cover art, websites, email templates, whatever it is that you need or want?

On your end, you’ve got to be willing to tell your story and share what you want and what you expect. The more detail you can give, the better your design will be. Try to write down your goal in one sentence and also list some adjectives you’d like the emotion to convey. This will be a great start to finding your perfect match with a strong design service.

The Bottom Line on Design Services

Design services are great for getting your graphics together for your company. It’s tough to do this one on your own, but a design service can create what you want for you to use how you want. It’s up to you to convey your story and your goals; the more you can share, the better they can design just what you want. Remember, something that sparks your target audience’s attention and helps them remember you is what you want.

Also, find a service that will create designs that speak to your audience with your vision and platform. Creating a cohesive, compelling design for all of your graphic needs is a big step in the direction of success. You’ll be so excited to see your design! Good luck, and let us know how we can help here at BunnyStudio. We’d love to work with you!