If you’re a brand owner or a content creator and you want your videos to stand out, you must be well-versed in a type of dubbing editor. Now more than ever, dubbing has become an integral part of post-production because 78 percent of people watch videos online each week.

Dubbing is a method of recording and replacing voices on a video. This includes work presentations, email marketing videos, tv shows, and movies, among other types of media. If you want to have a seamless audio experience, you need to know some dubbing software or get a dubbing editor.

What Is Dubbing?

Dubbing usually refers to substituting the voices of the actors and actresses on the screen by another person who communicates a different language. But in some instances, dubbing is not used to replace a language but to reflect the dialogue of the character more clearly.

Dubbing is very useful when it comes to remedying the defects that happen when editors synchronize film and audio. The recorded dialogue may be inaudible or unclear because of external factors such as cars honking, the noise of people walking by, or air traffic. Sometimes, it’s simply not possible for the filmmakers to pick up the voices of the actors because the microphone cannot be positioned properly.

This post-production method enables filmmakers to still have high-quality audio and dialogue regardless of the intelligibility of the initial recorded audio file. It is also used to add more sound effects, especially in musicals where there is a need for impressive voice quality for the performing actor.

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Dubbing Editors You Need to Try

Finding the best dubbing editor can be tricky depending on your needs. Here’s a list of the best on the market today.

Adobe audition

Adobe Audition is a commonly used dubbing editor today because of its wide array of features. When you use this software, you will be able to mix, edit, and create an amazing workstation, as well as improve your audio and video production quality. Through Adobe Audition, you can insert audio tracks into a video clip with ease through its tools. This dubbing editor also makes it easier for you to modify the audio track and make it more polished.

This is also an amazing dubbing software if you are looking for an option that will make adding sound effects, facilitating audio cleanup, and restoration easier. But despite all its features, Adobe Audition remains user-friendly and is great to use even for beginners. It even comes with training videos to help you with areas that confuse you.

When you use Adobe audition, you will quickly learn how to edit any dub track professionally. There is also a free trial version of this dubbing editor that you can download if you want to give it a try first. Adobe Audition also has a money-back feature that you can claim if you’re not satisfied with the program.


Another powerful dubbing editor we love is Wavepad. This software can be used to record the audio itself. It also accepts a wide array of audio formats such as MP3, WMA, vox, and many more. WavePad is a versatile dubbing software that you can use to edit audio directly from video files. It can also help you reduce noise and make the audio clearer.

One key feature of WavePad is it lets its users create bookmarks to make their dubbing project easier to work with. It also offers batch processing. These features are especially useful for long videos.

Magix Music Maker

Another great dubbing editor you should not miss is Magix Music Maker. This is a very user-friendly software, and it has an engaging interface that is very easy to navigate, even for a first-time editor.

The Magix Music Maker looks simple and very easy to use, but it is still preferred by many sound engineers. This dubbing editor makes it easy for you to dub audio through its powerful features. Although it’s not free, its price is worth it if you are serious about editing.


Although this is primarily a recording software, it can be used as a dubbing editor. Many professionals love this software because it can be used for Mac, iOs, Windows, and even Android. This dubbing editor has tons of effects that are not only useful for videos but also for music. N-Track also supports many audio formats, so you are less likely to have compatibility issues.

Whether you have an AVI or MPEG video, you can easily sync it with an audio track because its dubbing capabilities are very straightforward. The professional version of this software is quite expensive, so if you want to test the waters, purchase its cheaper version first. Once you’ve grown accustomed to the program, you can upgrade.


This free audio dubbing editor is a favorite among many professional and amateur editors. Do not be fooled by its plain interface since it’s packed with powerful features, yet it’s still easy to use.

The functionality of Audacity as a dubbing editor is extremely commendable, considering it’s free. This program has tons of features, such as the ability to record straight from a microphone or from multiple channels. It is also easy to manage multiple audio tracks in Audacity, as well as multiple voice levels.

Other important functions of Audacity include high-quality sound, analysis tools, plugins support, envelop tools, and so much more. With its myriad of features, this dubbing editor is truly worth trying.

Important Factors to Consider When Picking a Dubbing Editor

There are tons of dubbing software out there, so it can be overwhelming to choose what you want to try. We recommend considering these important factors to make your selection easier.

Voice recording

If you have different tools for recording and dubbing, you will face tons of issues during your editing phase. It is recommended to use something that will meet all your production needs so you won’t have to switch programs all the time.

If you want to make your editing process easy, your dubbing editor of choice should be able to import and export different file formats.


We can’t stress this factor enough. Always double-check that your hardware, including your audio card and microphone, is supported by your dubbing editor. Not only that, but it should be compatible with your computer and the audio and video formats you want to use. If it’s not compatible, you can’t edit anything.


Your dubbing editor of choice should be able to isolate the audio segment of videos so you can edit it in the best way possible. There are tons of applications that can accommodate syncing plugins to help you save your time when putting all your files together.

Ease of use

Even if your dubbing editor has tons of features, it will all go to waste if you do not know how to use it. It is vital to choose the software you understand so you won’t have to waste time understanding all its basic features. You should also factor in good customer support and feedback from its users. Most importantly, it should be within your budget. If you’re short on time, simply hire a dubbing editor instead of wasting hours trying to understand software.

Importance of Dubbing

The world’s video consumption is growing, and if you want to stand out, you have to localize your content through dubbing. We’ve gathered some of the benefits of dubbing below.

Every business needs dubbing

No matter what industry you are part of, you need dubbing since it’s an effective medium to deliver content in any native language. People are now actively searching for dubbed content since it’s easy to understand and relate to. The biggest streaming platforms in the world are also investing in localized content, and this has increased the demand for dubbing. Even Netflix defaults to dubbed dialogue. 

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Not everyone can understand English

Billions of people in the world speak English, but there are still people that are not comfortable speaking the language since they can’t fully understand it. This is common, especially in countries that do not treat English as their first language. If you want to attract new markets, dubbing is an awesome option.

Another reason why dubbing is important is that many English words could mean different in other countries. Colloquialisms or idioms that are commonly used in English-speaking countries may not be understood by other customers. Having a dubbing editor is a no-brainer if you do not want your content to be lost in translation. Or the possibility of even worse – that it becomes offensive.

Make voice clearer

In today’s digital age, people expect crisp and clear audio quality. If you have subpar dialogue clarity on your video, people won’t watch it. Another reason why it’s important to dub voices is that if the dialogue is unclear, it may be misinterpreted by the audience.

Easy to promote

Are you part of a movie or tv show production? You may want to consider hiring a dubbing editor so more people can understand the dialogue. Dubbing is one of the most important post-production parts of foreign films. The actual voice of the actor may be replaced, but that doesn’t mean the quality will suffer. Instead, it will become more entertaining and engaging for audiences. They will also feel more excited when watching the show or movie since it’s more familiar to them.

Knowing How to Use a Dubbing Editor Software Is Key

If you’re still wondering how a dubbing editor can be beneficial for your brand, you need to clear your doubts. Thanks to dubbing, you can reach a huge audience and make your content more relatable. Don’t want to be bothered editing the dubbed audio yourself? The experts at Bunny Studio can help. Submit a project to hire a dubbing editor.