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Episode #4: How healthy is your work-life balance?

Since research shows that happy workers are at least 13% more productive, what can companies do to encourage a healthy remote work-life balance? We rope in 4-day work expert, Strategy+Rest along with remote workers Lisa Yang, and her partner Brian Ta, to explore how building workplace structure can enhance remote work productivity.

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Episode #3: Is remote recruiting a risky HR feat?

In this episode, we’re looking beyond all borders to investigate the future of remote work. We unshackle geographic boundaries and explore the process of remote recruitment. We talk about how human resources can sieve out the right fit for the job, and discover how diversity can yield business innovation and thought leadership across different industries.

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Episode #2: How transparent is your workplace communication?

This episode will dish out tips and tricks on how to make remote communication effective. We speak to big companies like Buffer, Owl Labs, and SMA to find out how transparency, empathy, and flexibility contributed to their successful remote work culture.

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Episode #1: Is working from home parenting here to stay?

In this kickoff episode, we’ll dive into the trending shift into flexible workplaces. We talk to business owners, managers, and parents in different parts of the world about the future of parenthood in remote work culture.

Episode #1: Do barbershops and technology mix?

Why does the digital marketplace work for some businesses but not others? The barbershop culture is worth more than Uber and Airbnb combined! Yet, it continues to thrive without the need for much technology.

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