The world of business and advertising is in a constant state of flux. What was once commonplace is now old hat as new things take the scene by storm. Today, we’re focusing on explainer videos, the current darling of the marketing world. While they’ve been around for a couple of years now, they continue to rightly enjoy massive success and popularity — hey, what works, works. If your project calls for an explainer video maker, I’ll give you a few nudges in the right direction. After we’re done, you’ll know where the real pros are, I guarantee it.

So, What’s an Explainer Video?

In marketing, video is king. Why? Because we humans process everything visually before any other type of stimuli. It’s part of our ancestral heritage and not something under our conscious control. That puts a whole different spin on the old “Show, don’t tell” adage. We can write beautiful copy and amazing slogans, but visual aids really go a long way. That also is a partial reason why companies have put so much stock into making video marketing a big part of their strategy.

Where does the explainer video figure into all this? Simple: it’s not always easy or cost-effective to shoot a DIY video. But, as a marketer, you still need to:

  • Sell your products in a simple way.
  • Avoid taking much of the viewer’s time.
  • Produce your marketing material in a way that’s not a drain on your business’ resources.
  • Capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Explain difficult, or arcane business concepts or How-Tos in layman’s terms.

The Solution

Explainer videos fulfill all of the above needs in a neat little package. What are they? WordStream has a spectacularly to-the-point definition:

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page. These types of videos have become extremely popular – some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

Enticed yet? Having the right explainer video maker on your side can make all the difference and boost conversions. That means more sales, more visitors, more engagement, and more positive brand awareness. That’s plenty of benefits for what can be a comparatively small investment.

What Does an Explainer Video Maker Do, Then?

Explainer videos come in different shapes and sizes. You’ve probably seen those short animated videos making the rounds. They’re the most popular type of explainer video, with a simple style that takes animators a short time to accomplish. It also helps that they’re cute, clear, concise, and cheap. The reason you’ve seen them be so prevalent is that you can get one done for as little as $5 or $10. Sure, it won’t be great, but if you need something that’s barely passable in a hurry, you have the option.

But what is important to get a handle on is the type of content an explainer video maker can work on. There are different types and kinds, and the more you know, the better your ability to choose.

Live-Action Vids

If you’re looking for an explainer video maker to produce something with real actors, this is your stop. These videos are a trendy way to make a connection, and rightly so. You have a chance to show off a little bit of your brand culture and identity, be funny, and make an impact. Long-gone is the stuffy ol’ corporate video with suits and ties; today, companies selling products and consumer-oriented services can create a lasting emotional bond with their clients. It’s no longer about keeping your distance, but about making an impact — and a few friends to boot.

The immediacy, believability, and charm of live actors can be a real deal-maker for many people. And sure, while you won’t be able to get away with fantastical stuff as you would with animation, the confines of the real world can also be quite liberating. You have a real opportunity to create something that’s witty, funny, and is a joy to watch.

Take a look at one of the marketing videos for Dr. Squatch, a brand of all-natural soap.

See what they did there? Sure, Deadpool-inspired meta-humor is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But you know what’s no one‘s cup of tea? The same old boring, infomercial-like video with a guy who looks like he’s at a walkie-talkie convention in Florida.

Animated Videos

For these, your explainer video maker needs to be a talented animator. Lucky for you, there’s plenty o’ those on the internet these days. This is the most popular type of explainer video by far and with good reason. They’re quick to make, easy to follow, cost-effective, and people just loooooooove ’em. If you sell intangible services like software, apps, web-related services, etc., you need to make one of these pronto.

These videos also allow you far more leeway for presentation. You can explain and link what would otherwise be arcane, obscure subjects, and make hard concepts easy. It also helps that the cute, accessible style of these videos is a great draw for viewers. While some will prefer a dryer, more serious tone, the idea is to engage as many viewers as possible. Not many will like an unwelcoming video that’s filled with jargon. They can check out that content on your blog or pages oriented for specialists if they want; the idea of explainer videos is to maximize the number of people that get you and what you do.

Want a great example of an explainer video for an intangible product? Check out this one for a marketing analytics service.

This is the power of a great video. If you do it right, you can take something that’s inaccessible and make it seem like it’s a part of everyday life. You contribute knowledge, and you gain happy customers in return. It’s a win/win scenario.

explainer video maker for everybody

Whiteboard Vids

Remember when teachers used to write stuff on a whiteboard? These videos take that simple concept and take it up a notch with a style that’s between live-action and stop-motion animation. The benefits? They’re easy to make, super-clear, and inexpensive.

These were the top 20 whiteboard videos in 2020 (is it really 2021 already?!):


Where Can I Find a Quality Explainer Video Maker?

There are several options, and all of them have a pretty good cost/benefit ratio. For what it’s worth, here’s my take:

  • Freelancers
  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Marketing, Animation, and Graphic Design Agencies

I won’t take up all your day trying to explain the differences between these. You’ll find many a talented explainer video maker in all of these, that’s for sure. You just have to be discerning, patient, and have a few rules of thumb. It’s all common sense, really.

Freelancers can be naturally volatile. This means that I would recommend going with freelancing platforms or agencies before hiring a freelancer in the wild. Why? Because, while this is not common, they can take the money and run, or deliver the final product on their terms instead of yours. You have nothing to back you up, and no one to vouch for you.

Now, freelancing platforms like Upwork take a cut of the profits, and that’s why not all freelancers love them. But things work great on a client-side level, as payments are put in escrow, a sort of mediation. The funds aren’t released for the freelancer until the work has been completed to the client’s satisfaction. Of course, in some cases, the platform has to step in because of disagreements between the client and the freelancer. It’s not always rosy out there.

So, How Do I Know I’ve Found a Good Explainer Video Maker?

First, make sure they’ve got plenty of experience and a stuffed portfolio. You’ll want to check out if they’ve been able to do what they say they can and if they’re a good fit for your project. While you can give newbies a chance, it’s always better and less time consuming to hire a pro who’s an old hand at the type of content you need. It may be a little bit more costly, but it saves money and time in the long run.

You may also wonder about costs. It’s really hard to tell because it will depend on the type of video, the length of the project, and whether you’re choosing whiteboard, animation, or live-action. These will have different budget levels. The good thing is that animation tends to be really affordable, and you can pay as little as $10 or $20 for a cheapo video, to over $2000 for a really professional one. Considering the amount of money and conversions you’ll be getting from them, though, it’s still a really great investment.

The Best Solution

For what it’s worth, I think the best solution is going with Bunny Studio, a middle ground between a freelancing platform and graphic design agency. Why hire an explainer video maker from our talent pool? Hold on to your hats:

  • A vetted group of pros. Freelancing platforms don’t screen their talent; we do. Only amazing explainer video makers may enter.
  • Fair prices, and excellent deals depending on the size and scope of your project. We can go big, or we can go small, as well as offering multi-pro solutions and inter-departmental collaboration. Video, voice-over, writing, design — we can do it all.
  • Turnaround: who knows how long other pros take? We can deliver results in as little as 24-48 hours, depending on the size of the project.
  • Yes, you can get some satisfaction. If you don’t like the results, you get your money back, no questions asked.
  • Did I mention the unlimited revisions? Because that’s definitely a thing.

Look, if you want to save yourself the headaches and the guesswork, there’s no better option around than Bunny Studio. The best price/quality ratio on the market and the assurance that everything will go your way or you get your money back are simply put, second to none. If you want to hire the perfect explainer video maker, we’ll make sure you see results you’ll be happy to put your name on.