If you are looking for some ideas for your explainer video, this article is for you. We look at explainer video voice-over scripts for the automotive industry that can serve as your guide. You will know more about looking for the right voice-over actor with the specifications mentioned here, such as gender, voice style, accent, and job description.

Below are two sets of sample scripts for 1-minute, 30-second, and 15-second video voice-overs. You can feel free to use them for practice, demo, or anything you need in furthering your career as a voice-over actor or your search for a voice-over talent. With this, you can have some ideas about how to bring your vision to life in your explainer video.

Automotive Commercial Sample Voice-Over Script: Green Electro


Green Electro

Voice Age:

Middle-aged (30-50)



Job Description:

Green Electro is an independent automaker manufacturing high-tech electric vehicles.  We want to introduce our newest car to customers and show off its illustrious design in this ad. It should also show how they can save money by using EVs while contributing to a healthy environment.

Art Direction:

This explainer video should not come across as too cheesy or demanding. It’s an advertisement, but we would like it to have the feel of a cartoon. We want an animated video script with a voice that is upbeat and encouraging. The customer viewers should feel beckoned to get their own electric car.




Consumer brands


Upbeat, Smooth, Friendly




North American

Word Count:

125, 79, 55

1-Minute automotive commercial sample script:

“The future is electric, and Green Electro is ready to take you there.

Bringing you the latest model in EVs, the new S51 Crossover features a slick design and pioneering options. By harnessing revolutionary technological innovations, it delivers you to your destination at turbo-speed.

S51 Crossover has everything you look for in an electric vehicle. Battery-powered, it runs solely on renewable energy. You can get around without worrying about carbon emissions damaging the environment.

Expect leading motion-sensor technology and automatic emergency braking for smooth and safer driving at all times. A state-of-the-art interior design is given, designed for your overall comfort.

No gas, no emissions.

Let’s zoom into the future today.

Learn more about our EV products, including S51 Crossover at Green Electro dot com.”

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30-Second automotive commercial sample script:

“Imagine riding a car that can drive 150 miles an hour.

With just a fully-charged battery and a squeeze of a lever, S51 Crossover can take you to new heights.

Drive in style and luxury with its simple but nicely designed cabin in soft-touch surfaces and quality materials.

No need to buy gas ever again or worry about costly maintenance.

Stay green with Green Electro’ S51 Crossover for convenience, cost-effective, safe, and easy driving on the road.”

15-Second automotive commercial sample script:

“The future is here.

You’re no longer chasing it. With S51 Crossover, you are living in it.

Green Electro’s latest automobile model is your all-electric vehicle really to take you to the era of comfort, speed, and affordability.

It’s sleek, technologically advanced, and green all the way.

Don’t let get left behind.

Get yours now!”

Automotive Commercial Sample Voice-over Script:


Cheap Cars Galore

Voice Age:

Young adult (25-35)



Job Description:

Cheap Cars Galore is a local used car dealer dedicated to buying cheap and selling affordable pre-owned vehicles. Our target customers are families and individuals looking to upgrade their current cars via trades. With this ad, we want to encourage young adults, especially students, to get a good deal from our latest promotion.

Art Direction:

Since our targets are young adults, we want it to sound casual and laid-back. At the same time, the ad must have a feeling of confidence, which will draw the listeners to it. Make it feel as if you are only talking to your friend. Create a sense of urgency since it is a time-sensitive promotion.






Confident, Casual, Laidback




North American

Word Count:

143, 77, 52

1-Minute automotive commercial sample script

“It’s hard to beat the allure of a new car, enough to get you to splurge a whopping $25,000 to get it.

Whoa, wait, what?

That’s a huge amount most young adults can’t afford. If you’re a struggling student, it’s even harder to get a hold of a brand-new car. You don’t need a new car, though, do you? You’re saving money, so it makes more sense to buy a used vehicle.

Cheap Cars Galore has you covered then with our latest promo.

We’re having an event, and you are invited!

Students get to take advantage of our lowest-price guarantee during the day of the event. Find super affordable used cars at a price for two with us, your local shop for quality cars at the lowest prices!

Learn more about our latest promo when you go to Cheap Cars Galore dot com.”

30-Second automotive commercial sample script

“We know.

It’s such a drag having to take the bus to your school.

You’re always late for class and chasing the bus all the time.

Not cool at all!

Lucky for you, Cheap Cars Galore’s annual event is just around the corner.

During this event only, we provide a lowest-price guarantee deal to all students attending.

Bring your ID and get the keys to an exciting new ride.

Call us at (800) XXX-XXXX for more details.”

15-Second automotive commercial sample script

“Can’t afford a brand-new car? No worries.

You think owning a car is difficult. Well, think again.

Low price. Certified Pre-Owned. No insurance costs or registration fees.

If it’s a car that lasts longer, we got your back.

Find us at Cheap Cars Galore dot com to know about our lowest price guarantee.”

Why Use Explainer Videos


Forbes lists many advantages of explainer videos for your business. It is essential to know what explainers are to write an excellent explainer video voice-over. This type of video looks so much like a mini-story, far different than your ordinary advertisements. Usually, explainer videos are like 90-second movies. But more often, you will see explainer videos as cartoon-style animations.

They can be graphic representations with colorful characters. They can also involve characters drawn in ink on a whiteboard. Explainer videos are varied, which makes them an excellent tool for businesses. Since the narration is conversational, explainer videos are incredibly entertaining, easy to absorb, and enjoyable to watch.

Explainer videos work so well because of the two-pronged approach it uses. First, visual storytelling attracts a potential customer’s attention. Secondly, engaging audio resounds the message. Explainers draw the viewers through the infinitely entertaining way it presents new information, enlisting compassion and inciting passion from the viewer.

One of the best things about explainer videos is they can offer a solution while also incorporating their goals. While they break down their customers’ problems and try to provide solutions, they also encourage solving your issues together. They do this by showing you how their product or service can help you through a story.

The Explainer Video Voice-Over Narrator

Explainers are great, but their success depends on numerous factors. It particularly relies on the script. That makes the narrator or voice-over actor crucial since they will be the ones to carry your message and concept. These all have to do with how humans are visual creatures who can remember things better when they can see it.

That is one reason explainers work so well. But an explainer video voice-over without a well thought out script just does not have any value, even if you got the visuals right. The script and the narrator, the video’s storyteller, are the keys to making the best explainers. It means you need a voice actor with the voice and the ability suited to your brand.

As the voice behind the explainer, the voice actor will be representing your brand and business. They will be video’s human interface, shaping the story and message you want to share and beckoning your customers to act. It adds personality to an explainer, giving it depth with emotion, warmth, and humor.

How to Choose the Right Voice Style for Your Explainer Video Voice-over

Explainer videos are more laid-back and relaxed. They meant to guide the viewer, not to convince them forcefully. If you use the same tone as those in commercials you see on TV, your explainer will likely not sit well with viewers. For that reason, you must pick the right voice style for your video voice-over.

You can begin your search for the right video voice-over style by keeping these things in mind:

Your Brand

Your explainer video voice-over should also reflect your brand and business’s personality, identity, and values. Ask yourself how you want your audience to perceive you. Do you want to be seen as warm, friendly, and caring? If you aim to be an expert in your field, you must want to sound authoritative. By getting to know your brand, you will also know what voice to use.

Your Target Audience

An explainer is a way for you to talk with your audience, get closer to them, or form relationships with them. But to do that, you want to speak with the same language, or your message will not reach them. Try to get to know your target audience more, from their age to spending habits, to understand what voice style will resonate with them.

Your Target Market

The language you use, the tone, the accent, and your script depend on your target. It will significantly help if you find out now what type of clientele you have. Is your target market location-specific? Or is your reach international? Your answer will help you choose the tone that will connect you with potential customers and create a more tailored explainer.

Your Explainer Concept

The best explainer video voice-over has both great concept and voice. A good script is well and good, but the wrong voice ruins it. Your well thought of concept cannot save a voice style that does not suit it all. Voice enhances your idea, so it is best to keep your concept in mind when picking a voice tone.

Your Message

Most importantly, you want a voice that will reflect your message. The two have to match for your video voice-over to work. It would be a disaster to use an excited voice if your message is to warn people. A serious tone is also not ideal if you want to encourage your customers. With that, make sure that you know what you say to understand how to tell it the right way.

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Explainer Video Voice-Over Styles

Voice is undoubtedly a critical aspect of the production process of an explainer video voice-over. That makes it essential to choose the right tone of voice for your explainer video. It would be great to start by learning about different sound qualities. You will do well to use the correct sound quality that fits your brand.

For explainer videos, below are different voice-over styles that will beckon customers to you:

  1. Believable tone

An explainer video voice-over with this voice narrates the script in a meaningful way. Your listeners want only honesty and sincerity. If you wish to convince your viewers to buy from you or hire your service, then a believable tone is what you need. Voice talents capable of this tone convinces and sell your message by showing credibility in script and voice.

It makes it vital that you have a trustworthy brand. It would help if you had a good reputation as that will be the foundation for the believable tone your narrator adopts. Even if your idea is still a bit off, it will sound well thought out thanks to this voice style. For that reason, many ad explainers use this tone in introducing new products and services.

A convincing tone for an explainer video voice-over does not only sound confident but relatable as well. A narrator who sounds like he knows what the viewer experienced and felt will be more believable for them. It is one reason you should also keep in mind your target audience when writing your script and choosing the voice style.

  1. Conversational voice

If it is to make your customers feel relaxed and open to suggestions when they see your explainer, the ideal voice style is the conversational tone. Adopting this voice requires your narrator to speak in the same way as two friends talking with each other. It is not formal, so your customers feel it is more personal.

As mentioned before, your viewers will be more convinced of what you want to say if they feel that you understand them. With this tone, the explainer sounds more engaging, so the viewer feeling closer to you. If your goal with your explainer is to convey your message more familiarly, this tone is perfect.

What is great about conversational voice is that it invites your customers to engage with you. Conversations are two way, which means you want them to share their opinions and experiences. When you raise a question and let them in the discussion, your explainer video voice-over serves as a tool for boosting engagement.

  1. Friendly tone

Do you want your business to be more approachable to your target audience? Then, a friendly tone in your explainer can make that happen. A friendly voice is how you incorporate a smile into your voice-over script, making your viewers smile as well when they see it. Anyone who sees your explainer will feel warm inside with a narrator who uses this tone.

One way to show you care about your customers and help them is by adopting a friendly voice. With a kind, expressive, and helpful tone, they will also be more open to you and what you have to offer. This voice style is also one way you can make your explainer more personal, which is how you get closer to your audience.

  1. Authentic voice

If you want your explainer video voice-over to sound real, there is no better choice than the authentic voice style. It is the style you pick if you want your brand’s values to be expressed clearly in the explainer. With an authentic tone, you allow your viewers to understand what your vision truly is.

How does your explainer sound authentic? It starts with you. It begins with your brand’s sincerity towards your customers and in solving the problem they encounter. If you genuinely want to help, then all you need to do is let that feeling out. It is where you need a skilled voice-over actor who can bring your brand to life with their voice.

  1. Articulate tone

What does an articulate tone mean? Articulate is reading a script in a spotless, clear, and enunciated way. An explainer video voice-over delivered articulately is fluent from beginning to end. There is no room for confusion as the narrator made sure to use a clear voice to express your message coherently.

If you want your brand message to come across as well-constructed and definite, then it is an articulate tone that you want to use. It is the best way to tell your audience what you want to say straightforwardly. Of course, this is true only if you have a narrator capable of voicing over your explainer this way.

Explainer Video Voice Overs Can Be an Effective Tool for Your Business

Voice-over is a broad subject, and explainer video voice-over is just one small part of it. Feeling overwhelmed over all the options in front of you is natural. Take it slow and learn as much as you can at your own pace. With the guide and scripts in this article, you could be on your way to producing the best explainer video or become a skilled voice-over talent. Contact Bunny Studio for expertise in your next project.