Video ads on Facebook work better in engaging your audience than static photos and long articles. So if you want to win the hearts of your customers, this is something you should get on board with. However, crafting a video ad is not as easy as you think. To help inspire you, we’ve gathered the best Facebook video ads examples.

Marketers spent more than $32 million on video ads in 2019 alone. As the most powerful social media network in the world, Facebook is poised to play an integral role in the success of a video ad.

Facebook Video Ads Examples

Facebook ads are great at piquing the interest of people. Most ads on Facebook are not just visually appealing, but they are also closely aligned with the interest of its audience. In this section, we will be taking a look at our favorite Facebook video ads examples. We will also examine what makes these video ads effective, as well as how you can mirror the same technique to your ad.


VSCO has short yet amazing ads that perfectly showcase how their app can make photos and videos look better. When you look at VSCO ads, you will notice how the first few seconds have a retro feel, which is something its users love. This is enough to hook the attention of people and motivate them to watch the rest of the ad.

It’s a universal fact that people want to take the best photos, whether it’s for social media or just memories, and VSCO will enable them to do just that. The ad takes full advantage of showing the solution to the problems of their potential and current customers. Once you get through the first seconds, the ad is basically just a slideshow of retro photos that appeal to a certain niche, and this is enough to draw their interest.

What you can learn from this ad is to be straightforward. Focus on what your product can do. Sometimes, less is really more – when it comes to VSCO’s ad, they just simply showed photos, and it worked.


One of the best things about Google’s ads is they don’t always sell a product. Sometimes, they just show information. In their Facebook ad for “Year in Search 2020,” their use of a voice-over artist and amazing professionally done script with aspirational language really stands out. Google could have chosen a different vibe and edit for this ad, such as speedy cuts, but they opted to emphasize hope. In the end, the ad’s hook, “search on,” also made people feel emotional.

You can learn a lot of lessons from this example. First is the use of simple yet touching language paired with great music. This ad also suggests that short hooks can be very effective. While making short ads is recommended, this three-minute-long ad proves that longer video ads can still be effective, especially if it banks on emotion.


The Facebook video ad examples that we gathered are not just limited to raise awareness for a brand. Video ads can also be used to target people at any stage in their journey. This Squarespace ad is a prime example of it. It showcases brilliant editing, amazing visuals with consistent colors like pink and green, and it even features a case study of a story of one customer. While this kind of ad may offer something valuable to current Squarespace users, it’s still an amazing way to build social presence and stay on top of the mind of people who want to engage themselves with Squarespace at some point in their career.

One of the best learnings you can take from this ad is a targeted approach. Take a look at your specific buyer persona. Is it representative of your customers, or are you overlooking other valuable audiences that may be interested in your offer? Facebook video ads examples like this stand out because they show an awareness of your target market and brand core demographics.

Squarespace understood that not many people consider monetizing their art or hobby by opening an e-commerce store, and this ad compels them to do just that. Squarespace has already identified their audience, so they are going after first-time e-commerce users with this ad position.

Carbon coco

If you want to bring in an authentic feel to your Facebook video ad, you should consider using footage of real customers. Carbon coco, a teeth whitening company, always releases ads like this. At first look, a charcoal teeth whitening product may seem gimmicky, but because Carbon coco used footage of real users compiled by an editor, it became successful in capturing the attention of potential customers. The ad shows people holding the product itself and applying it to their teeth, then finally, showing the results. It also features comments from real users about how effective the product is.

There are many techniques you can steal from this ad. First, it includes authentic footage from real users, which can increase the trust of viewers. Second, it revisits the company’s copy “get results that are worth smiling about” and uses compelling language.


Shein is an online clothing store that offers a huge selection of fast-fashion clothing sold at very low prices. This brand’s video ad is very simple – just the company logo with confetti over it. Since this ad does not show any type of clothing, its goal is apparent – improve brand recall. Of course, this type of ad won’t work well on its own. It needs to be paired with ads that show the product itself.

What Can You Observe from Facebook Ads?

Here are some of the most important elements we observed from our Facebook video ads examples.

Less is more

There is an abundance of video content today, and this has created endless competition for marketers. Customers now have the ability to skip an ad if they don’t think it’s relevant or attention-grabbing. Because of this, the amount of time Facebook users watch ads has declined. This trend has pushed brands to go with shorter videos to appeal to people with short attention spans.

As expected, short ads present a challenge for brands who want to tell a story in under 15 or 30 seconds. With this format, it is important to have impactful content that can inspire an emotional response from viewers. If you do create a long ad, make sure there is a short version.

facebook video ads examples

Mobile-centered advertising

Everyone now uses smartphones, and they account for the majority of Facebook traffic so marketers need to rework existing ads to look good when viewed on phones. One surefire way to do this is to release portrait-oriented videos. Using a vertical format will enable marketers to have more engaging content and minimize other distractions on the screen. Aside from vertical videos, your ad should also be easily understood even without audio since more than 85 percent of videos on Facebook are watched while muted. Hiring a transcriptionist can also help get your message across without audio.

It is also essential to create content that’s specific to Facebook since the platform has emphasized how important originality is. Now, Facebook will limit the distribution of unoriginal content, so the full potential of your Facebook video ad will not be realized if it’s just recycled from other platforms. In other words, if you really want to get the best results, you need fresh content that is made for your Facebook target market. This requires extra effort and hiring extra people, but it will be worth it. Thankfully, platforms like Bunny Studio makes it easier for brands to connect with professionals online.

Think outside the box

Cinemagraphs like the Shein ad function well if you want to increase brand awareness and build trust. These types of ads are actually a video and photo hybrid that has a looped motion while the rest of the image remains still. This is visually interesting and makes people think they are watching an animation.

User-generated content

Even in today’s digital age, word of mouth is still very effective. User-generated content is a very valuable asset to brands, and in recent years, more people are trusting content by “average” people more than content released by brands. This proves the importance of leveraging user-generated content to improve trust with your audience. What makes this type of content more appealing to audiences is its authenticity. Now, people are no longer happy with pushy marketing tactics. Instead, they want to engage with companies where they have fostered an emotional connection, and the best way to build this relationship is through effective storytelling and transparency.

Be flexible

What works for your brand today may not be the trend in the next year. Specifically, what will give you success today won’t necessarily help you reach your marketing goals forever. Thus, the longevity of your Facebook video ad success depends on your flexibility. No matter what, you need to constantly evaluate the performance of the content. If it’s not working, shift it to a new direction.

Give users value

Repeat viewership and intent are two important factors Facebook considers in its algorithm. When people do not skip your ad and respond to it, it will be presented to more people. The math is very straightforward – the more loyal your ad viewers are, the more it will perform better on organic ranking. Therefore, earning the loyalty of your viewers is imperative.

Excited to Release Facebook Video Ads?

Sometimes, a little inspiration is just what you need. Hopefully, the Facebook video ads examples we showed gave you some ideas of what you can try for your brand, especially if your current ads are not working. If you want a professional touch to your marketing effort, contact Bunny Studio for your next project.