No matter how much of a heavy hitter you are, the pandemic has been hell on wheels for the financial sales sector in 2020. The severe economic downturn has effectively turned everyone into a worrywart, and it’s not just consumers of financial services; Financial advisors, insurance sales representatives, stockbrokers, and loan officers find themselves in a rut. Owning the gift of gab is no longer a sufficient live-by commodity for financial sales personnel. But even though health may not be wealth, wealth certainly helps survival. Marketing and sales have always been about adaptation. So as tension runs high, competition tightens, and morale runs low, an effective financial sales script becomes ever more paramount. Here, we’ll dish out trends in the finance marketing sector, as well as sample financial sales scripts to make you salient and relatable to the current economy.


Trending 2020 Ad Statistics

In this show-me-the-money float-or-drown economy, cash on the barrelhead ROI is essentially every advertiser’s wet dream. As such, it’s no surprise that advertisers are hesitant to fork out unless they know that they’ll get a bang for their buck with a magic bullet. Under circumstances of quiet offices and empty streets, it’s hard to decipher which way everyone’s going, as brand messages switch from screaming billboards to digital ad spaces. With this in mind, even digital advertising encompasses a myriad of mediums and channels. That said, we have 2020 numbers to prove that audio ads are still a viable-and-kicking magic bullet for the financial sales sector, and here’s the lowdown:

  • 94% use financial features such as online banking, making digital advertising the channel to invest in for most banks.
  • The financial sector contributes to 14% of ad spend, which is second after retail.
  • The total audio ad spend is predicted to continue growing by 24% by 2025, reaching a total amount of $23.2bn.
  • Digital ad spends in the US financial service sector is expected to reach $19.62bn with an increase of 7% in 2020.
  • 53% of financial sales executives have the intention of digitizing client interactions when the pandemic blows over.
  • 81% of listeners claim they listen intently to podcast ads, and nearly 60% make purchases from the medium.
  • Ad revenues on podcasts have increased by 15% in 2020 and will triple to $2.1bn in 2025.
  • Spending on ads is estimated to fall by 30% on traditional channels while seeing an increase of 8% on digital media.
  • Brands in financial services have increased podcast ad spend to 16%.


The Pipeline for Financial Sales Advertising

As numbers tell, there’s really more than one way to skin a cat. Beyond the pandemic that has cast a pall upon the sector lies a golden opportunity for those in the financial sales sector. Here are some content strategies that can help you to narrow the social distance gap between you and your potential leads. Use these tips to churn out your financial sales commercial script to yield potent ROIs.


#1: Get Personal

Let’s consider the consumer’s psychology during this pandemic. In times of stress, the body’s fight or flight response becomes dominant. Since there’s pretty much nowhere to run in this pandemic, a fight for survival becomes innate. Yes, everyone’s pretty much in over their heads in one way or another, and many, financially so. Here’s when being human can be powerful.

64% of US consumers feel a lack of human element when it comes to customer experience, and research shows that emotional marketing makes individuals 8.4 times more likely to trust your brand. Now or never, expressing empathy in your financial sales ad script is paramount. Furthermore, digital advertising allows advertisers to target audiences more specifically and accurately. Consequently, this casting of a smaller net can allow brands to speak to their listeners more impactfully and personably. This means less reach, but very potentially more conversions if the messages are crafted with wit and sincerity. While you’re at it, add a play of familiar sound effects and use a relatable voice actor to enhance your audio ad’s experience.


#2: Be Relevant

In the third quarter of 2020, half of those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic are still unemployed. For the financial sales sector, it’s an imperative wake-up-call to get with the times. It’s only logical that no one will spend on thingamajigs or fandangles when money is tight. In other words, focusing your ad message on products that can help ease financial burdens right now would be more important than say, investing in a retirement plan. Or loans to buy a summer vacation house for that matter! Since digital targeting allows segmentation of demographics, strategize to tailor your different products to different audiences, with more relevant content.


#3: Leverage Global Talent

Working from home? So is the majority of specialized freelance talent. You don’t need an expensive studio or an advertising firm with impressively comfortable sofas to produce a solid financial sales audio ad. All you need is the world’s most brilliant scriptwriters, compelling voice actors, and amazing sound producers. All of which are accessible from the comfort of your own couch.

Platforms like this one come backed with tons of testimonials and allow marketers to produce full-stack audio ads, or outsource partially. Whether you need only a scriptwriter, someone to produce an entire podcast, financial sales training video, or financial service ad, you only have to ask. Remember, first impressions are everything. As much as home-made audio ads and videos can be relatable, it’s always important for brands in the financial sector to come off as professional and credible.


#4: Develop Other Audio Channels

It’s no stage whisper that hard selling is no longer effective. In the ever-giving generous world of digital, it’s adding value to your client that can give you a sharper edge. Chiefly, one sure-fire way is content marketing. Content is king, and he who offers knowledge can become the authoritative voice in the sector. Notably considering the statistical trends above, what better way is there to do this than through audio? Yes, podcasts are in. Simply because listening is a passive experience that allows multitasking. Even huge news broadcasting brands like CNN are on it. And do bear in mind that help is always available if the need for outsourcing arises!


Financial Sales Script Content

Now that you’ve gotten your content strategy locked and loaded, are you geared to produce your own financial sales ad script? Before you fire away, here are some final tips to help you get your game going:


Types of Financial Sales

The finance sector umbrellas a massive range of products and services such as the below:

  • Long term insurance
  • Investments
  • Retirement income
  • Banking services
  • Loan services
  • Supply Chain Finance


Length of Ad

The word count of your financial sales audio ads script should correspond to the length of the ad space you have purchased. The usual length of ads ranges from 15 seconds to 90 seconds long. Here are the recommended number of words for each duration:

  • 15 seconds – 27 to 40 words
  • 30 seconds – 55 to 80 words
  • 60 seconds – 110 to 150 words
  • 90 seconds – 200 to 255 words


Tone of Voice

It is important foremost to identify the demographic of your audience before crafting a message. Consider if your business is primarily B2B or B2C. B2C tends to use a more personable tone while B2B portrays a more corporate and professional tone.

Financial sales scripts for agency

Financial Sales Script Samples

Are you sorely in need of some inspiration? Here are some sample scripts that will get your creative juices flowing.


#1: Life Insurance Sample

The Project Description

Client: Bunny Wealth

Content Topic: Financial Flexibility with Bunny Wealth

Product Description: This is a B2C ad. Bunny Wealth life insurance provides long-term financial protection for individuals and families. Policies allow you to increase or lower your premium payments depending on your financial situation throughout your life. Our premiums start as low as $5 a month, and you can still get covered with pre-existing conditions. Please end the ad scripts with: “Bunny Wealth, freedom for you and your family.”

Audience: All

Tone: Creative, heartfelt, sincere, and conversational.

Perspective: First-person.


60-SECONDS Commercial Script (129 words)

You’ve planned for your ambitions.

You’ve planned for love.

You’ve planned for a legacy.

You’ve planned for your bucket list.

But life is full of unpredictability.

Some surprises are blessings, while others bring adversity.

You can plan for an epic life, 
but you never know what’s around the corner.

And the only way you can be prepared 
is to know that your loved ones are cared for.

No matter what happens, 
Bunny Wealth’s got you covered.

Because as moms and dads, 
daughters and sons, 
we understand that family is everything.

When the stars don’t align, 
raise or increase your premium payments depending on your financial situation.

Get insured, pre-existing conditions or not, 
at rates starting as low as $5 a month.

Bunny Wealth, freedom for you and your family.


30-SECONDS Commercial Script (81 words)

You’ve planned for an epic life:

Graduation, marriage, kids, and retirement.

But no one could have planned for a rough 2020.

No matter if the going gets tough, 
you’re tough enough to get going.

And with Bunny Wealth partnering you through life, 
you’ll have a peace of mind knowing your family is financially covered.

Get insured for as low as $5 a month, 
and increase or lower your premiums depending on your needs.

Bunny Wealth, freedom for your and your family.


15-SECONDS Commercial Script (39 words)

You’ve planned for an epic life.

So through good times and bad, 
we’ll make sure you and your loved ones are covered.

Get insured for as low as $5 a day.

Bunny Wealth, freedom for your and your family.


#1: Supply Chain Finance Sample

The Project Description

Client: Bunny Finance Inc

Content Topic: Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Product Description: This is a B2B ad. Bunny Finance Inc provides consultation and supply chain finance solutions to help suppliers finance their receivables more easily. Our solutions enable liquidity and cash flow optimization, especially during these difficult pandemic times, and with a lower interest rate, so that businesses can survive. As a high technology company with 25 years, our clients can process their financing requests through our online system and get approval within 48 hours. Please add the tagline: Bunny Finance, we grow with your business.

Audience: Business buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Tone: Creative, concise, sincere, and conversational.

Perspective: First-person (we)


60-SECONDS Commercial Script (115 words)

These are unprecedented times.

Challenging times of uncertainty and vexation.

For many businesses, 
it’s a make or break situation.

Which will it be for yours?

These harrowing times will pass.

And if you’re a survivor, 
Bunny Finance is here to help take some weight off your shoulders.

With over 25 years in supply chain financing, 
we’ve helped over 500 companies optimize their cash flow.

Finance your suppliers’ receivables 
with minimal interest rates in exchange for better discounts.

Maintain sustainable supplier relationships 
through this disruptive period.

With Bunny Finance’s new easy SCF online platform, 
you can now upload invoices and get approved within 48 hours.

Call us to find out more.

Bunny Finance, we grow with your business.


30-SECONDS Commercial Script (74 words)

Building a sustainable supplier relationship 
is crucial for a healthy supply chain.

But in trying times like these, 
many businesses are hanging on by a thread.

No matter which sector you’re in, 
Bunny Finance supply chain finance solutions can help you to optimize your cash flow.

Simply upload your invoices on our 
new SCF online platform and get approved within 48 hours.

Call us for a consultation.

Bunny Finance, we grow with your business.


15-SECONDS Commercial Script (40 words)

Even through challenging times, 
we’re here to support you.

Finance your suppliers’ receivables with 
Bunny Finance’s easy supply chain finance platform.

Call us to discover what we can do for your supply chain.

Bunny Finance, we grow with your business.


All in a Day’s Work

Even though the financial sales industry might be affected by the pandemic, optimism breeds for certain financial sectors. No matter your brand, products, or services, keeping your customers’ present needs in mind is vital to creating effective financial sales scripts. Add a dash of empathy and a sprinkle of creativity, and you’re sure to capture your audience’s attention Use these financial sales sample scripts as a guide, and you’re ready to go forth and create your very own audio ad.