Creating a free voice over is easier than you think. However, you have to know what to look for in a voice over so you can choose the best option for you.

A voice over is a part of the production process in which a voice talent is hired for theater, films, radio, television, and other presentations. Voice overs are usually read from a script and performed by an actor or actress off-cam. It may be a synchronized dialogue where the talent narrates the action in a presentation, or it can be asynchronous.

Voice overs done by professionals can be expensive. However, almost all beginners in the voice over industry start by giving a free voice over until regular work becomes available. This practice helps improve skills and introduces rookies to clients.

Just because you’re creating a free voice over does not mean it should be subpar. After all, knowing how to make a fantastic voice over is the key to success in this business. Because of this, you need to know the qualities of a good free voice over.

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This post has been updated in August 2021.

What Is a Free Voice Over?

Voice overs are usually pre-recorded in a studio and placed on top of videos such as documentaries and explainers. They can also feature in on-hold messages and announcements, or read during live events.

Voice talents normally get highly compensated for voice over work. However, many platforms make way for a free voice over option to save money. Despite not coming with a charge, skilled voice over artists must convey information effectively or establish the mood the director or production wants. Doing a free voice over will help talents get noticed in the voice over industry.

Free Voice Over – The Different Kinds

Before you get into voice overs, you first have to know the different types available. When it comes to a free voice over, here are the most popular types.

Commercial Free Voice Over

A commercial voice over runs during a television or online ad. In this type of voice over, you give information about a company’s services or products and encourage the customer to buy it. When you successfully finish your first commercial, you have the chance to become part of a lucrative segment of the voice over industry.

Announcement Free Voice Over

One of the most common types of free voice over is the announcement. This voice over is what you hear when you are in public spaces, such as airports, malls, and coliseums. As a voice artist, you have to give information to the audience about safety procedures, or when an event is about to start.

Corporate Free Voice Over

Many people falsely believe that film is the only industry that needs voice overs. However, there are more jobs available in the corporate industry.

If you want to land more projects, you may start with corporate work. If you do a free voice over for the corporate industry, you will lend your voice in promotional and informational videos, which can be seen on a company’s website. Just like commercial voice overs, you must explain the company’s products, services, or history. Your output can feature as promotional, training, or human resource material.


Many voice talents want to be a part of games and animation jobs since it’s a lot of fun to do. Consumers love video games that have a story. Because of this, makers need voice artists to make their characters come to life.



Voice talents play a huge role in the film industry. Your voice can be used for promotion clips and trailers. When you are still a newbie in the industry, it may be challenging to get cast as a voice over talent for a major role. This problem is why you normally have to climb up the ladder by offering a free voice over or two. Soon, you will start earning money if you have a strong voice quality that directors love.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Sometimes, what you hear in a movie is not the voice recording captured during filming. Most films tend to re-record the dialogue to make it clearer and crisper. A voice over talent can participate in a loop group for ADR. If you sound like a celebrity, you may also copy their voice if they are unavailable to record an ADR.

Key Qualities of an Excellent Free Voice Over

When doing a free voice over, make sure to keep in mind the important qualities below.

Enunciation and articulation

Enunciation refers to the way you pronounce words clearly and accurately. This quality can either make or break your free voice over. A good voice talent has mastered the correct way of pronouncing words confidently, since poor enunciation may negatively affect the way people view the message. Not only that, but bad enunciation will also taint the image of the organization or company you work for.

Aside from enunciation, you should also practice your articulateness. This characteristic is a quality that will improve over time, but some people naturally have it. Articulateness is expected from people who are native speakers of a certain language. If you ace this quality, you won’t have to practice your script for a long time to deliver it correctly. When doing a free voice over, remember that getting the appropriate enunciation and articulation will help catch the attention of the listeners.


An effective voice over would be impossible if your audience cannot understand what you are saying due to bad recording quality. As you get more experience in the field, you will discover the best recording gear and settings that match your voice and style. With any recording you submit, ensure that the quality is nothing short of impeccable.

You may go to a professional producer or studio to get your recording done. Unfortunately, this trip can be expensive. If your resources do not allow this, you may seek help from your friends who have a background in sound engineering or audio editing. Through this, your recording won’t sound like it was made by an amateur.

Voice quality

When making a demo, don’t forget to show off your vocal prowess by presenting a range of voice styles. So be sure to feature formal, energetic, or other examples that the job requires.

Your voice quality is not only limited to how your voice sounds but also your ability to breathe life into the script. So it is crucial to generate a voice meant specifically for the script you are working on. To interpret well, simply imagine that you are talking to someone you’re close with.


When doing a free voice over, a good talent understands the importance of good pacing. Without this, you will be unable to pronounce and enunciate your message well. Pacing refers to the tempo, speed, and rhythm of your performance. So pacing brings energy into the narration. You may also use pacing to bring personality to the script.

Think of your script as music. It has to have the right tempo of words that you emphasize and don’t emphasize to deliver your message successfully. When practicing, consider your timing and speed since these qualities have a significant impact on the listener’s experience.


The key to a good voice over is simplicity. If your audience does not understand the point of your message, your efforts will go to waste. When it comes to a free voice over, quality is always better than quantity. Go with a straightforward tone and script that won’t leave you scrambling for words in the studio. And besides, when listeners encounter complex ads, they won’t remember the key points very well.

When doing a voice over, you do not have much time to get to your point since you might lose your audience if you don’t deliver it fast enough. Always be concise and focus on the key message.


Good script

A good voice talent does not only sound good, but he or she also knows how to make a good script. The script is critical since it sets everything the listeners hear. Practice reading your script out loud and work on your intonation, pacing, and pronunciation. Just because it looks good on paper does not mean it reads well. Before recording, identify the words and points you want to emphasize.

Style and accent

A voice talent’s accent has a major impact on how the viewer relates to the message. For example, a local restaurant would want someone with a local accent that the customers can relate to. And for a national project, an accent widely used in the country is more effective.

Imagine a UK-based business that wants to enter the US market. A good strategy is to feature an American accent in their audio materials. Also, keep in mind regional accents that encourage specific responses. For example, Southern accents are thought of as friendlier than northern accents.


When looking for a free voice over, always keep the audience in mind. Even if you have the best voice, the audience might not receive it well. For instance, if the target audience is millennials, then a company would want a voice over talent that appeals to that age bracket. Similarly, something geared towards people aged 40 to 70 won’t work with a millennial’s voice.

Acting ability

When doing a free voice over, remember to ooze emotion since it is the ultimate ingredient to transform a script from something ordinary to one that is engaging. A good voice actor does not need a lot of direction to convey the right feeling of an ad or a character.

Find the soul of the script and use your acting skills to sell a product or give information to your audience. A good voice over talent has to have a wide emotional range that appeals to different customers. If you are doing a free voice over for a phone ad, you have to excite the listener through your lively voice.


When auditioning for a free voice over, don’t take it too hard if you are not successful. It may not be the quality of your voice that the company does not prefer, but your gender. Many companies and films need a voice that is representative of the viewers and listeners. For example, an ad to promote womenswear for yoga will want a female’s voice to resonate with their target customers. On the other hand, an ad that features male sports icons will need a male voice.

For neutral products, the gender of the voice is also important. Male voices in ads are seen as more forceful, while people think a woman’s voice is more soothing.

Don’t Forget About the Big Picture with a Free Voice Over

Nobody can predict the success of a free voice over. However, if it’s done right, it can be used for many years to come. Customers tend to build a connection with ads. So if a free voice over works perfectly, it can pave the way for a long-term partnership between the company and voice talent.

So keep in mind the tips above. And jump right into the industry by giving your first free voice over today!

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