Do you have an awesome content idea, branding message, or mission-critical statement that would make a great blog post? Well, maybe you do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to make it happen. After all, the blank page is the eternal enemy of many a great mind and will continue to be so in the future. But who to call in your hour of need? Who can take your idea, the skeleton of your message, and turn it into an engaging, compelling, eminently readable final product? Enter freelance blog writers!

That’s right, these maverick jack-of-all-trades writers are your ace in the hole for blog content production. Having a publishing pipeline is one thing, sure; you’ve got your content calendar, your ideas, and even a basic outline of what you want to say. Or perhaps you’re running an online publication about music or arts, but are missing quality contributors. You could even have a shorter piece that you want to turn into a longer article.

Regardless of where you’re starting from, there are a few facts that you can’t gloss over anymore:

  • In the age of merciless SEO standards, blog — ie: long-form — content reigns supreme.
  • If you want to inform readers, you need good writers who can distill your message into the most important component parts.
  • Engagement is hard, maybe harder than ever. Freelance blog writers have the know-how to keep things interesting for even the most attention-starved of us.
  • Freelancers aren’t just ready-to-go types or hired guns. They’ve been around the block, and they know how to listen as well as write. They can switch up their style and create different types of content at the drop of a hat.

Let’s take a deeper look.

What Are Freelance Blog Writers?

The internet’s definitely been a boon for enterprising, independent professionals. As of 2021, there are plenty of opportunities for remote work that don’t require a fixed, stable employer. And, with these opportunities for workers also come new chances for hirers. No longer do you need to keep a professional under steady employ, especially for incidental or on ad-hoc projects. But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be leaving the fate of your projects to second-rate providers. On the contrary, you’re more spoiled for choice than ever.

Freelance blog writers, thus, are there to help you create quality blog content practically on a dime. They’re talented content professionals who can take any subject, any topic, read the needs of your audience, and produce articles of any length that show:

  1. Expertise and know-how about the subject.
  2. Amazing vocabulary, grammar, and the ability to summarize complex ideas.
  3. When necessary, opinions and creativity, as well as writing flair — as little or as much as you require.
  4. A fresh take that keeps the engagement of your readers high throughout.

Now, you may already have in-house staff that’s good at stringing a sentence together. Heck, you may even be a pretty good penman or woman yourself, but that doesn’t make you a writer. Writers, especially professional ones, have polished their craft through hundreds of do-or-die assignments. They know what works, what doesn’t, and they know how to turn ideas from coal into diamonds. They know when to turn on the charm, when to trim the fat, and when flair is uncalled for. Moreover, even though they may have a style, they’re veritable chameleons, able to adapt to your needs or those of your audience.

Let’s take a look.

freelance blog writers

Why You Need Them

Time is a cruel mistress, as anyone over the age of 30 knows far too well. But, regardless of the everyday memento mori, it’s also a sad reality that we’ve usually got too little time to do all we want to or need to. If you’re trying to get a company off the ground, increase your earnings, or just do something creative, you’re going to want to tell the world about it. And when you do, you want ’em to listen.

Thing is, maybe you’re not all that good at writing, or maybe you’re OK but just too close to the subject matter to avoid overwriting. During my time as a writer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people who are so close to their ideas that they’re unable to condense them into something digestible. This, to be honest, happens more often than not, and it’s no fault of my clients. Freelance content writers, after all, are primarily great listeners and readers.

“Huh? I thought I was gonna hire these people for writing?!” you ask, lower lip quivering. And you’ll see why part of the joy of delegating your blog posts to great writers is seeing them work their magic through listening. They’ll take what you have to say, analyze it, read the needs of your audience, understand the particular voice you want to use, and create a unique synthesis that works.

Most importantly, you’ll want freelance blog writers who can help you connect.

Connection, or Why Nobody Cares About Jargon

Remember me talking about how people usually get too close to their ideas? Many moons ago, I was working for this small family-owned company that sold decent products. Only, they couldn’t write content to save their lives. Everything they touched was weighed down by jargon-heavy insider stories that were never interesting to their audience. They couldn’t find a way to sell their products to save their lives. has some great thoughts about why jargon just does not work:

The majority of your audience reading your website won’t be clued into what’s happening in your industry. They don’t know as much as you do — which is why going on and on about every single small detail of your product or service isn’t going to sit well with your potential clients.

If a typical reader doesn’t understand what you’re writing about, they’re probably going to stop reading and click to a competitors’ site or head to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for diversion.

Quality content that’s easy to understand will help you connect with the interests of readers without drowning them in jargon.

A dedicated content writer has the skills to take a meaty subject and present it as clearly to your audience. This means your readers will understand exactly what you’re all about without getting confused over any industry-specific terminology.

I understand that you’ve got great ideas, or you’ve labored over your product more than anyone. And it’s not that freelance blog writers are trying to put you down. We’re not meanies or big poopyheads — well, some of us are — we’ve just got your best interests in mind.

And that means, essentially, being audience-focused without losing sight of the core of your message.

What Does it Mean to be “audience-focused”?

It means that freelance blog writers don’t care about emotional attachments. I mean, they do, but in a way that gets results, readers, engagement. It means that they’re focused on getting to the finish line. And that can be anything from making you and your art well-known, consumers buying your product or service, or making something that was super complicated clearer. Truthfully, it can be any of these, all of these, or none at all.

Your particular “call to action” may vary, but its intentions don’t. Writers are, therefore, required to:

  • Boil down a message so that it reaches a wider audience.
  • Make complicated things simpler. That doesn’t mean “dumbed-down,” by the way. It means attractive, readable, easier to grasp.
  • Subtly — or not so subtly — direct the attention of your audience to where you want or need it to be. That could be products, services, or the pleasure of a well-told story.

And there’s more. Through the auspices of Search Engine Optimization, blog writers can help you get more page views. And that, in plain language, means more sales, more engagement, more readers, more viewers, and more customers.

freelance blog writers

Take Me to the Top

You know you want to listen to this song. This might not be the neon-soaked streets of 1980s Miami, but the motivation I’m about to share with you will make you feel as if it were. It turns out that Google and other search engines are suckers for long-form blog content. After all, the only thing that they can index is text, which is one of the reasons why freelance blog writers and transcriptionists (that can turn your videos into readable chunks) are your secret sauce.

It’s one of the fastest, cheapest, most reliable ways to boost your website’s traffic. If you know the keywords people are finding you through, or if you have an SEO specialist on hand, all the better. That, combined with a writer or team of writers, and a solid content strategy, is a scenario where you can expect to see your page visits go way, way up.

Content writers know exactly how to lock in on your target audience’s keyword searches so people can find you website easier. 72% of marketers say that relevant content creation was a major key to their success.

The combination of quality, relevant content, a solid research strategy, and the application thereof in your blog posts is a powerhouse that can shoot you straight to the top of search results. And being found is, honestly, about 75% of the battle won right there. And the other 25%? Having content that is fun, engaging, clear, precise, and leads people to what you’re selling. But I think we’ve covered that already.

In Sum

If you want to do things right, hire professionals. And you’re no longer bound by the strictures of having to hire people long-term. Want to know where to find amazing freelance blog writers that know their stuff and are ready to create content that speaks to your audience on your terms? Moreover, do you want them to be able to create high-ranking SEO content while also writing informative, thought-provoking blog posts?

Well, this is the time when I would direct you to any old freelancing platform. But since I’m not about to waste your time with endless interviews and bidding processes, I’ll do you one better. Why don’t you hire someone from our amazing team at Bunny Studio? We’ve made blog writing into pretty much an exact science, our bread n’ butter, so to speak. And we’re ready to tackle anything you can throw our way, big or small. You can hire a writer for a one-time thing, or we can put together a team of writers,  SEO pros, designers — you name it — so fast we’ll make your head spin.

So, how about it? If you need the best in the game, you only have to drop as a line or two, and we’ll be ready to create content you can be proud to put your name on. We guarantee it.