There’s absolutely nothing sweeter than living in your most comfortable pajamas and not having to worry about visiting the office every day. But as dreamy as this situation may sound, freelancing takes a lot of hard work and effort. This fact is why constantly improving yourself through a freelance online course is crucial.

A freelance online course is a tech-savvy way of learning new things. Just like face-to-face classes, you also have a course syllabus, a way to track your learning progress, and a medium to communicate with your instructor. 

The freelance industry is expected to rise in the coming years. Because of this, you need to make yourself stand out. The secret to a successful freelance career is to invest your money and time in self-development. So whether you want to take the most popular courses, or study a specific niche, furthering your skill development will help you get more clients.

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What Is an Online Course?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably toying with the idea of taking a freelance online course. The appeal of a freelance online course is that it’s self-paced. This characteristic gives you better flexibility to complete your coursework. Since the lessons can be delivered on mobile devices and web browsers, it can conveniently be accessed anytime and anywhere.

How to Choose a Freelance Online Course

There are countless options for a freelance online course. Since many are not free, it is essential to pick the right one for you. We’ve compiled some tips in choosing the ideal freelance online course.

Research your options

Before taking a freelance online course, you should do thorough research. More people are involved in e-learning now more than ever. This trend has made way for a wide variety of choices. While that’s amazing news, it also means you first need to sort through all the clutter. When selecting a course, choose one that is accredited. This quality suggests that educational institutions and employers acknowledge that the course you choose is relevant and follows a high standard.

Identify your missing skills

Freelancing is a highly competitive industry. When you have greater skills, you have a higher chance of being hired.

What are the skills you lack that limit you from achieving the career and financial reward of your dreams? By assessing your skills, you will know exactly what freelance online course to take.

Choose technologically advanced platforms

There are many businesses that offer a wide range of courses for freelancers, but not all will help you grow as a professional. Most courses are taken as recorded sessions. Considering this, those with industry-relevant content and advanced platforms will aid you to interact with your instructors and peers more.

As you are researching the ideal track for your career, also examine the resources that service providers offer. Technologically advanced platforms that offer an interactive learning experience will help you more.

Research related institutions for credibility

Many online learning avenues have an affiliation with local and international universities and institutes for certification. Adding a trusted institution to your resume will grant you an edge over your competition. This accomplishment can positively impact your career.

Assess cost suitability, flexibility, and duration

All good courses come with a fee and a duration. Calculate how you can manage your current projects and the freelance online course together. How many hours per day do you have to dedicate to the course to ensure that you gain an enriching experience?

When picking a freelance online course, also assess its financial implications. If a particular online course instructor is forcing you to take a course you cannot afford, consider it a red flag.

Examine content

No matter how good the reviews of the course are, you should always read the course outline. Let’s say a friend recommended a course by a reputable institution. This fact does not automatically mean it’s the best fit for you.

Assess the course structure, which includes the units and the module, as well as the course material. See if it’s dynamic, logical, and, most of all, easy to understand. The last thing you want is to get excited to take a course only to find out it only features countless pages of unbroken text.

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Open communication lines

When it comes to choosing a freelance online course, you also have to take into consideration the communication between you, your trainer, and other students. While there is no college library or classroom, you can still get an interactive network of support. An open line of communication will allow you to reach out and network with your peers. Ideally, you want to choose a freelance online course that offers active discussion forums, as well as a very responsive instructor that gives you support and feedback.

11 Freelance Online Course Topics for You

It’s impossible to sort through all topics available for all freelance online courses on the internet. Here are some of the most popular subjects that will help you become a better freelancer.

E-mail marketing

If you want to learn a valuable modern-day marketing skill, take a freelance online course in e-mail marketing. Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, or a social media wiz, this course will let you understand email marketing terms, effective practices, and strategies. All of these will aid you to raise your ROI from e-mail marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that it is estimated that for every $1 spent on e-mail marketing,  $42 in profit results.

If you’re still a beginner, look for a course that offers a good explanation of meeting your email marketing goals, creating a strategy customized to your business, and the types of emails you can use.


Writers are some of the most in-demand freelancers in the world. You may be thinking, can good writing be learned? While many people learn how to write even without taking a freelance online course, this will give you added knowledge to develop a structure that can benefit you in your freelance writing journey.

Writing classes grants you the opportunity to practice this skill for a set period. When you block off time in your schedule for a writing-related class, you can eventually make your skills better. Soon, you can start working for a blog or magazine.

Time management

You may be familiar with the adage “time is money.” When you look at a grocery bill, your brain may even automatically compare it to the number of hours you worked to afford the stuff you purchase. Time is essential for freelancers, and wasting working hours means throwing money right out the window.

If you have a lot of projects on your hands, this course will be beneficial to you. Time management classes teach you more than making a good schedule. It puts heavy weight on the importance of drawing boundaries and being responsible for your time.

Social media marketing

As more people get phones, millions of businesses are shifting into the digital world. An average person spends two hours and twenty-four minutes on social media every day. Most companies need someone with social media expertise to harness this power.

Traditional marketing knowledge is not enough. You should translate your skills to social media since it’s the best way to reach and connect with potential customers.

Financial management

If you’ve been a freelancer for years, you deserve a pat on the back. But since you’re making money on your terms, it can be challenging to manage your finances. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an accounting expert to do it.

A freelance online course on financial management or choosing the right CPA course will let you in on the tips you need to set-up a business and personal budget, setting rates, and demanding payments.


Knowledge in coding can open a lot of doors. Chances are, you’re not the only person who gets confused when you see computer languages. While this highly technical activity may be intimidating, a good freelance online course will make this topic easier to digest. When you finally become a freelance programmer, you can work as a program or web developer, game or software designer, and lend your skills to research and science companies.

Retirement planning

When you are a freelancer, you get to work on creative projects you like and earn decent money, even if you spend all day in your sweatpants. But with this amazing lifestyle also comes handling your own benefits, which include saving for your retirement.

People who work a 9-to-5 job can simply check a box to handle this complicated process. However, freelancers are in charge of setting it up themselves. A course on this will introduce options for saving, how often your contribution should be, and how to reach your goals.

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Your alarm-clock free life as a freelancer is amazing, except for one aspect – taxes. Freelancers still have to pay their financial obligations, and if you are new to the game, you may end up owing back taxes.

While you could always consult with a tax professional, you should still educate yourself about this matter through a freelance online course. This way, you can understand the tax law yourself, and be more responsible.


In today’s digital age, there’s written content everywhere. Because of this, the need for copywriters is increasing. However, this job takes more than making a copy shine or perfecting a sentence through proper grammar and spelling.

A freelance online course on copywriting will allow you to help yourself and other entrepreneurs grab the attention of customers. Since written words are always used to gain the trust of people, you can also use the skill you’ve learned in this class to increase sales and build better relationships.

Content marketing

When you picture content marketing, you may think of social media, blogs, and landing pages. However, this concept has been around long before the internet. A freelance online course that centers on this topic will make you understand that marketing is all about successful storytelling. When you know long-term strategies to give the audience high-quality content, you can affect their purchase decision and increase their brand loyalty.

SEO training

Search results can make or break your business. If you’re a beginner, SEO can be very daunting. To make matters worse, there is a lot of outdated information on this topic on the internet. When you take an updated SEO course, you will find out how to tackle website optimization better. More companies are fighting to be on the first page of search results, so these skills are truly invaluable.

Graphic design

Graphic designers get paid for expressing their creativity. If you have a good eye for detail, taking a course on this topic will allow you to bring your ideas to life. Soon, all projects you will work for, may it be flyers or major advertising campaigns, will help point people in the right direction.

Ready to Improve Your Freelance Career?

Freelance jobs are a godsend – you earn money, control your work volume, and enjoy flexible hours. If you are starting on this journey or want to constantly challenge yourself to become better, taking a freelance online course could be the best decision you will ever make.