Podcasts are an awesome way to connect, inform, and entertain people. And no matter what your interests are, there is sure to be a freelance podcast that is perfect for you. If you are thinking of starting your own podcast, you need to check out at least one freelance podcast for ideas and inspiration.

A freelancer is someone who controls their career path. And a podcast is the use of audio to deliver a message to an audience. So combining these terms, a freelance podcast is the sharing of information using audio to a specific audience by someone who is not representing any external interest.

With more people following freelancing as a long-term career path, you need all the advice you can get. Subscribing to a freelance podcast is one of the best decisions you will ever make. It’s like having a world-renowned business coach offering you free lessons on how to increase your productivity and handle the business side of your work. And the best part is that you can listen to it in the comfort of your own home.

One-third of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month. And now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. But with thousands of podcasts on the internet today, it’s hard to choose which one to listen to. We’ve done the hard work for you and selected the top freelance podcast titles you should check out.

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This post has been updated in August 2021.

Why Listen to Podcasts?

Would you really want to spend your free time listening to a freelance podcast rather than chilling in bed and watching Netflix? It turns out, listening to podcasts is a better idea. There are tons of reasons why you should pick up this habit. Before we let you know our top freelance podcast picks, here’s are some reasons to encourage you to listen to podcasts.

Listening is the same as reading

Many book lovers think that listening to someone reading a book is similar to cheating. They believe that this experience lacks some of the benefits of actually reading a book with your own eyes.

However, there is no difference in reading and listening comprehension. So it’s not cheating.  You’re simply adding more information to your brain through a different medium. So next time you feel guilty or are confronted with reading purists, enjoy the fact that you are getting every bit the experience of reading by listening to the story unfold.

It stirs your imagination

When you listen to a podcast, your imagination gets piqued. Listeners have been found to have more vivid imaginations and higher emotional involvement in podcasts. When you listen, your mental imagery is stimulated, especially when the subject is a story. Therefore, you will develop a stronger imagination.

Great way to learn

The beauty of podcasts is that it has no specific format. You can find tons of options that vary in topics and lengths. So you are bound to find a freelance podcast that fits your interest and preferences perfectly.

In the freelancing world, there are many interesting topics for you. And thankfully, it takes little effort to find podcasters who discuss the information you want to hear. Because of this, it will be easier for you to develop important skills and knowledge by listening to freelance podcasts.

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It teaches you to be a better listener

Do you often zone out when you’re talking to someone? Good news awaits you. Listening is actually a skill you can practice.

When you listen to podcasts, you have to devote your attention to listening to other people talk. Once you pick up how to do this the right way, you will develop a better appreciation for active listening. It’s a great way to keep your mind from wandering off during important conversations.

You can multitask

One of the major reasons why millions of people are captivated by podcasts is because it is possible to experience them as you multitask. Visual mediums lack this benefit. You can turn on your favorite podcast as you work out or wait for your professor, boss, or friend. There are thousands of different places and ways you can listen to podcasts without being distracted from important tasks you need to finish.

A brilliant way to get inspired

Sometimes, working as a freelancer drains your motivation. If you want to reawaken your interest in something you used to love, listen to podcasts. Through this, you can gain new ideas and expand your viewpoint. Podcasts can also help you figure out what you are truly passionate about.

Podcasts are also an awesome way to escape from the hustle of your daily grind. If you need a 15-minute break, you can put on a freelance podcast solely for its entertainment value.

12 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Get your phone ready to subscribe to the best freelance podcast you can enjoy online.

Freelance Podcast #1- The Six-Figure Freelancer Audio Course

This freelance podcast is a must-listen for every freelancer. It will allow you to learn from the top professionals in the industry on how to be successful. The best thing is that this podcast speaks to freelancers of all levels. So if you are a newbie looking for the right strategies, framework, and contracts to pave the way for your growth, look no further. Or if you are a freelancer who wants to figure out how to find and pitch to bigger clients, check this podcast out. Each of the 12 episodes feature different coaches. With over 50 strategies covered, don’t miss out on this amazing free podcast.

Freelance Podcast #2- The Businessology Show

Hosted by coach and certified public accountant Jason Blumer, The Businessology Show is the ideal podcast for freelancers who want to educate themselves about the “business of design and the design of business.” This freelance podcast is very helpful for individuals who want to focus on pricing, sales, and marketing, or client onboarding. It is a fantastic choice for beginners and those who simply want to brush up on their freelance skills.

Freelance Podcast #3- Clients from Hell

This podcast is just as interesting as its title. It is the perfect freelance podcast to listen to if you want to laugh or get inspiration as you hear horror stories about clients. Despite focusing on the same umbrella topic, Client from Hell gives you a unique perspective in each episode. With a new release every two weeks, you’ll definitely have something to look forward to twice a month, especially if you think you’re being undervalued in the real world.

Aside from being humorous, it is also full of lessons that apply to every freelancer’s life. Some of the most interesting episodes you should not miss are Alison Knott’s discussion on finding the ideal client, Annabelle King’s tricks of the trade for pitching, and Ami Sanyal’s tips for value-based pricing and getting clients on board.

Freelance Podcast #4- Freelancer’s Show

The Freelancer’s Show is one of Devchat.tv network’s podcasts. This freelance podcast is aimed towards developers. However, even those who do not work in the field can still enjoy this podcast since it also includes crossover topics, including pricing discussions, and picking your niche for your business. Each episode is up to an hour-long, so it’s a great podcast to play on your morning commute.

Freelance Podcast #5- Let’s Make Mistakes

If you are in the field of web design and development, you should add Let’s Make Mistakes to your playlist. It explores various topics that anyone working in the creative field can relate to. Hosted by Jessie Char and Mike Monteiro, this freelance podcast stands out not only because it is funny, but also because it is brutally honest.

It’s so entertaining it can even be your unofficial guide to your career. This podcast asks you biting questions you’re too afraid to ask yourself, such as “do you really need a college education?” or “what it’s like to lead an organization of freelancers?” You’ll definitely learn a lot.

Freelance Podcast #6- The Freelance Podcast

Not all freelancers work flexible hours. There are also people that have a 9-to-5 job, yet still hustle hard in their freelance work. This podcast helps these individuals by letting them know the key steps to launch this part-time side gig into a full-time job. The Freelance Podcast offers listeners a wide array of tips they shouldn’t miss.

Hosted by RJ McCollam, he started the Freelance Podcast because he found that there was very little advice suitable for his move into freelancing. His friendly approach to topics, such as how to create a portfolio and how to establish a routine, will surely educate any listener.

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Freelance Podcast #7- The Solopreneur Hour

This freelance podcast, which also goes by “Proudly Unemployable,” is hosted by Michael O’Neal. The host usually interviews people who decided to take charge of their life and how they made it work. This podcast is excellent for people who want to be a freelancer long-term. With hundreds of available episodes that range from twenty minutes to more than an hour, you’ll surely enjoy exploring this podcast.

Freelance Podcast #8- The Accidental Creative

Hosted by Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative podcast offers a unique glimpse of how to leverage your talents. This freelance podcast focuses on creatives who have mastered various skills and want to maximize their potential in the industry. Henry’s authentic and realistic approach will surely leave you with lasting questions that you’ll end up thinking about until a new episode comes out.

Freelance Podcast #9- Good Life Project

Freelancing is a tough job, especially for those who do it full time. The Good Life Project centers on how to improve your life by working in a way that perfectly aligns with your dream lifestyle. The podcast helps individuals examine their idea of a good life through discussions with some of the best experts in various fields.

Freelance Podcast #10- Content Marketing Playbook

Content marketers looking for guidance on getting started and how to expand their business would love this podcast. Created by Boston Content, The Content Marketing Playbook will inspire you to become a planner by writing most of your creative and business processes. With this freelance podcast, you’ll be able to answer all your tough questions about how to stand out as a freelancer through meticulous planning.

Freelance Podcast #11- Glambition

There aren’t a lot of podcasts geared towards career women. Glambition is here to solve that. Hosted by Ali Brown, this freelance podcast focuses on strong and driven women who want to rewrite the narrative for entrepreneurial success. This bi-monthly podcast features inspirational discussions with role models across various industries.

Freelance Podcast #12- Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income started out as a blog but has now branched out to different types of media for their audience. Started by one of the most successful affiliates of today, Pat Flynn, freelancers can learn about e-mail and affiliate marketing, blogging, and even podcasting.

The host usually talks about his own experiences in the industry and how he grew his empire. While it may seem too self-focused at times, there’s no doubt you’ll gain important takeaways at the end of each podcast. This weekly freelance podcast lasts between 20 minutes to an hour and is an amazing podcast for those interested in affiliate marketing.

Enjoy These Podcasts

One of the major struggles of freelancers is they can’t simply ask advice from people they meet. Because you do not share the same struggles and successes with people you know, it can be a lonely lifestyle. The many freelance podcast titles mentioned in this article will immensely help you no matter which field you belong to. Whether you want advice with managing finances, booking more jobs, or dealing with clients, you can find something that can help you grow.

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