You may know all about production or filming, but when you have a video editing job to do, it might be out of your wheelhouse. This is when you may want to choose a freelance video editor to help you out with all of the details and leave you with a professional finished product.

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What Can a Freelance Video Editor Help You With?

Most video editors will not only edit work, but they will also shoot it. If you want both done, great – if you only want the editing done, that’s great, too. As Media Bistro says, A video editor uses footage, sound, and graphics to tell a story. In other words, video editors are storytellers whether they use your footage or take it for you.

Editing is where they can really help you, even if you have shot all the footage yourself. When you work closely with an editor, they can be sure your work is compelling to your target audience. They can also make sure it fits the time frame you need while incorporating everything you want.

With a skilled editing eye, a video editor will carefully select pieces from your footage to weave into the final piece you want. They can also use graphics, sound, and special effects to add to the final product. This all enhances the video and can target it straight to your audience.

A freelance video editor will also help you make those important, post-production creative decisions. Or if you want, they can take on that decision making themselves. shares some of the specific things a video editor can do for you:

  • Reorder and fine-tune the content you have provided to make a smooth, polished, final piece
  • Adjust the picture and sound quality
  • Add graphics, animation, special effects, music, sound effects and sound bites
  • Assist in getting the final piece to its appropriate platform
  • Gear the final piece to the appropriate audience

Working With a Freelance Editor

Once you’ve decided on hiring a freelance video editor, you have to make sure you communicate with them what you want. Communication is key. Sure, it’s easy to hand over all of your footage and say put this together, but what kind of product will you end up with? The more you can communicate with your editor, the more your final product will represent your vision.

When you are first working with your editor, it’s important to explain as much as you can about what your vision is and other details. You will want to cover things like:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Length of the final product
  • Medium where it will go
  • The audience it is directed to
  • Any graphics, sound, or special effects you may want (or don’t want)
  • How much or how little freedom the editor will have with the piece
  • Any specific images or footage you definitely want to be included

Communication is key to working with a freelance video editor so you get what you want as your final product. Remember to also discuss revisions. If you aren’t happy with the product, make sure your editor will rework it. But it’s better to address this upfront than wait until there is a problem.

When you work with a freelance video editor, you should both be on the same page. If you are open to suggestions, let them know. But if you have your vision and you want to stick with that, let them know so they don’t take it somewhere you didn’t intend on going. The better you can get issues and information covered upfront, the smoother your process will go.

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The Hiring Process

So how do you find the right video editor for your project? There are a number of ways to find a freelancer. Let’s take a look…

You can always ask around. Word of mouth is huge and asking other people in this field who they’d recommend can get you set up with a great freelance video editor. Make sure you value their recommendation, though. If you are on the same page with the person who recommends, you’ll probably be happy. People also often reach out on social media for recommendations as well.

Of course, you can always do an Internet search. This gives you an opportunity to see projects and testimonials before you contact them. Even if they are great at what they do but their vibe doesn’t match yours, it may not be worth reaching out.

You can also turn to a freelancer site where you can choose a specific freelancer for the specific job you want to be done. These are great options, too, as the background work has already been done. Prices are set and there is less negotiation if that’ s not your thing. It’s also a good way to find someone if you aren’t really established in the video community yet and don’t have a wide networking circle. Our own Bunny Studio offers expert services in this area.

Some of the services Bunny Studio offers with editing are things like color correction, high-quality transitions, and best scene selection. You’ll be matched with a professional, highly skilled team of experts to get your project just right. Bunny Studio also guarantees your satisfaction. By providing specific details, your video will be created keeping your vision intact. Another pro to working with a company like Bunny Studio is you ‘ll know you are getting a professional who is serious about their work. They’ll meet deadlines, put their talent into your project, and you can know that they are at a professional caliber.

Again, no matter who you end up working with, the more details you can provide, and the better you can communicate with your video editor, the better your end result will be. Also, when you go with a freelance editor, make sure you have a contract or some sort of guarantee of what you will get. The more secure you are with them, the better your chances of getting a great finished product.

Qualities of a Skilled Video Editor

No matter what the goal of your video is, a professional in video editing should have a strong skill set. Clearly, proficiency in editing software is important. Many use software like Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Avid, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro. They also should have skills with software that adds graphics, special effects, and sound work. Media production and knowledge of current trends are important skills, too.

Communication skills are a must as they need to be able to hear what you’re saying and see your vision as you do. They also need to convey any time there is a stumbling block and keep you informed along the way.

The gift of storytelling is important when it comes to a freelance video editor. Whether you want them to edit your wedding video or a marketing piece for your company, they need to make this come alive and tell your story. They also need to be adaptable to work with your vision and their talent combined.

A freelance video editor should also have strong attention to detail. In a video, every moment is valuable, and one mistake could cost the integrity of the piece. So attention to detail is imperative to the success of a video.

Some people value experience and background while others are more concerned with what a video editor currently does now. As long as you are comfortable with the work they can do, either is fine. Some freelancers have a completely different degree or no degree at all, and then took their hobby to career level. This is the case with any type of freelancer, and often they just can let their natural talent take them where they want to go. 

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Some Projects a Freelance Video Editor May Do

Freelance video editors may have a long repertoire of different types of videos they work on or they may focus on just one area. Here are some types of things you may find a video editor does. Just remember, there are many more than just these.

Wedding Videos – Many people hire someone to help them edit wedding videos. There are plenty of editors in this field who only do wedding videos and have a special talent here.

Graduation Videos – Often parents will hire someone to put together a graduation video for their college or high school student. It’s a great way of compiling years of memories and putting all of the photos and videos in one place.

Corporate Videos – Corporations often hire video editors to finalize their productions. Whether these videos are from corporate team building weekends, for internal, informative videos, or for marketing purposes, they want them done professionally so they turn to a professional.

Movies and Films – Of course, this is what many of us think of when it comes to video editing. Any length film needs editing, and a freelance video editor can take this project on for you.

The Big Takeaway on Finding a Freelance Video Editor

When someone has a video project, they often turn to a freelance video editor. If you love to shoot film but hate to edit, let someone else do this part for you. You can find a video editor in a number of places, just make sure they are reputable, communicative, and have the skillset you are looking for.

Your video ultimately will tell a story. Whether the video is of your wedding day or for your work, an editor can put on the ultimate touches and add finishing details to the video to tell just the story you want. A good video editor is a good storyteller. Share your vision, express your goals, and work with the video editor. You should end up with a beautiful finished product ready to share.