Whether it’s a book about ghosts that go bump in the night or a biography of a ghost writer, it’s undeniable that writers are part of modern age ingenuity. Undoubtedly, technology has propelled the speed of pen smiths into today’s nimble-fingered keyboarder. What remains, though, is the art of originality and the fabrics of storytelling. But what the dickens would compel an author to hide their name with such talent and gusto? And why do ghost writers exist?

There is more than one writing style to connect with an audience with home-grown business brands or all-time bestsellers. Herewith lies the secrets of ghost writers, both on the accounts of hiring a fantastic one and being one yourself. No matter if you’re an international brand looking for a new angle to tell your brand story or a struggling writer looking to make ends meet, hang tight as we uncover the best way to skin a cat through the words of a ghost writer.

What Does a Ghost Writer Do?

A ghost writer is an author who writes content anonymously as a profession. In other words, it’s a writer who sells tailored content to a buyer, who in turn uses the content without the need to credit the writer for his or her work. It’s pretty much like getting someone to do your homework for you. Only that you actually buy and legally own the copyrights to that content.

Ghost writers are very versatile writers, many of whom are freelancers. Some are capable of covering every genre, from children’s bedtime stories to financial advice. Meanwhile, others specialize in specific industries or niches. But generally, cream-of-the-crop ghost writers are rocket scientists at research and Shakespearean with words. They write an array of content, essentially everything under the sun, including that of the below:

  • Blog articles
  • Copywriting
  • SEO content
  • Opinion pieces
  • Branding materials
  • Books
  • Memoirs & biographies
  • Email campaign
  • Social media posts
  • Website content
  • Newsletters
  • Scriptwriters
  • Product descriptions

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Why Ghost Writers Exist?

Writing about the supernatural aside, there are a million and one reasons why the ghost writer market thrives. Like every other profession, it’s surfaced because of practical supply and demand. This demand has become insatiable over the years as mobile device formats boomed. Such has enabled anyone with a voice and an internet connection the means to reach the masses. The only question now is how to be impactful.

Today, content is king. It’s not just books that educate anymore. Businesses are finding more value-added ways to appeal to their target demographic as consumers become more well-informed. But in order to position themselves as opinion leaders of an industry, brands need to own that content. Digital communication has become the best thing since sliced bread for marketers. The perks of slowing global warming by going paperless aside, ghost writers bestow businesses the subtle means of staying in contact through frequent communication. Since hard-selling became obsolete, more technical strategies such as using keywords to drive website traffic have become influential in reeling in ROIs. Given that not every business owner has the resources to hire full-time content writers, health benefits, and all, freelance ghost writers are, really, the next best thing.

FOR BUSINESSES: Hiring a Ghost Writer

If you’re a business owner or a publisher looking to stay ahead of competitors, you know that the recent years have been a tough run. Going digital has become a necessity with fewer people on the streets and more faces buried in their phones. Looking to make the switch? As an experienced content generator ourselves, we face plenty of FAQs businesses have prior to hiring a ghost writer. Discover how you can rope in a legit ghost writer, a wordsmith who can help you generate revenue.

Why Should I Hire a Ghost Writer?

  • Reduce your marketing costs:

It’s simple math, really. 70% of businesses who outsource do so for cost-reduction reasons. When you hire a freelance ghost writer, you’re cutting down on the need for an office cubicle, an extra headcount, and full-employment benefits. And with the recent pandemic putting many businesses in a financial strain, every tiny bit of resource counts.

  • Supplement the gap in specialized writings skills:

You’re obviously a whiz at what you do in your industry to last this long as a contender. But not everyone has a flair for putting things down impactfully in words while sparking a resonating connection with the audience. So there’s no shame in paying for a bit of help. Good ghost writers are essentially professional writers. Whether it’s an informative blog article or a brand slogan, they are able to express your brand personality down to a T.  Besides, even small businesses, 24% to be specific, use outsourcing solutions to enhance the efficiency of their business. But if you’re not sold, here’s a case study on how speed helped content production outreach for one such organization.

  • Always have fresh content and perspectives on hand:

There has been consensus on the sweet spot when it comes to SEO and staying ahead of competitors. Research shows that posting social media content 2 to 3 times a week yields optimum engagement. As for blogs, studies show that 2 to 4 articles a week bring in the highest performance when it comes to driving traffic and conversion. That said, it’s sometimes tough to come up with exciting content on the same subject repeatedly. You might find yourself going around in circles. Hiring a ghost writer is a great way to get new perspectives from different angles.

How Do I know If a Ghost Writer is Good?

There are many ways to hire a ghost writer, and conglomerates with big budgets tend to go with agencies that can cost a bomb. Then there’s the other end of the scale that gets you freelance ghost writer content for, well, peanuts. But the cost is not the all-determining factor when it comes to quality. At times, especially when you choose to hire off the world-wide-web, it’s hard to know what you’re actually buying yourself. From a poor command of language to leaving you to answer your boss on an urgent deadline, the prospective risks are endless. Here are some sure-fire ways you can identify a good ghost writer from the pack.

  • Ask for recommendations and testimonials.

Because ghost writers usually don’t get their name published, it’s sometimes tough to know if they’re actually telling the truth when they claim credit for a piece of content. Testimonials are one safe way to bet on your investment.

  • Pick agencies or platforms that vet their writers.

If you’re unsure, look for reviews of content-generating platforms. Hiring a high-quality ghost writer from this platform who puts their writers through a written test is one way to go. It’s a competitive industry too, given it only accepts approximately 5% of its applicants. Plus, the platform quality checks all ghost-written deliverables, so you can ensure you’re absolutely getting the best of the best in writers.

  • Request for samples

Even though there might be a risk of claiming false credit, it’s still a good idea to browse some writing samples before hiring your ghost writer. You’ll be able to see through them if his or her style matches up with your brand personality or writing style.


FOR WRITERS:  Becoming an Accomplished Ghost Writer

To give you a picture, 36% of workers in the US are part of the independent workforce, aka the gig economy. It’s no surprise that unemployment has been on the rise since 2020. With as many mouths to feed businesses struggling to find a more affordable solution to reach consumers, freelancing has been on the rise. Should you be one of those seeking to put your writing talents to better use than making it as an influencer, read on!

Why Should I Become One?

You are now your own boss. Consequently, you control your time and your earnings. Of course, there’s as much of an upside to a downside on this. If you’re grappling with that, this case study on the perks of freelancing versus traditional employment might help you decide.

In short, becoming a ghost writer is a nifty way to putting your writing skills and creativity to the test. You can stretch your limits by writing from different perspectives on a million different topics. Many writers toy with the ambition of getting a book published. If you’re one of those aspiring few, know that it’s easier said than done. Getting your name out there can be as tough as auditioning to be the Godfather in The Godfather movie. Even R.L. Stine hires ghost writers for the famous Goosebumps series! We all have to start somewhere, so there’s no harm in trying your hand at ghost writing before making your passion a profession.

What Challenges Will I Face?

The indignation of not getting their names published and writer’s block aside, ghost writers face the same challenges as most professional freelancers. Here are some obstacles budding ghost writers endure:

  • Competing for job opportunities

The number one challenge faced by green ghost writers is the task of vying for attention in a dog-eat-dog world. The competition is stiff, and you might find yourself pitching for jobs more than actually writing content.

  • Unjustified pay rates

It’s a world stage, and competing with writers paid in different currencies can be a harrowing experience. Many budding ghost writers find themselves working for scraps just to win a project even though they have the potential and qualifications for more.

  • Risk of not getting paid

You never know who you’re working with when you collaborate with someone over the internet. There have been many cases of freelancers encountering clients who have skived off paying their bills.

  • Unstable Income

Tonight’s dinner is a fancy plate of lobster, next month, perhaps microwave pizza? Even though your earnings depend on your resolve, discipline, and investments, it’s not always smooth sailing.

  • Dealing with payment and invoicing

Many freelance ghost writers find themselves delving into more paperwork than they can manage. From email communication to billing, it’s never just about writing.

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Where Do I Find Project Opportunities?

Now that we’ve covered all the cons transparently, let’s talk about solutions. If you still think you have what it takes to be a ghost writer, there are ways to make it in that free world. Riding on the back of a local content-generating agency or getting recruited as a resident writer for an internationally reputable platform are some ways. Joining ghost writer job recruiting platforms such as this one can iron out most of the above adversities. The site takes care of billing, offers justifiable rates, and ping you on job opportunities tailored to your skillset. And it’s not just English. Bunny Studio works with professional ghost writers around the globe to offer ghost writing services in more than 250 languages and dialects.

Of course, like everything in life, there’s always a catch. The risks of employing off the net are always a two-way street. And since the platform only hires proficiently experienced writers with a promise of a money-back guarantee, it requires all its ghost writers to submit a written test before recruiting them. But if you’re prepared for the challenge, you’ll know that you’re ranked among the top 5% of successful applicants if you make the cut. That certainly does plenty for one’s esteem. Not convinced? You can always hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Look up on some of the platform’s ghost writers’ case studies to learn more about their experiences.

Don’t Let Your Ghost Writer Experience Haunt You

When it comes to hiring or becoming a ghost writer, don’t let writer’s block get you down. Ghost writer services can make the word world a more evocative place. And with screen time not seeing any decrease, content is always in demand. You just need to look in the right places, and you might just find the idyllic bridge that connects your world with your readers through the vivid words of another.