As more search elements on Google get automated, you will need to integrate voice search in your digital marketing strategy. This is a game-changer because you are now writing for machines and artificial intelligence platforms instead of people. Well, you will still be using the same words, only that you need to shift your thinking a bit to understand how machines communicate. In comes the Google voice scripts.

Audio results are growing in popularity to match the audio searches that are expanding by the day. If you are thinking twice about the idea or are not ready to give the project the attention it requires, you should remember that 27% of internet searches are now voice-based. The same research indicates a growth of 20% from 2018 to 2019, signaling increased demand.

Google apps are also competing with other platforms for traffic and voice attention. With more than 118 million Americans expected to use Google voice searches, your business would better be ready.

How Make A Perfect Google Script?

The script is the main ingredient for success with online searches. Whether people find your brand or not will depend on how you have structured the script for your voice result. For a result or store to trend, here are the elements that should go into the script

google voice scripts for home use

  • Know What Your Audience Is Looking For

What are you selling and how is your target audience searching for it online? The audience and the product on offer are the two main pillars of any script. They are two sides of the same coin because the audience determines the script while at the same time the script is designed with the audience in mind.

Knowledge of the audience means defining their demographics. Are you targeting male or female listeners? Are you dealing with teenagers, young adults, family heads, seniors, students, administrators, sports enthusiasts, or who is your target? Such knowledge helps you to determine the best words, language, images, and tone, among other features to appear on your ultimate production.

Each age group or demographic has unique internet usage as well as search mannerisms. Older people, for example, want a specific description while younger people want comparison and hyped descriptions. Make such considerations on your script so that the target audience can relate to your words.

Knowledge of the audience also comes with knowledge of the product. For instance, suits made for seniors are different from what teenagers would prefer. As a scriptwriter, you must understand how to describe the same product to a teenager and the words that seniors would prefer. Each wants a different tone, tempo, and overall description. Choose what works best for your audience and the product or service you are selling.

  • Write For A Particular Voice Over Artist

The voice-over artist will be a vessel through which you pass the message. While you can choose between thousands of voice over artists, only one character best fits the role. The character is determined by the product on offer and the target audience.

To help you understand the connection better, think of how adult men, women, and children describe items. An ice cream, for example, for a kid is excitement and a lot of fun. When an adult is describing the same ice cream, it is relaxation after a hot and tiring day. This excitement has to be captured in the words on your script.

While the scriptwriter does not choose the voice-over artist, it helps to know whether you are dealing with a male, female, child, young adult, an impression of a senior, or such variations. It gives you an idea of the words to use, the tempo to assign the script, and the overall tone of your Google scripts. Listeners will feel the disconnect or the generic element when a script does not recognize the voice-over artist.

  • Incorporate The Right Keywords

Keywords are for the search engines as well as the target audience listening to your audio. Keywords describe the content in an audio file, especially the title that will be tagged. Search engines will pick the keywords and rank your content higher, helping to boost visibility online.

Keywords are also attention-capturing hooks. What words would the target audience be looking for in a script or audio file? For instance, a first-time car buyer would be looking for price, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance. When selling tickets for a match, the sports fan wants to hear about who is playing, time for the game, and chances of winning, among other tag phrases. Use them strategically within your script to make it captivating for listeners.

  • Keep It Short

How long is a Google script? The average length is 90 to 120 seconds. The perfect length can only be achieved using your script. Review the amount of information to go into a single script. It is always advisable to stick to a single topic for each audio file.

If you are writing a one minute script, keep it 150 words or less. Remember the pace and possibility of demonstrations will determine the tempo of narration. Only include relevant information in the script. You might have to start with a wordy script after which you trim down the words until they fit within the duration provided. The script will either make your file too shallow to be valuable or too detailed to the extent of confusing listeners.

  • Sound Professional

What type of voice does your audience expect from your brand? Are you a serious brand like a bank or health institution that requires calm and solid presentations? Write a script that reflects your professional standing and meets the expectation of viewers.

As a scriptwriter, you must understand the brand and products you are promoting using the script. In some cases, the professionalism of a brand is a playful image. In other cases, you need a serious corporate voice. Include such voices and perceptions into the script. The resulting video or audio will perfectly resonate with the target audience because it represents what they expect from the brand.

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  • Test Your Script

Read through the script to test whether it captures the ideas you would have desired. A read-through is enough as you listen to the words and tone. Review any areas you think require attention. Once satisfied with the script, you can take it to the next level for production.

The best Google scripts capture the tone of a brand, speak directly to the target audience, and include words that make the content visible to search engines. Hire an expert scriptwriter and professional voice over artist to execute the script so that it lives up to your expectations. With a good script, you will easily achieve your promotional or marketing targets.