What’s in a name? Well, if you are into graphic design and want to establish an agency, you should know that acronyms make up around 73% of the best and most recognizable global brands. If you are looking at full words, the iconic brands have one word and a maximum of two. We usually use the third word to represent the type of business like hotel, the technology company, university, etc. It goes beyond the words to cover the number of characters, placing a cap at 15 for reasons we will discuss later.  Thus, it is good to emphasize choosing the best graphic design agency names.

That is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the choice of graphic design agency names. Remember that a name may sound enticing to you but could be meaningless to your market. The fact that an agency name is also part of branding your business will remind you to look beyond the names and slogans you love.

The Value of Outstanding Company Names

To give the choice of an agency name, some perspective, look around you. A fridge is not just a box that cools things. You will remember it by the brand name.

When referring to cars, their brands are at the top of each mention. It also applies to service providers. For instance, an accountant may ask, ’have you written a check to Digits?’ Such is the value that people place on names.

Is naming any important for your business, or is the choice of a name being hyped? Here is a look at the value of a name for a company and the impact that the choices you make will have on your brand.

A Name Gives your Agency Identity

People recognize partners and associates by their names. If you work in a large organization, mobilization names like scorpions, lions, movers, and such terms associated with characters are expected. In the same way, the name you choose will give you an identity. People begin to associate the words, letters, symbols, and elements in your name with the services you provide. And true to the fact, if a team is referred to as ‘gladiators,’ you can expect that they will be running over everyone else.

Names Elicit Feelings

The masters of evoking feelings through brand and business names are IT entrepreneurs and the hospitality industry. Think about it, what comes to mind when you hear of ‘Comfy Hotel’ or ‘Whiskey River’? The name gets you in the mood immediately.

Brand Recognition

You recognize a business by its name. For example, the tech industry has Apple or Alphabet, while hotels have Hilton and Sheraton. Moreover, there are the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat.

You recognize the brand immediately after the name is mentioned.


Tips on Choosing the Right Graphic Design Agency Names

It is vital to appreciate the fact that a graphic design agency is a business. The rules of choosing a name first applied to your agency as a business. From experts, several factors apply when choosing a business name.

Here are a few of them:

  • Make the Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell

Clients want a name they can mention in passing, write it down without a second thought, and understand when pronounced easily. Therefore, the best business name will resonate easily with the market and be on the lips of all your potential clients in a flash.

Remember, people, struggle to resonate with complicated names. Some even misspelling during the writing of invoices and checks will also lead to inconvenience.

  • Do Not Limit Your Growth

Look at global brands, and nothing will tell you of their home of origin. Boeing can be from anywhere in the world. LG can mean anything. The idea is to choose a name that allows you to trade anywhere without being associated with a particular place or business.  Ultimately, your business will grow and embrace new ventures without losing its identity.

  • A Catchy Name Will Help

Some names capture the imagination of the market. Children and the young generation also find pleasure pronouncing the word. Such is what experts refer to as a catchy name. If you are creating a podcast, listeners easily identify and associate your name with your brand. The brand will smoothly go viral.

  • Let the Name Elicit Positivity

Names have meanings and connotations. It will extend to your product or services. Choose a name that will feel like a fresh breath of air and positivity for the industry. Workers will also take pride in associating with the name.

How to Come Up with Unique Agency Names

The dos and don’ts of business names can feel intimidating. However, the biggest struggle you will face is coming up with the actual term. It is not just about two words or outstanding work.

Here, we will look at the actual process of choosing a name. Let’s continue.

Interestingly enough, no formula will result in penalties if you fail to follow. You may ask, what was the thought process of coming up with a name like Jeep, Coke, or Ford? There is no philosophical approach.

Here are suggestions that will make the process of coming up with a name easier.

  • Use Acronyms- it shortens long sentences and gives you a tag that is both representative and memorable. LG is a merger of Lucky and Goldstar, while CVS represents Customer Value Stores. It makes it easier to pronounce and recognize.
  • Use Your Name- Ford is the best example. Still, the name must be easy to memorize and identify.
  • Abbreviate- one name might be awkward, difficult to mention, or long. An abbreviation like IBM is International Business Machine while HTC is Height Tech Computer.
  • Pick the name of a place on the map- Amazon is a perfect example of such a naming format.

Any name will eventually sell once your products or services meet the expectations of your market. What’s more, people will find a shortcut through your name once they love your business. Sometimes the venture names its self with time. Still, the responsibility to brand remains with the entrepreneur.

graphic design agency names

Legal Requirements for Graphic Design Agency Names

Picking graphic design agency names is a creative process. As such, you will be expected to flow with your creative energy, meaning that there are few limits on what you can name your agency and names you cannot use. The law has also put restrictions on the naming process. Here are some of the legal considerations to take when choosing a name for your agency business.

It Must Not Be Similar To Any Other Brand

Brands and products obtain copyright over the names they use. It means that no other person can trade using that name. Think about it, what would happen if you asked for a Chevrolet and the salesman has no idea whether you mean a cake or vehicle. The name must not be copyright-protected already.

Some Names are Protected

Names that connote social and public amenities may be prohibited. For instance, you have to justify using the name university, hospital, or school. If your services are not related to that business, you cannot use the name.

Be Decent

The rule applies to businesses and products. It also extends to religious and social decency. If a name demeans or humiliates a section of the society like religion or race, the registration and copyrighting will be declined. Besides being a legal requirement, you should be cautious about the perception of your potential clients.

Are You A Local Or A Global Brand?

As a graphics design agency, you will be working for both walk-in clients and small businesses. In the beginning, your target may be the local market. As is the trend with search engines, local optimization is recommended. This trick may work only at the beginning.

As the business grows, you will transform into a freelance designer and cast your net wider. The use of local language and connotation might not work in this case. As a result, you should make an effort to avoid localizing and restricting agency names.

A similar formula applies to religion, gender, social class, and such defining elements. The market reality is that people keep off products that appear exclusive. As such, choose a name that will allow you to scale up your business while serving anyone from all corners of the world.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Graphic Design Agency

Is a graphic design agency any different when choosing a name from other businesses? Well, the answer is a blend of yes and no. Generally speaking, the rules governing other companies when choosing titles will still apply to these agencies. However, the connotation is essential in creating the first impression and showing your area of focus to potential clients.

Remember, names have a way of oiling your pitch and giving a feeling of professionalism.

Favorable Connotative Words

For instance, what comes to mind when you hear the name ‘smart’? It feels like the latest technology. If you use a term like Smart Graphics, potential clients feel like they are getting services with the latest technology.

Use Anchor Words

Any business with the name Attorneys gives a direct impression that it is a law firm. We can find similar words in consultancy, accounting, and real estate industries, among others. It also gives an idea of the services you offer without the client reading through your website or brochure.

At the same time, the name is useful for search engines during online marketing. The word ‘Graphic’ or ‘Design’ will anchor your business in the sector.


I may add catchy and memorable to the uniqueness tag. A lot of companies are offering graphics for audio and video ads. However, what makes you unique to your target customers? Choose a name that is unique yet easy to remember. Such terms pull people towards your brand because it sounds easy as well as enjoyable.

Multi-Language Use

Words have different meanings for each language or community. When choosing a name, consider whether it is possible to operate in another country or language region with the same name eliciting adverse reactions.

The Verdict on Graphic Design Agency Names

It is easy to say that any name can represent your brand. Moreover, there is no shop where you can buy a name for your business. The rules do not capture all the restrictions that guide the choice of a word.

Thus, the secret to choosing the best name for your graphic design agency is to be unique, catchy, memorable, and positive.

Remember to think big about your agency name to avoid being forced to rebrand in the future.