They say health is wealth. But in this day and age, health has become a basic human right. 2020 is a  game-changing year for marketers in the healthcare industry. As the pandemic wrecks havoc, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve quite literally. So get with times and gear up your healthcare commercial script for an audience with a whole new mindset. We’re revisiting the market and sprucing up your healthcare video and audio ads for the pink of health. Hang tight to your PPE as we explore new healthcare industry trends and serve up some inspirational examples for your project.

Healthcare Marketing Statistics in 2020

In the healthcare marketing rat race, anachronism is just a kerflooey strategy. Being adroitly relevant to your audience today requires monitoring of trajectory to keep abreast of the times. Here are some 2020 and beyond statistics to help you hone your agility in healthcare commercial scriptwriting.

  • Videos reap 66% of effective leads.
  • 95% of video marketers intend to maintain or increase production spending in 2020.
  • The pharma and healthcare sector owns 7.1% of all digital marketing spending.
  • 58% of ads have mentioned Coronavirus in its content in 2020.
  • Digital advertising in healthcare is predicted to supersede television ads for the first time in 2021.
  • Healthcare is the only industry that has experienced gains of 21% in 2020.
  • 40% of healthcare ad buyers pick commercial spots that run during the news programs.
  • The US Healthcare and pharma sector is one of the fastest-growing digital ad spenders in the market.
  • 75% of ads and have modified or developed new content during the pandemic.

Sectors in the Healthcare Industry

“Healthcare” is really just a generic term that umbrellas a spectrum of different specialties. All of which targets a different demographic. See if you can identify which specialty your commercial falls under.

Clinical Service Ad Script

Commercial content that comes under this category encompasses facilities that render diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic services. Some of these primary and specialty examples include:

  • Dentistry
  • Mental health
  • Hospitals
  • Medical practitioners
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Rehabilitation centers

As such, clinic commercial campaigns appeal to a diverse demographic of patients. For example, private clinics tend to focus on an upscale demographic, whereas public clinics skew their content on affordability and efficiencies.

Home Health Care Ad Script

Home care facilities have been updating their campaign strategies and taking more calculated risks to stand out in the marketplace. The home health industry encompasses long-term healthcare or support rendered by a professional caregiver within an accommodation. Such include hospice, nursing facilities, retirement facilities, mental institutions, and home health caregiver services.

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Pharmaceutical Ad Script

Pharmaceutical advertising is heavily regulated in many countries. Therefore, it’s essential to check in with local governing agencies concerning your commercial script’s legalities. Currently, D2C drug advertising is only permissible in the US, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Most of these commercials demonstrate how products can help consumers manage symptoms to live a normal everyday life. Categories that fall under this sector include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Symptom alleviation drugs
  • Medicinal cures

Medical Equipment Ad Script

The global medical device market spans approximately $156 billion and is expected to grow to $208 billion by 2023. When it comes to commercial scripts on medical equipment, your target audience can range from doctors to consumers. Hence, it is crucial to understand your demographic before strategizing your content. With that in mind, do remember that behind all your product’s technical specifications, it’s ultimately people who use these devices. By the same coin, content should revolve around the patient’s concerns, such as its affordability, ease of use, and benefits. Examples of home medical equipment include:

  • Artificial limbs
  • Catheters
  • CPAP machines
  • Ventilators
  • Nebulizers
  • Wheelchairs and walkers.

Health Supplement Ad Script

Prevention is the new cure, especially with seasonal influenza gaining the limelight. However, supplements tend to reap only long-term benefits. Therefore the most potent strategies include evidence-based clinical results. Video marketing is especially effective in this aspect as infomercials can get your commercial in front of more eyes. After all, everyone could use a health boost. Health supplement examples include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients

All of which aim to lower the risks of health problems.



Tips for Healthcare Marketers

When it comes to producing healthcare commercials, doing everything in-house is no easy feat. Typically, you will need professional-grade equipment, effective copywriters, and video or audio producers. Here’s when outsourcing becomes a handy solution. With outsourcing, you have the flexibility to go with full-stack or partial. That said, it’s wise to hire well-vetted talents with a track record of testimonials.

New to outsourcing your healthcare commercial? We dish out a couple of tips to tune the accuracy of your project’s outcome.

Outsourcing Healthcare Commercial Script

When hiring a writer, it is important to be as specific as possible. Reliable outsourcing platforms like this one come with tested professionals who can translate your intentions into content that resonates with your audience.  Here are a few guidelines on what your instructions should cover.

Number of words

The number of words for your script should depend on the duration of your commercial. Consequently, wordy scripts sound rushed while having too few words becomes a waste of ad space budget. Thereupon, we recommend the following word counts:

  •  27 to 40 words for a 15-second voice over
  • 55 to 80 words for a 30-second voice over
  • 110-150 words for a one-minute voice over
Language/ dialect

Are you looking for a voice over or dub to localize your healthcare commercial script? You can better tailor to your audience by including specific language or dialect in the region. This enables your writer to apply colloquialism where possible.

Content topic

What is the objective of your commercial script? Do you wish to inform, educate, or promote your product? Provide a clear outline of your content topic so that your writer can deliver your goals.

Style of script

Are you looking for a script that narrates a storyline, directly informs your audience, or role-plays a dialogue?

Number of characters

Should you request a dialogue script, it’s important to provide your writer with the number of character voices involved in the conversation.


Developing a persona for your target audience is useful in helping your writer tailor the healthcare commercial script to a targeted segment.


Are there any important keywords you would like to stress on in your script?

Point of view

Should your script be written from a first perspective (I, my, me), first-person plural perspective (we, us, our), second perspective (you, your), or third perspective (them, they, theirs)?

Helpful links

Do you have any helpful references or resources to help the writer understand more about your target demographic, products, services, or brand?


How serious, succinct, sincere, opinionated, or creative do you want your script to come across? You can easily dictate the tone of your script on this platform by using sliders.


Outsourcing Healthcare Commercial Voice Over

Looking for a professional voice actor? Reliable outsourcing platforms are the quintessential for quick turnaround time, superb recorded sound quality, and customized outcomes. That said, here are some instructions you should include when hiring voice talent.

Voice gender & age

Only by understanding your audience’s demographics can you accurately choose a voice that resonates with them. For example, if you’re doing a commercial on breast cancer screening, going with a male voice actor can be inappropriate. For this reason, it is important to specify the gender and age of your ad’s voice.

Voice style and tone

Are you looking for a calming voice? Or one that portrays vigor? Using an excited and fast-paced voice for a sleep aid product doesn’t quite come across right. Provide as many voice quality adjectives as you can as you run the commercial in your head.

Voice accent

Even the English language can be delivered in a ton of accents. For instance, The Scottish accent and Southern American accent are like chalk and cheese. Therefore, we recommend choosing the right accent for the specific region in which your commercial will be distributed.

Video to sync

If you already have a video made, do provide it to the voice actor so he or she can sync the content with the video’s time frames.



Sample Healthcare Commercial Scripts

Are you in need of some inspiration? Here we provide you with some effective script samples that may just help jolt some ideas for your content strategy.

#1: Health Supplement Script Sample

The Project Description

Client: Bunny Inc

Content Topic: Introducing Bunny Melatonin for better sleep.

Product Description: Bunny melatonin is a supplement that helps individuals with sleep problems to fall asleep faster. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no drugs. Our product has been clinically proven and is doctor recommended for more restful slumber. Please use our tagline: Bunny, refine life.

Audience: Adults experiencing high-stress and sleep problems.

Tone: Creative, concise, sincere, and conversational.

Perspective: First-person.


15-SECONDS Commercial Script

38 words / 1 character

Another restless night of bed tossing?

Time to fix that circadian rhythm with Bunny Melatonin.

Infused with calming herbs,

it’s clinically proven to help you catch up on your “Zzzs” 
for a recharged morning.

Bunny, refine life.


30-SECONDS Commercial Script

64 words / 2 characters

Character #1

“One thousand and thirteen sheep, one thousand and…

What do I report on that work call tomorrow?

Argh… shush brain!”

Character #2

Working from home means less work-life boundaries.

Calm down and fix your circadian rhythm with Bunny Melatonin.

The doctor-recommended sleep aid contains all-natural 
ingredients and zero drugs.

Pssst. Did we mention that they’re sugar-free gummies?

Just the perfect fix for that sweet tooth,

(Whispered with background snoring SFX:) Bunny, refine life.


1-MINUTE Commercial Script

145 words/ 2 characters

Character #1 (Narrated inner thoughts):

Office shirt and aproned bottom.

It’s been a long day.

Between intensive work calls and the kids’ volcano project,

I’m so ready to jump right into bed.

But my brains are still churning like clockwork.

Character #1 (Spoken dialogue):

I’ve spoken to my doctor, 
and he says that sleeping pills like eszopiclone and doxepin 
are addictive.

Really, is a good night’s rest too much to ask for?

Character #2 (Spoken dialogue):

You should try Bunny Melatonin.

Ever since my doctor recommended it to me, 
there’s been no turning back.

He says it’s drug-free and clinically proven to 
induce sounder and more restful sleep.

Plus, it contains all-natural herbs like 
chamomile and valerian root to soothe my nerves.

I just pop a couple of those gummies and I’m in 
sandman’s land within fifteen minutes.

Eight full hours and I’m fully recharged and ready to go again.

Bunny melatonin makes me feel like a super mom.

Bunny, refine life.

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Clinical Service Script Sample

Project Description:

Client: Bunny Hospital

Content Topic: Bunny Hospital Cares

Product Description: Bunny Hospital is founded in 1938 and has evolved with the needs of the time. In this pandemic period, we want to reassure patients we are with them in spirit and health. Please use our tagline: Bunny Hospital, we heal.

Audience: The general population.

Tone: Creative, concise, sincere, heartfelt.

Perspective: First-person plural


15-SECONDS Commercial Script

36 words/ 1 character

We’ve been here since 1938.

And although times have changed,

and healthcare has evolved,

our tradition of compassion and professionalism thrives on.

You are always at the heart of all we do.

Bunny Hospital, we heal.


30-SECONDS Commercial Script

66 words/ 1 character

We’re cheerleaders of our patients.

We’re soldiers of pandemic wars.

We’re healers of body and mind.

We’re trailblazers of medical advancement.

Since 1938, Bunny Hospital has adopted a patient-centric 
approach to medicine.

Whether you’re checking in on your health,

rehabilitating an injury,

or having to stay with us for a while,

we practice healthcare with pronounced C.A.R.E.

Your health is our passion.

Bunny Hospital, we heal.


1-MINUTE Commercial Script

132 words/ 2 characters

Character #1:

I remember so vividly as if it were yesterday.

I was 8 years old when it happened.

It was terrifying

I didn’t know what to do or how to help.

All I heard was my mother screams of agony.

But the moment he walked in,

The room became calm and collected.

I don't know what he did,
but Mom seemed to feel comforted and in less pain.

I felt like the world would be alright again.

Then and there, I vowed to grow into his white superhero coat.

This is why I became a doctor.

Character #2:

Bunny Hospital has been passionately serving patients since 1938.

Amid these trying times,

our patients remain at the heart of all we do.

We are soldiers at the frontline of this pandemic.

With you, we will overcome this pandemic together.

Bunny Hospital, we heal.


All in a Day’s Work

Have we inspired you to craft your own healthcare commercial script in-house?

Video commercial scripts are the go-to because they are easily shared through social media platforms.  Likewise, they can be distributed over a wide range of media. Should these scripts fail to match what you’re looking for, remember that there are professional creative copywriters out there to help!