Your brand logo speaks volumes of your business; if you want a great logo or to redesign the one you have,  you may want to hire a graphic designer for logo.  A professional touch will polish your log and make it shine in any capacity you want to use it.

The Value of a Logo

Your logo is what makes your audience remember and identify with you. It’s that simple image that conveys who you are and ties all of your material together. Whether you are looking to create a logo for your small business, your podcast, or anything else, it’s important to tie all the important business elements together for an effective logo.

You see, tying the logo together with your other material is what makes it work. Let’s think about that podcast logo again. First, your listeners are going to see it on your cover art when they play your podcast. Then they’ll see it on your website if they go browsing. And now that they’ve fallen in love with your podcast, they want some merch. They’ll end up buying a t-shirt or at least a sticker with your logo on it, for all the world to see. That’s why there’s value in making the call to hire a graphic designer for logo design.

Your logo also speaks to your audience to capture their initial interest. If your logo stays in tune with your aesthetic message and can convey your mission through colors and style, you’ll draw your audience in. Hiring a logo designer can help in this area, as they tend to know trends and aesthetics for different purposes and fields.

In a blink of an eye

Because your logo has such an integral value to your business, it’s usually worthwhile to hire a graphic designer for logo design. Sure, you may be able to create one on your own, but remember, it adds value,  you want it to be good. ODA Creative tells us that, In fact, your logo can determine how consumers rate your professionality, reliability, and even your trustworthiness.

ODA Creative also shares that

Did you know that it only takes about 7 seconds for a client or customer to form their first impression of your brand?

That means that within the blink of an eye, you could either gain a new customer or lose one. That also means that it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your presentation isn’t visually appealing.

Are you still wondering why you should hire a graphic designer for your logo design?

What Should Your Logo Convey?

Now you know the importance of a great logo, but really, what should it convey? Your potential customers and clients are looking for something specific, and your logo’s job is to appeal to that.

According to Smashing Magazine, your logo should convey things like:

  • your company’s identity
  • the mission of your company
  • the logo should be immediately recognizable and inspire trust, admiration, loyalty, and an implied superiority

Smashing Magazine also shares this:

Paul Rand, one of the world’s greatest designers states that “a logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign. A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies. A logo is rarely a description of a business. A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it represents is more important than what it looks like. The subject matter of a logo can be almost anything.”

So you see, it’s not that the logo is selling your brand, but it is conveying identification. This leads to loyalty and engagement. So no matter how pretty or artsy your logo may be, it must tie to your brand.

But Why Hire Graphic Designer for Logo?

Why should you hire a graphic designer for your logo, though? Couldn’t you do this yourself? And what makes graphic design special? As this article from our Bunny library tells us, in essence, a graphic designer takes your marketing ideas and brings them to life through visual representation. 

Graphic designers know visuals, and they know communication. They also know the value of good art with business endeavors. Most everything now has a digital presence. Sure, you may have a storefront or meet with your customers in person, but those same customers probably check you out online before choosing to work with you. That seemingly simple logo is going to make a difference. They may see it on your website, your blog, your social media platforms. And it speaks of you.

A graphic designer knows this. They not only know digital trends, but they also are well versed in how things appear in different places. They’ll make sure your logo looks as good on a baseball cap as it does as your Twitter profile pic. Graphic designers have the background, the skills, and the information to create a perfect logo for your world.

Creating a New Logo and Redesign of a Current Logo

Let’s look at both logo creation and logo redesign. You’ll see some needs for both and some similarities in the process.

New Logo Creation

If you are just getting started,  you need a logo. Look to hire a graphic designer for logo creation to get you started. When you find a graphic designer to work with, like one of our amazing Bunny pros, you’ll begin by sharing information. The more you can share with a designer, the better. If they can get a grasp of your mission, product, service, and vision, they can design a better, more fitting logo.

Logo design isn’t just one simple step. Your designer will come up with a concept, then a sketch, then turn it into final form. All the while, you should have input if you want it. Some things to think about are fonts, colors, and aesthetic vibe. Remember, though, your logo may be used in all kinds of mediums so it should look great without color, too.

Logo Redesign

Not everyone needs a logo from scratch. Sometimes a logo just needs an update or redesign. Did you create a logo yourself and want it cleaned up? A graphic designer can do that. Is your logo a bit old and needs to come into the 2020s? A designer can do that, too. You’ve seen some of the big names be redesigned, like Cadbury and BMW, and it just gives a refreshing update. You’ve probably changed your hair in the past decade, right? Sometimes we need a little redesign.

Some companies are really focusing on the current situation and have redesigned their logos to represent social distancing. Audi and McDonald’s have separated their respective rings and arches to symbolize social distancing. A graphic designer could take your current logo and redesign it to represent a current cause or situation. You don’t have to start over. Use what you have, but make it current.

hire graphic designer for logo

Now You’re Ready to Hire Graphic Designer for Logo

Yes, you’ve decided to hand your logo design over to the professionals. Now what? Once you find a graphic designer, you’ll begin to share your details. But first you have to find one.

There are lots of places out there to find a graphic designer. You could head towards a boutique design firm and work with a staff of graphic artists or just one. Sometimes small business owners like to go to a nearby graphic design school and hire an up and coming student for their logo design. You can also look to online freelance sites, like Fiverr or Upwork.

Of course, we’re partial to our Bunny Studio where we have multiple, talented graphic designers to meet your needs. We know it can be tricky to find the right graphic designer, but we make it easy. You should find a designer that has done work in your area before, maybe logos are their specialty. They should be aware of current trends and what some of the successful companies in your field are doing. As mentioned, a good logo should be able to transfer to multiple mediums and sizes, and the graphic designer you choose should have an eye for that.

Working With Your Designer

Different companies and artists have different ways to work and collaborate with your designer. The bottom line is that you should be able to collaborate and have input. You should love your logo upon completion. Make sure that you provide enough details to have a clear message. Share things like:

The more you can convey upfront about your logo and expectations, the better your design will go, as well as the experience itself with the designer.

Hire a Graphic Designer for Your Logo at Bunny Studio

We have fabulous graphic designers who would love to work on your logo design. With a mix of backgrounds, experience, and expertise, we can find just the right designer for your logo design. This should be a fun and exciting process for you; we know that. You should also love what you get wherever your designer is, and at Bunny Studio, we guarantee that you’ll love your logo. Just reach out to us, and let’s see what we can do!

The Big Takeaway of Hire Graphic Designer for Logo

This is super exciting  – you want a logo! Logo design can be fun and exciting,  you’ll get a great logo to convey your mission and message to your target audience. Your logo should speak well of your company and tie all of your marketing together. Your employees should love it, and of course, you should love it, too. It’s not just going on your packaging or emails, but you should be excited to use it everywhere! Think big, and you may just cross paths with a customer wearing your logo across his chest. So look to a graphic designer to design a professional, fabulous logo. We’ve got you covered here!