So you have a new product line idea you’re excited to share with the company. Your team has been working on it, and now, you are ready to launch it. So, you wrote out the details in an email and sent it to everyone. But hardly anyone read it. If this situation sounds familiar, you may wish to use an animated corporate video instead of sending your next email.

An animated corporate video is one of the best internal communication tools used by many companies today. With visuals, you can increase employee engagement and strengthen communication within the team. When you add animation, you can simplify communication and drive productivity.

The question is how to use an animated corporate video effectively. In this article, you will find ways that animated videos reinforce your internal communications. You’ll also learn some valuable tips on how to use an animated communications video effectively as a communication tool.

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Why an Animated Corporate Video Makes Sense

No doubt that you crafted your email well – complete with the most exciting subject line you could think of. But here’s a fact – many employees overlook their email accounts and pay little attention to regular emails. It’s not intentional – they just receive too many emails a day to open each one.

You need more than just a compelling subject line to grab their attention. In that case, a brief, interactive, and humorous animated video included in the email might do the trick. Within a few minutes, you will see that nearly everyone has watched the video you sent.

Just like that – you sent your message clearly and effortlessly. That’s the power of an animated corporate video. It’s all because humans are more visual. They remember almost 50% of what they see and hear. But only 20% of what they hear without seeing it visually.

This fact implies that no matter how many announcements or memos you sent, your employees won’t remember much of them. An animated corporate video can eliminate this risk of having your employees not retain important information.

Compared to merely using texts and pictures, videos are easy to digest, engaging, and memorable, especially if animated. You can share them with your employees in an instant, even across continents. Also, you can customize them to every team or stakeholder.

What are the tell-tale signs your internal communication needs improving? If your employees are complaining and your engagement is low, you need something new. Use animated corporate video – you’ll have more engaging meetings and higher email click-through rates.

Why Animation and Not Ordinary Videos?

Of course, you can use an ordinary live-action video. However, animation offers many advantages. An animated corporate video is a must for your internal communication, from keeping employees’ attention to being cost-effective.

Animated corporate video for freelancers

It Keeps Your Employees’ Attention

Most people have very short attention spans. You can’t expect your employees to spend minutes reading a long email when they have work to do. An animated video, however, easily captures and keeps attention.

Animated corporate videos evoke emotions that resonate with the audience, sparking a conversation that compels them to follow the story. Animation is also magical, so your employees will more likely pay attention if you use this technique compared to traditional videos.

It Simplifies Complex Topics

Nothing can bring topics alive the way that animated videos can. Animation allows characters to talk, fly, and do extraordinary things. They make concepts more exciting and easier to digest.

How is the progress of your new product going? You can show it through an animated corporate video. Is the team meeting its goals? Use animated infographics to show their progress. When it comes to simplifying difficult topics, animation does it with ease.

It Brings Back Memories

When we say animation, one of the things that come to mind is cartoons. The nostalgia the viewer feels is a powerful emotion that can fight negative emotions, including depression.

Your employees will feel have this feeling when they see an animated corporate video. It’s a positive emotion that may reduce fatigue and keep them productive. Not only do they remember your message more, but they also become better at work.

It is Fun

There is no doubt that people love entertainment. When you educate or talk business with your team, it is a lot easier to take in when you make it more fun. As you can see with videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms, they get more views and shares when it’s entertaining.

You can leverage this appeal in your internal communications. Animation is the best way you can add entertainment to any video. Your corporate video becomes funnier and more engaging.

Use It for Anything

That’s right – an animated corporate video works fine for any internal communication need. You may use it for all kinds of videos such as:

  • Onboarding videos
  • Training videos
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Live or recorded company meetings
  • Announcement or update videos
  • Troubleshooting videos
  • Infographics

If you have something to share with your team, you can also use animation. It trumps any non-animated method you use to capture the attention of your staff. If you add it to your communication practice, your employee engagement increases tenfold.

It is Cost-Effective

You probably think that it is expensive to use animation. The truth is it is less costly than live videos. Live video production could cost thousands since you will be looking for actors and settings. On the other hand, an animated corporate video takes only a bit of the time spent in live videos.

You can create a perfect animated video in the comfort of your home. All you need are the animation software, voiceover, script, and storyboard. You will need some technical skills, or you can hire a video animation services to take care of the production.

The Animated Video Production Process

The animated corporate video production isn’t as difficult as you might think. First, you need to have a clearly defined process. That will simplify the steps, which starts from writing the script to the actual animation.

If you want, you can hire a video production company to create the videos or have a separate team to handle this. Either way, animators usually create animated videos following this process:

1. Script

What ideas or messages do you want to convey through an animated video? Communicate this with the video production team so that they can prepare a script for the video.

2. Storyboard

Using the script, the team designs how the final video looks like. The storyboard ensures the team can produce the animated video that reflects your goals.

3. Animation Video Style

You need to choose what style of animation you want for the video. Animation comes in different forms, including 2D, 3D, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and stop-motion.

4. Music and Voiceover

When you have the animation style, script, and storyboard, you need to pick the music and voiceover next. The right background will also boost the message you want to convey.

5. Animation

It is the actual animation process where the animators combine the script, storyboard, animation style, music, and voiceover to produce your animated corporate video.

Animated corporate video guide

How to Use Animated Corporate Videos

Don’t have any ideas on how to use an animated corporate video? Below are some of the ways a corporate animated video producer can use animated videos for your company.

1. Introduce a New Policy

A new policy has a significant impact on every employee. Whether it has to do with employee benefits or actual work, you need to communicate this message clearly.  You want your staff to understand how the new policy will affect them and what will happen.

During this time, you also have the opportunity to engage them. Using an animated corporate video allows you to accomplish both of these aims. Animated videos can make the new policy easier to digest, which helps employees to be more receptive to these changes.

Make sure that in the video you produce, your staff will understand why there is a new policy and why you are excited about this. Animated videos will be better received than an email or meeting.

2. Onboard, Train, and Walkthrough New and Old Employees

The time you bring a new employee on your team is crucial. If you want their tenure to be productive, you must onboard and train them properly. But that means you will also be taking time off from actual work. It’s a good thing then that an animated corporate video can take care of this function.

You can use animated onboarding and training videos to guide and educate your new employees. Put new hire training videos in one hub in place of handbooks and meetings. It can be videos on best practices, how-to’s, work culture, and core values.

As animated videos, these topics become easier to understand. Your new employees also learn about your expectations. By following this strategy, you don’t have to allocate a particular time or hire someone to train your new hires.

Animated corporate videos are useful for old employees as well. They are practical tools when introducing new processes or tools to the team. You can eliminate the same disadvantages when training new employees if you use animated walkthrough videos for your seasoned staff.

3. Roll Out a New Product

You need everyone in the team to be on board before rolling out a new product to the public. If your employees don’t understand or believe in your products, how do you think it will succeed? It makes sense that you would want them to know about your product first.

Treat it as a test drive. If you can get the approval of your employees, there is a good chance it will successfully appeal to your customers. On that note, you need the right internal communication tool to introduce the product to the team.

What’s the best way to do this? Animated corporate videos, of course. Take advantage of all the benefits of videos when you roll out a new product by keeping your videos short, fun, and consistent. Make it 90 -120 seconds short with a bit of humor while reinforcing your brands and goals.

4. Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial for a very important reason. When deeply engaged, employees become highly productive. Higher productivity translates to higher sales and, of course, a healthier company. So how can you engage your staff?

There are many ways to do that through incentives such as remote work and flexible time. But if your employees don’t know about these incentives, what’s the point? You need a way to send your message clearly that will strengthen your goals, visions, and culture.

Animated corporate videos do just that. No matter how you use an animated video, it offers the opportunity to engage your employees. You can connect with your people in an informal, accessible, and effortless way.

Should You Use Animated Corporate Video?

A few things can tell you if it’s a good idea to use animated corporate videos for your company. If videos support your goals, you have the budget for it and have a partner firm to create the video, go for it. Save yourself some time and take advantage of how animated videos improve your internal communications. And if you need help, contact the team of experts at Bunny Studio today!