In an interview setting, 80% of the message comes from the voice. That does not mean that a video cannot trend without sound. Surprisingly, one of the best video marketing tactics is to communicate without producing a sound. It helps you to, among other things, break the language barrier. Experts believe that the choice of voice for YouTube video will affect how well you deliver the message.

It must be clear that people visit YouTube exclusively for the videos. From expectations, voice or sound forms a crucial part of the video parcel.

Therefore, the voice comes as a package that enhances the ability of your video to communicate.

Voice should not be understood in the strict sense of a person speaking. In video marketing, voice includes music, sound effects, and an actual narration. Technically speaking, two types of sound can exist at the same time in a video. In other cases, robots can be used to generate the voice.

Whether you are using auto-generated voice, pre-recorded music, or a human narrator, the sound must enhance the effectiveness of your video to communicate or capture a message.

Why a Voice for YouTube Video?

Videos, unlike podcasts, are more visual than audio. As such, a viewer should understand the message even without having to listen to a narration.

However, imagine the horror of watching 9 o’clock news with the TV on ‘mute?’ While you might follow the story, a lot of information will slip away. It even beats the essence of having news anchors.

The same happens when creating video content for your YouTube channel or creating a YouTube commercial.

Here is why you require a voice for YouTube videos.

Let’s begin:

·        Make the Video Engaging

While it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, the sound accompanying video could be worth a million more.

Just imagine playing a video game without any sound or watching a silent commercial. It would be boring while the message will be easily lost.

Viewers engage with your visuals because of the sound. For instance, the sound of a group of people cheering a scene at a football game produces a similar effect as what is found in an actual stadium. No wonder many sporting stadiums are using artificially generated fan sounds while airing live matches.

Further, voice is said to communicate feelings with greater intensity than only viewing images or motion on video. Thus, the accurate application of voice on videos increases viewers’ chances of sharing the content, commenting, liking, and returning to the channel for more.

When your video is engaging, the action and message become memorable.

voice for youtube video

·        Explain Action on the Video

Take a scene where one actor makes a burst of sarcastic laughter. Without a voice, the standard message would be the feeling of joy. However, the audio of the laughter will tell you whether it is sarcastic, pretentious, or genuine.

That is the power of voice.

Voice is significant when explaining action for descriptive videos. If you demonstrate a procedure or describe how to operate a machine, the voice tells what is happening exactly. It also eliminates room for assumptions.

·        Create an Identity

Listen to television stations, podcasts, and radio stations keenly. You will notice a particular tone running through all clips.

It is referred to as signature voice which helps viewers identify the radio or TV without mentioning the frequency or radio brand. The signature voice also applies to YouTube channels.

A signature voice creates loyalty for your brand. People will visit the channel to hear you narrate what anyone else can narrate.

Therefore, the distinct voice brings the video to life in a way that no other voice can.

·        Serve a Particular Linguistic Market

Voice is part of linguistic fencing. If you want to speak to the English nation, you choose the English feel, sound, and nuance.

If you want to understand the linguistic element better, you should watch how comedians mimic different languages.

A voice for YouTube video can sometimes make fun of how Spaniards, for example, pronounce their words. This element is crucial in marketing because it helps the target audience to identify with your messaging.

What to Consider When Choosing a Voice for YouTube Videos

If the sound is so vital for YouTube videos, is there a specific sound that fits each video? How then do you choose the right voice for your video?

Here are factors that determine the perfect voice to use on a YouTube video:

1.     Content of Your Video

A voice on a YouTube video is not ornamental: It forms part of the package used to send a specific message. It is also the content that dictates whether you will have a male or female voice. Remember, content causes you to choose a high-pitch voice-over bass or low tone voice.

Take the example of the voice used in meditation videos and that used in gaming. Meditation videos are calm and reflective, while video games are combative. Thus, the best voice-over artist is one who can believably package the content.

2.     The Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Are your videos targeting children, professionals, gaming lovers, entertainment enthusiasts, or yoga and meditation fans?

Each category has different voice preferences mainly shaped by the environment in which they watch your videos.

For instance, a video targeting children is usually playful. When creating professional videos for doctors, you have to be calm and detail-oriented.

Either way, the voice must fit the character of the target audience.

3.     Gender

Gender consideration when choosing a voice for your YouTube video forms a crucial part of characterization. This is because people create mental images and associate actions with a particular gender.

There are messages that are best carried by men and others by women.

As a video creator, your role is to choose the best gender to carry the message to captivate.

4.     Copyright Issues

Content today is susceptible to copyright. Therefore, you must own the voice that appears on your YouTube videos or have permission to use the voice. Remember, YouTube will bring down any content that violates the copyright.

5.     Quality of Sound

Quality sound is clear, of the right tone, and correct volume. Moreover, Quality sound promotes a YouTube channel and its content because people will want to listen to more hours.

Hence, it would be best to record the voice at a professional studio with minimal interference.

Quality sound acts like an accompaniment that perfectly complements the motion and visual elements of your video.

What to Choose as the Voice of Your Video

Having agreed that voice is vital for your YouTube video, it is time to consider different types of sounds you can use.

As you will notice, each type of voice has advantages and disadvantages. Further, there is a type of video where the sound is crucial.

Here are different voices, their area of usage, and their advantages to your digital marketing campaign.

·        Background Music

The music is not directly related to the content on the screen. It plays in the background as the action happens on a video. This type of voice is suitable where the narration is not necessary, and the viewer can follow the action on the screen without the need for an explanation.

The background music also accompanies narrations. When used alongside the narrator, the volume is significantly low so that the narrator’s words are audible.

Remember, the music must be appropriate- like instrumentals, and should never distract those watching from engaging with the video. You will need a professional editor to find the perfect balance for your music to be aligned with the purpose of your video.

·        Recording Your Voice

Using your voice helps you to build a consistent image and tone for the channel. It is also cheaper because you do not need to pay for the services.

Your voice is one of the most effective ways to give your channel an identity. It is incredibly influential and essential when you want people to know you. It will also work best when making a live presentation. In other cases, your voice and image can team up to boost the profile of your channel.

Still, you have to use quality recording instruments to pass the message.

·        A Voice-Over Artist

Here you have a chance for variety and can hire more people based on the type of content you are pushing on YouTube. For instance, if your content needs to take a female personality, you can hire one to voice the video. Hire a third-party voice artist to appear on your video.

Using a voice-over artist gives your videos variety in taste. You can also tap into existing voice talents like celebrities in the market, helping boost your brand standing.

It is possible to use a combination of voices for your YouTube video to achieve a more significant effect. For instance, a narrator could be talking while music plays in the background. In other cases, a voice-over artist speaks with interludes of sound effects.

Suchncombination of voices makes your video more engaging while also delivering the message better.

voice for youtube video

The Best Voice for YouTube Video

Now that you know about voices, it is time to choose one for your YouTube video.

A professional music producer will help you to identify the best piece for your video. However, you need to know what fits your video based on your goals.

Here is what to consider when choosing a voice for your video:

a)     Engaging

Play video games, and you will understand what engagement means. The sound effects and narration from the voice-over artist make you feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Audio experts say that a voice tells you how to think about a particular video. If the voice is energetic and enthusiastic, you feel engrossed in the action.

When the voice is calm and reflective, you complete the yoga moves, for example. As such, you should use voice to dictate the desired reaction.

b)    Identifiable

Use voice to create a signature feel for your videos. This will happen when you identify a consistent tone to run through your videos. Your viewers and listeners will fall in love with this identity, often returning for more.

c)     Doesn’t Distract Viewers from the Message

Voice is an accompaniment in your video. However, it should never distract the viewer from an action on the screen. It must be synchronized with the action on the screen so that viewers can follow it easily.

Remember, you might distract the viewer when the voice is too loud or includes irrelevant sounds.

Final Word

The best voice for YouTube video will depend on the message and how appropriate the sounds are in delivering the message. As such, you must choose a sound that helps you to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Engage a professional sound and voice producer so that the voice used enhances the quality of your YouTube video.

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