Unfortunately, many businesses haven’t yet discovered the value good photography adds to their product marketing strategies. However, it’s never too late for any company to adopt a new marketing strategy. Working with the right marketing agency ensures that you apply the right styling for your brand. So it is time to try out 360 product photography.

For product marketing photography to work in your favor, you need to ensure that your imagery’s quality is always consistent. Moreover, you want to elaborately tell your brand story in a way that promotes your company’s visual culture.

In today’s age of technology, where most demographics prefer audio and visual content over text, product marketing photography will help you capture your customers’ imagination through visual media whose context they can understand without reading the fine print.

360 product photography plays a prominent role in audience engagement now more than ever before. Look at it this way; every time you’re in public places, you can always spot people glued to their phone screens, going through images, or watching videos on different social platforms. Capturing such individuals’ attention will require a business to use quality visual media in its marketing campaigns effectively.

Let’s find out what you need to do to make the most of product marketing photography.

360 Product Photography is the Key to Establishing a Unique Brand Identity

360 product Photography helps you establish your brand, whether you want it to be conservative and corporate, casual and friendly, or sleek and polished.

It would be best to work with a photography expert who understands how you want your customers to perceive your business. Remember, there’s a lot of photo editing that goes into creating the right mood for your imagery.

To successfully connect with your target demographic, you need to build a personality for your business. Customers have an easier time trusting your brand when they know what it stands for.

Each time you’re refreshing your brand’s image, you need to involve a photography expert. Allocate a flexible budget for the same to get the results you want.

The Downside of Using Stock Images

You might be tempted to turn to stock images because it seems like a cost-effective alternative. Going for ready-to-use pictures rather than hiring a professional to create custom 360-degree photos for you diminishes your brand’s authenticity.

Chances are, many other brands have opted for the images you choose on the stock image resource you’re using. If a loyal customer find’s a brand that’s very similar to yours, they’ll have a hard time distinguishing you from them; you then end up losing many customers this way.

Unfortunately, stock photography is not a viable option because it’s inevitably general and wide scoped. You might not find the images that perfectly describe your brand to your audience. Invest in 360 product photography to capture your marketing campaign’s essence.

Dare to Be Sexy

Instead of opting for generic stock images, why not invest in industrial photography? Using images of your company’s infrastructure, products, ambiance, facilities, and employees gives your target audience a peek into the company’s mechanics. Letting customers in reassures them that your company does everything to provide value. Such photos will help build trust and promote customer conversions.

Capturing your target demographics’ imagination through industrial 360 product photography ensures that they can visually step into your company and feel included. Producing such images with the right lighting, contrast, and composition tends to boost your brand’s authenticity.

360 Product Photography Trends you should look out for in 2021

Technology has significantly revolutionized photography over the years. Every year has brought with it photography trends that one cannot afford to ignore. Today, we’re going to focus on the marketing niche and the inclinations it has in store for 2021.

As a business, you understand how much marketing trends impact your industry. Using 360 product photography in digital marketing has become increasingly prominent to a point where it is a necessity.

As you explore marketing photography trends, the objective should always be to reach your target audience.

While there are so many marketing photography trends today, there are a few that will ensure your presence is felt in the marketplace.

Let’s find out which ones they are!

360-Degree Photography is the next big thing

When 360-degree photography first got introduced to social platforms, many dismissed it as a flash in the pan. A few years down the line, its popularity hasn’t diminished as many expected. Furthermore, many social media users embrace it, and businesses integrate it into their product marketing campaigns.

Since this looks like a long-term trend, businesses should jump on it while it’s still in relative infancy. The beauty of implementing new technologies is that you don’t have to do it alone.

Hire a photography expert who understands the dynamics of 360 product photography to get your money’s worth.

More Businesses are embracing Products Videos

Initially, all a customer needed to see was your products’ photos to ascertain their quality. Today, however, still-images are not enough to capture the attention of your prospective customers.

Customers want informative videos that tell them why your product is unique. Using the same old product images is likely to repel your customers because they’re void of authenticity.

To get the best out of online video advertising, hire a photographer who can create images that differentiate your offerings from rival businesses’. Videos give your customers an easier time seeing your products’ value than still pictures that do little for your advertising campaigns.

360 product photography

DLSR Cameras are evolving

DSLR cameras took the photography world by storm when they got released and have remained popular ever since. They’re still the go-to cameras for many photographers because of how perfectly they capture 360-degree photos.

Besides, every new edition came with a new set of benefits, so in a way, DLSR cameras are gifts that keep giving.

In recent years, however, smartphone manufacturers have been producing camera phones whose photography quality rivals DLSR cameras. So does this mean that DLSR cameras are being phased out?

Like email marketing, DLSR cameras are not dead; they’re just evolving. More people might be embracing camera phones, but businesses will always find value in DLSR cameras. A reduction in popularity does not translate into redundancy because professional photographers still use DLSR cameras for 360 product photography and so much more.

Video is Taking Over

Still-images have worked for businesses for decades, but the tides seem to be shifting to video. Thankfully, you can find exceptional video experts at Bunny Studio to help you with your video marketing campaigns.

Motion pictures do an excellent job of promoting your products and services. Moreover, advancements in technology have allowed for the production of more compact and cohesive videos. Luckily, the right photography expert will use a style that matches your brand image.

The younger generations tend to pay more attention to video than they do still images. Besides, videos are better at customer engagement because of their audio-visual nature.

You can now use voice-overs in your product reviews or promotion videos to encourage more sales. Taking advantage of the video’s increased exposure allows you to reach a wider audience.

360 Product Photography is becoming Mobile-centric

Since internet users prefer to browse with their mobile phones, your marketing photography should be mobile-friendly. The move to mobile has forced businesses to consider how their 360 product photos will appear on smaller screens. Fortunately, a professional photographer will help with photo editing where needed.

Photographers who use camera phones shouldn’t have a problem producing mobile-centric images. If you’re submitting a project that was shot on a DLSR camera, you want a photographer who has mastered video editing.

People are embracing Unedited Images

The quest for authenticity has led internet users to embrace unedited images. More people are shying away from manipulated photos because editing takes away from their originality.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do light edits here and there. Get a professional who will edit your images just enough so they pass off as unedited. You also need to invest in high value 360 product photography services to get pristine photos that don’t require much editing.

Customers want Vivid & Intense Images

As you work on your 360 product photography, avoid including photos for the sake of it. Your marketing images should not only be relevant but vivid and intense as well. Hence, consider implementing motion pictures to capture the viewers’ attention.

Motion pictures are an excellent alternative to videos because they breathe life into your still images. A professional photographer will know how to create the illusion of motion around your photos.

Ensure that all the images you’re using are on-brand and that the color pallet complements and contrasts with your brand image. Even though you don’t want to over-edit your photos, make sure you create images that draw your audience’s attention to your offerings.

Cloud Storage’s Popularity is growing

As more device manufacturers design online-capable products, cloud storage’s popularity keeps grows. Whether your photographer uses a camera phone or a DSLR camera, please encourage them to store the images in the cloud. Cloud storage secures your photos from misplacement or damage.

Aside from security, the cloud also facilitates easy sharing of images between you and your photographer. You can submit your project for editing in seconds.

More Businesses are using Nature Shots for Marketing

As we’ve already mentioned, customers now want vivid and intense images. What better way to achieve this than to use nature shots? Businesses have embraced landscape and nature shots for product promotion, and it’s working in their favor.

While nature shots might be limited to brand guidelines, working with a professional photographer will help you find the right marketing approach. Professionals have what it takes to find the ideal landscape background for your 360 product photography.

It is an intricate process that requires the right eyes, a careful hand, and unlimited creativity. Nature shots for product marketing are something you cannot pull off without the help of an expert.

Businesses are Going Minimalist

Aside from nature shots that give products an intense appearance, businesses are also embracing minimalist designs. If you do it right, minimalism doesn’t have to go against creating vivid and intense images.

You can still achieve colorful designs with a minimalist approach when focusing on design elements’ careful placement. You also need professional help to achieve a high-contrast background that will capture the attention of your customers. You want to make sure that your minimalist design brings your product to focus on.

Wrapping Up on 360 Product Photography

360 product Photography is the magic your online product marketing strategies need to spark curiosity in your target demographics. You want high-quality still and motion pictures you can use to differentiate your offerings from your competitors’. Hence, hiring a professional photographer ensures that you can quickly implement the latest product marketing trends.

Furthermore, always strive to use vivid and intense images that prove you worthy of your customers’ trust. When done right, 360 product photography helps increase your sales and customer conversions.

So, head over to the Bunny Studio website and click away on the help you need.