The growing appetite for video ads is justifiable because viewers consider them to be engaging and memorable.  It explains why online video consumption is rising 100% each year. 64% of those who watch video ads end up buying the product. Moreover, 92% of viewers will share the video with friends and associates. So, the question is, “How to make a video ad that is successful in its campaign?”

With such stats mentioned above, the need to use videos in your advertising strategy is ultimately justifiable. However, you must realize that not all videos get such a red-carpet reception online.

Here are a few reality pointers that will help you to think deeper about your video ad.

33% of video ad viewers will bolt before the ad clocks 30 seconds. 60% will have abandoned the video by the 2nd minute.

Thus, your worry should be how to make a video ad that viewers will watch to the end. Remember, people who love your video are 2X likely to return for more and will share it with their friends.

Let’s make a viral video ad.

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How to Make Video Ads

Truth be told: You can not just wake up one morning, engage a video producer, and hope to create a captivating video ad. Remember, video ad production is an investment by your brand and must turn in a (sizeable) profit. You will also be competing with millions of videos online and on other platforms for the attention of the same viewers. Preparation will make your video production worth the time and resources.

But you might be wondering, ‘There are videos shot on phones with millions of views online!’ The difference is that your ad represents your brand. It is meant to woo customers into buying your products or ordering your services. So a viral is not what you are looking for exactly, especially if your aim isn’t for all demographics. After all, a popular video does not always translate into higher sales.

So now, how to make a video ad?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Research Your Target Audience

Buyers are never interested in the properties or features of a product. The best seller is one who can solve the problems of the target buyer. However, you will not solve the problem if you do not understand the buyer: hence the need for research.

Research helps you to understand the pain-points so that the ad can address them by providing a solution. Engage potential buyers and the target viewers to comprehend both their likes and dislike of existing products. Such knowledge helps one to speak in a language that makes them see a solution in your product.

2. Know the Rules Governing Each Hosting Platform

Video ads can also be placed on multiple platforms. It could be social media, search engines, own website, or such other platforms with sufficient traffic. Each platform has set several rules regarding the kind of video it can host:

  • length of your video
  • language use
  • features like people and places
  • rules of viewer engagement through sharing or commenting
  • copyrights regarding the music or video used
  • among other requirements.

As you plan to launch your video ad, you must know all rules governing each platform and how they will favor your marketing strategy. Yes, you read that right: ALL due to litigation lawsuits.

3. Ask the Host Relevant Questions

Have you done a video ad before? It is time to use the insights gained from the experience to improve your current project. Ask the following questions, and you will improve on the quality of your next video production.

  • How many views did my video get?
  • How many viewers shared the video and where did they share?
  • What were the comments about the story, actors, scenes, language, and overall message?
  • Did viewers point at areas of improvement?

Some platforms tend to provide all these statistics without even asking. They’ve created a statistics page just so that their clientele can check on the progress of their video ads.

How to make a video ad for a website

Importance of Research in How to Make a Video Ad Effective and Efficient in its Campaign

Making a video ad that sells is no walk in the park. Use past experiences, market response, and your online video statistics to aid in creating better video ads. Furthermore, you should use insights from video ad platforms to boost your performance.

Here are goals that should inform your research to enable you to produce a better video ad.

  • Efficient Targeting– research should help you create a profile of the audience you will be targeting in the ad. The profile captures age, gender, location, language, and other preferences that inform video consumption and product buying. Targeting ensures that you only spend money on a group that is interested in buying and, therefore, get better ROI.
  • Influencers to Use– the optics you use on a video determine its appropriateness. People usually pay attention because of the people and props on a video. Therefore, proper research should help you to establish the items, people, and places that will help you to carry the message. What people see and hear will determine the memorability of the video.
  • Advertising platform– where should you place the ad to get the best response? Why is social media better than putting the video advert on your website? Research gives you confidence that the platform you upload an ad is the best and will deliver value for money.

If you invest in conceptualizing a great ad, you have already made a significant step towards achieving your marketing goals.  It is the ideas generated that will enable you to make video ads that resonate with your target market and deliver a sufficient ROI. Don’t forget that excellent excursion is the ultimate determinant in making great ideas into a compelling reality.

It is now time to make the actual ad.

Video ad scripting

A lot of the popular videos online were shot without a script. Others involved a few characters who brainstormed on an idea and headed straight for shooting. However, video ads require a different approach: they are meant to last and carry the image of your brand. The best video ads are scripted professionally.

But why is scripting a video ad essential?

Scripting helps you capturing the elements revealed during research. It also helps you to maximally utilize the first few seconds, vital in seizing the audience’s attention.

Here is a guide on scripting and how to make the script deliver to your expectations.

  • Create A Storyline- the best ad mostly features a story. The story arouses curiosity and keeps the viewer glued to the end. It also helps you to carry the viewer from the point of dilemma to the resolution of the problem. A story is memorable and will keep the message of your ad longer on the mind of a viewer.
  • Engage Viewers- the best video ad script engages the imagination of a viewer. Viewers will remember captivating engagement, and in the process, the message you were trying to pass. Consequently, engaging involves the use of images, scenes, words, and props that elicit curiosity in the mind of a viewer. Engage by asking questions, creating suspense, including puzzles, and including elements that your target audience can identify.
  • Consider The Length- how long will your video last? Since most people will abandon an ad by the 10th second, should you keep it that short? Experts are yet to agree on the length of a video ad. However, your ability to hook viewers to your story will determine the best range. Use previous experience to determine the best measure.

The success of your online video advertising campaign will depend on how well you write the script. Grab the attention of your viewers early and keep them in suspense so that they can stay with you to the end.

Keep the video as short as possible to avoid abandonment before passing the message. The viewer must see your brand from the first second. The ad title and description will optimize interest in your video. Consider sound-off viewers disadvantaged by language, device, or environment.

Recording A Video Ad

With the script at hand, it is time to produce the video. The production phase is as crucial as conceptualization. All your efforts will boil down to production.

Experience and the possession of the right equipment are crucial at this phase. Gather a team that understands video ad production and can transform it into reality. Creativity should remain within accepted brand imaging limits.

Choose characters who will correctly represent your brand. Avoid controversial figures, unless you can ride on the controversy to sell your products. It will help to maintain a consistent image in your characterization. The characters must also capture your ideals and message better than anybody else.

Moreover, the scenes and props used must perfectly suit the ad as well as the brand. Such things form the setting that supports your message and communication. If they fail to capture the image of your brand or the discussion, your ad will fail miserably.

Language is one of the most critical elements of a video ad. Therefore, you should be thinking more about the language you use in a video ad. Remember, one of the advantages of a video ad is that you can still communicate without uttering a word.

Verbal sound will cater to the needs of the ‘sound-off’ audience. The choice of words, language used, intonation, and language manipulation will also affect the effectiveness of your video ad.

New ideas might emerge while you shoot. Accommodate such thoughts as long as they do not veer-off too far from your original script to the point of changing the message.

How to make a video ad for a startup

How to Make a Video Ad that Sells

Conceptualization, scripting, and production are the details of making a video ad. Each business or entrepreneur has unique circumstances to deal with when creating an advertisement.

The following points can aid in guiding your steps throughout the process of production:

  • Think Of The Future- a video ad should last at least a year, or even beyond. While you must be trendy, produce a classic ad that will continually market your brand. It will save you money on future advertising in the end!
  • Consider The Brand- the ad must represent the brand by its quality, language, characters, setting, and messaging, among other factors. Do not cut corners or ride on a wave that could spin against your brand. You have come a long way and must protect the future of your brand.
  • Watch Your Competition- consider the efforts made by your competitors because they will eat into your market share. Provide a unique proposition that secures your customers and gets more from your competitors.
  • Make The Ad Unique- deliver a unique and memorable ad. It keeps conversations about your product trending for a while, raising the profile of your products.

In Conclusion

It takes experienced and passionate professionals to make video ads that capture the attention of viewers and translate into sales. Invest in scripting and production with long term marketing goals in mind. If you hook the viewer from the first second, the ad will deliver value for money.

A video ad is an investment in marketing the business. Thus, set aside a reasonable budget to deliver a quality ad. Time the production and release of the final video ad to coincide with appropriate seasons for your target audience.