Brands can get a lot of customers and leads through videos. But with the number of videos online today, you need to step up your game if you want to attract viewer attention. This is where kinetic typography can make a difference.

With hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube, you can use kinetic typography to make your video stand out. This type of presentation is so successful that AdWeek even dubbed it as one of the best storytelling techniques. It’s also very accessible since there is a wide array of kinetic typography software available.

Whether you want to use it for your website landing page, commercials, or social media, there’s no doubt people will get drawn to it.

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What Is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic typography is a type of media that showcases movement. This animation technique is used to make letters and words shrink, move in fast or slow motion, expand, and change in a wide variety of ways. Its effects range from simple and small changes to more elaborate functions.

The recent popularity of this technique exploded when it was used in Zombieland, and is now used by brands all over the world. It’s also very easy to find a reliable kinetic typography generator and kinetic typography tutorials for companies to use. However, there’s truly no match to a seamless output created by a professional.

Kinetic typography is beneficial to its users for many reasons. One of the biggest advantages is that it adds emphasis to information. It is also a very good option for companies with a limited budget.

History of Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the rising star in web design and marketing content today. But this technique has already been around for a long time. It was first used on the big screen. In fact, the first kinetic typography can be traced back to North By Northwest, a 1959 film directed by one of the most creative auteurs of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. A year after, he used it again in his iconic movie Psycho. His use of kinetic typography was inspired by his need to set the mood of the film from the opening credits rather than simply convey information in a traditional way.

From this point on, television and films used kinetic typography in credits and advertisements. In marketing, it was Pepsi’s 2009 ad that catapulted kinetic typography when they launched their new logo. Most recently, it has also been used in a lot of mobile apps.

Kinetic typography for content creation

When to Use Kinetic Typography

Because of its versatility, there are countless ways you can use kinetic typography.


Kinetic typography is dominating the business world, as it is used in endless marketing campaigns. This creative medium presents information in a unique and intriguing way that could be included on a company’s YouTube account or blog.

The information used to create a video can be a complicated jumble of statistics and graphs, but kinetic typography can make it coherent and simple. Whether you are presenting statistics about food, travel, or the environment, the moving texts can go alongside imagery related to your chosen topic.


Educational messages are a prime example of how kinetic typography can engage all types of viewers. The hybrid of video and text presents the best medium to explain data and facts to people. For example, a non-profit organization can use kinetic typography to make people more aware of the amount of plastic in an ocean and encourage them to limit their single-use plastic consumption.

If this information was presented in a traditional way, many people would find it boring. Kinetic typography is an awesome alternative to incorporate relevant information and images to music and help get the message across. Images of people, places, and graphs work together to make the viewers aware of the severity of the plastic problem in the sea.

Music videos

If you love music, you’re probably familiar with videos artists release before they launch the official music video of their song. Kinetic typography is usually the style they use. For example, Taylor Swift’s lyrics video for The Man is a great example of how a simple text movement can be combined with animated graphics to help tell the story about a woman fighting for equality. This technique has emerged as a way for artists to present the lyrics in a powerful yet creative way.

Why Should You Use Kinetic Typography?

Considering the importance of content marketing and information dissemination, kinetic typography will likely become more popular and develop even further. Currently, it is a standard element in many marketing campaigns, and this trend will likely continue.

Great look

One of the most important reasons why kinetic typography videos are so effective is because they bring a much-needed entertainment factor. People are very picky with the videos they watch on the internet, and they’ll skip boring videos in the first few seconds, even if it contains useful information.

The inclusion of kinetic text videos in your marketing strategy can significantly enhance your engagement rate since it makes your content very attractive. The movement of texts, images, great colors, sound, and action will make your audience want to watch the full video. If you hire a professional to make you a kinetic typography video, they’ll surely know how to use this technique to the fullest. Because of this, your audience will watch your content until the end. And in some instances, even re-watch it just to see the great animated texts.

Attracts attention

A video that features kinetic typography contains a lot of aspects that will impress business owners and marketers alike. First of all, video content is amazing for marketing whether your goal is to generate leads, get more sales, or disperse information.

A video containing text does not need an incredible amount of money to produce and publish, unlike traditional videos. However, it is equally effective at generating results. Your viewers are more likely to understand the core idea of your video if you combine moving text, stylish images, and audio to transfer data. If people miss out on the audio, they can quickly read the text in the video.

By adding animated texts at the start of the video together with good music, you can also promote your brand name and attract the attention of people. After that, you can facilitate message and information transfer by adding more cues to improve their level of understanding.

Short yet effective

There are millions of videos online. However, most people do not spend a lot of time watching long videos and would rather engage with shorter content.

We are not saying that you should avoid long videos altogether, but the theme of this section is that there’s no point in stretching the video to include unnecessary information. A kinetic typography video has a reputation for being short and straight to the point.

Considering a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate, a kinetic video will allow you to increase your chance to generate leads and sales. When you use the kinetic typography technique, you can present information in a more effective way and shorter time.

Turn the audience into customers

Do you know that many people watch videos without sound? Around 85 percent of people on Facebook watch videos while on mute. So if you release a talking video, people may not digest its information well. However, the same isn’t true when it comes to a kinetic typography video. Using moving texts can pass a message without the need for sound. When users can read the information, you do not have to worry about whether or not it will work.

Tips You Should Remember for Your Kinetic Typography

Rendering text is one of the most basic knowledge of an animation maker. If you plan on making a kinetic typography video, here are some things you have to keep in mind.

Keep it short

This trick is something you should always follow. No matter how excellent you think your information is shaping up, never go beyond three or four minutes. If you do, your viewer’s mind will simply wander, and all the hours you spent putting together information will simply be wasted. As much as possible, keep it concise. Your audience will appreciate this.

Kinetic typography for freelancers

Export it with high quality

You may think because you don’t have to hire a large production, you can simply get away with a video that’s not of the highest quality. However, never sell yourself short. Why bother spending days making an aesthetically pleasing typography video, or spending hundreds of dollars on it when you would simply upload it with a 320-pixel resolution? That would be a shame.

Use a great soundtrack

One of the biggest mistakes that can decrease the quality of your kinetic typography video is if you use an audio file with a subpar bitrate. Try to assess if there are issues on your audio, such as distortion before you use it. If you hire a voice actor to narrate the text, make sure they say the words clearly. Remember that although kinetic typography is a visual media, it still has an aural element.

Practice the art of pacing

Any good animator knows the importance of pacing. Your kinetic typography video will not be successful if it’s just monotonous. Pay attention to the pacing of the video by sticking some lines or words longer than others, or speeding up or slowing down at some points. How you approach the pacing depends on the audio you selected and what you think feels right.

Just like other visual media, you need to surprise your audience. This important element will help you leave a lasting impression. Your twist could be in the middle or end of the video.

Review for typo errors

This one may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many brands publish a video that’s laden with grammatical and spelling errors. These errors may seem minor to you, but it can be very bothersome for viewers. It’s close to impossible to go back to correct these mistakes, so make sure to triple check before you render it. If you want to be sure, get a professional writer to create the script for you.

The Best Way to Master Kinetic Typography Is to Practice

Kinetic typography is one of the best ways to deliver text information visually. It’s an amazing marketing medium for brands that are looking for a way to effectively spread a message. Whether you wish to tell a story, present statistics, or combine numerous media elements, kinetic typography video can help. If you need help in producing this type of video, do not hesitate to contact Bunny Studio.