Creating video is challenging, but rewarding. People love video these days, so it’s crucial to content and engagement. But do you know how to remove audio from video or other editing techniques? The more video editing techniques you can use, the better your content can be. And never fear, there’s always some guidance for you!

First, let’s talk about digital marketing

We want to spend a few minutes talking about digital marketing, even if you’re wondering how to remove audio from video relates to digital marketing. The thing is, digital marketing is huge. It encompasses any form of online marketing. And that’s your video. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, your blog or vlog, a website, a how-to, the list goes on and on just like Internet users. Digital marketing is what enables you to reach your audience, and one way to do this is through video.

Don’t forget, digital marketing is cost-effective; you can work it on your own social media as well as incorporate influencers who make even more videos to add to your content. You’re not spending big bucks like in the days of Mad Men, instead, you’re using what you have and reaching an audience. Whether it’s simply a fun upload to TikTok or a long piece on your website describing your mission, video is far-reaching, current, engaging, and significant. So if you have a product, a service, a mission, a non-profit, a big business, a small one, any kind of fan base, you probably are going to incorporate video into your content.

So now is when you can think about how to remove audio from video, or maybe even add it or other effects.

Video with audio and other effects

Isn’t video better with audio? Then why should you be removing it? Great question, and here’s your answer. The original audio isn’t always what you want. And that relates to not only the sound quality but also audio content. Think about these examples where it may benefit to remove the original audio…

  • You are filming a piece for your Instagram account for your small bakery. There you are, laying out the sweet treats in perfect order on your gorgeous counter, three-tiered tray and all, and placing the handwritten sign just so. But in the background of this very aesthetic video, you can hear the garbage truck heaving trash around. No good, right? But if you remove the audio and replace it with something else, you’re good to go.
  • You are creating a video for your website. Maybe it’s for your About Us page or another piece of content. Your goal is to replace the original audio of the video with a professional voice-over and background music, with no original sound. Here is when it may benefit you to know how to remove audio from video.
  • You want a stand-out video with sharp special effects and creative sounds, not the original sound. Again, remove the audio to get it ready for the wow sounds.

Each of the scenarios illustrates a scenario when it’s beneficial to remove the original sound from the video. You may also want to remove the sound even if it’s not the original audio. Take a look at that last example – what if you want to use the same video again, but have different effects to set a different mood. It may not always be the original audio that you’re looking to remove.

How to remove audio from video

So you’ve got the video you want, but yikes, you need different audio. Again, whether it’s because the audio is poor quality or you want to replace it with a voice-over, effects, or something else, you need to remove that current audio. It doesn’t really matter why, just how, right?

Quick removal on an iPhone

If you want to send your grandma a video you took with your iPhone, but oops, there’s a couple of words you don’t want her to hear in the audio, it’s pretty simple to remove the audio.

  • Open photos, locate the video and open it if it’s not already opened.
  • Tap “edit”
  • Disable the audio by tapping the yellow speaker icon in the upper left corner.
  • This will not simply silence the audio, it removes it. When you send it to grandma, she won’t hear a thing.
  • You should see a gray speaker now instead of yellow in the corner.
  • Tap “done” and your changes will save.

This will also suffice if you are sending a video to a professional to add voice overs or sound effects. It’s a great skill to know if you have an iPhone.

How to remove audio from video on an android

If you have an android, you probably want to use a tool like Timbre for easy editing. So first things first,

  • Download Timbre and install it
  • Next, open the app, scroll to the video section and choose “Mute”
  • Select the video you want to work on
  • Once it has opened, click on the “Mute” button
  • Click “Save” and you’re all set

how to remove audio from video

Other platforms

Perhaps you are using a platform like Shortcut or VLC to create video. Each of these is going to have a specific way of how to remove audio from video. Most of it entails converting and saving the new file. Often people like to keep a copy of the original with the sound and make another copy to remove the sound. Think of it as editing your photos. You probably usually make a copy of a photo before you start playing around with editing. This way you can always go back to the beginning if you accidentally do something and save that you’re not happy with.

Adding sound

Now that you have a blank audio canvas, what are you going to do? If it’s something like TikTok, it’s easy enough to add your own sound, whether it’s a voice-over, narration, or some effects. However, if it’s a video for professional purposes, you may want to work with a professional for sound editing.

How a pro can help

When you’re adding sound to a video, timing is key. Not only is timing important for the mood, but the sound itself is. Say you have a video of two dogs playing in a field. If you set happy, carefree music, it’s going to appear they are having a good, frolicking time. However, if your music is rougher, louder, and harder, you may be able to create the scenario of a rough dog fight, even if it’s between your two sweet, little, furry friends.

A pro knows not only how to add the audio, but they know what audio to add to deliver what you’re looking for.

Skills of an audio pro

When you think about audio, you may think of voice-over, like narration. You may also think of effects, like music, doors slamming, wind blowing, dogs growling, you name it. What’s awesome is many of the sounds you hear representing these noises aren’t these noises at all. If we only knew what sound effects people got to play with, we’d all want that job.

Anyway, the point is, the pros know what they’re doing. So once you’ve mastered how to remove audio from video, you may want to turn to the pros to add the audio you do want.

Some skills to be qualified in audio engineering and production

We know that a highly skilled pro should have certain desirable skills. So what are some of these? Here’s what we think:

  • Technical skills – these involve things like knowing software and platforms and being proficient in them, as well as sound mixing skills, sound engineering skills, and post-production skills
  • Motivation, creativity, and confidence are all skills a pro should have, too. Along with these, they should know current audio trends, how to set a desired tone and mood for a video, and being able to create the client’s vision.

It’s not a bad idea to work with a pro to get the desired video. Audio is half the product with a video, so it’s important to get it right. Remember, video is essential to digital marketing, and whatever online presence you have, video can boost it.

Finding a pro

If you’re ready to find a pro to help out with your audio and video needs, check us out at Bunny Studio. Whether you work with us or someone else, make sure your pro understands what you want your outcome to be. If you’re looking for a voice-over, what kind of voice do you want? How about music or other effects? The more info you can give upfront the better the pro can meet your expectations and create some awesome audio and video for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and think about things like turnaround time and revisions. This may be a service you’ll turn to again and again, so find someone you love.

Summing up how to remove audio from video

If you are looking to replace the audio in your video, you’ve got to first remove the current audio. Depending on your device and your platform, you can go about this in some different ways. You can always turn to a pro as well. Just as they can add audio, they can remove it, too. If the thought of editing and playing around with sound makes you dizzy, reach out to a pro.

Remember, digital marketing is vital to your online presence. It can tell your story, share product awareness, engage with your audience, and keep your brand alive. It’s not as hard as it may appear, and we are here at Bunny Studio to help you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to hire a video editor, reach out to us, and let’s get started on your project!