Netflix serves more than 190 countries. How does it manage to serve all these countries, yet they do not speak the same language? You guessed it right! Captioning! No wonder closed captioning jobs Netflix are in high demand.

The statistics make captioning appear like magic for Netflix. Interestingly, it is such magic because a video meant for one language can now reach millions across the world. To understand the magic of captioning, look at the following statistics.

Netflix had grown from 20 million subscribers in 2011 to 203 million in 2020. How has captioning contributed to this growth? Well, the streaming service has employed captioning experts from around the world to translate and caption native videos. They add subtitles to the videos, helping viewers follow even without understanding the video’s original language.

Netflix is poised to be the largest captioning client among streaming services to hit its target of half a billion subscribers and more than 400 million viewers by 2025. Luckily, these captioning experts will be working from home, relieving the company of the responsibility of hiring and facilitating. As such, everyone has an opportunity to work for one of the most lucrative and recognizable brands around the world.

To get a piece of the Netflix pie, you need to be ready and know where to find these jobs. Let’s dig deeper and understand how to get these captioning jobs by Netflix.

Basic Requirements for Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix

Captioning involves the addition of subtitles to enhance viewership. It serves both translations as well as accommodating persons with hearing challenges. It means that a caption writer could be writing from English or translating first, then adding the captions in another language.

Thus, it presents more opportunities for caption writers. Here are the basic requirements for caption writing jobs.

1.     Transcription Knowledge

Transcription involves converting audio files into text. For most movies to be uploaded on Netflix, they are available in video format. The first step, therefore, before captioning is to transcribe the audio of the videos and movies.

Transcription requires a writer who can listen keenly and capture all the details accurately. It would be best if you had gadgets like a laptop and quality headphones. Once you master the necessary transcription skills, you are on your way to becoming a captioning expert.

2.     Captioning Tools

Prepare transcription tools. As mentioned above, most of the captioning are done by freelancers. No one will hire an office or provide computers and internet. To compete for the captioning jobs, you must acquire the necessary captioning tools.

Captioning requires a laptop or computer through which you will access the internet. Because it involves transcription, you must invest in high-quality headphones. Captioning is also done using specific software. With a variety of captioning software in the market, identify the best for you.

3.     Decent Typing Speed

You type the captions onto slides as you listen to the movie or video. A decent typing speed reduces the time taken to complete a captioning project. Netflix also wants to meet its videos fast. As such, it sets high typing speeds for freelancers working on its projects. You will need to hit a rate of at least 100wpm to stand a chance to caption for Netflix.

4.     Captioning Experience

Netflix is a top brand. To maintain that top position, it employs experienced hands. The lucrative nature of Netflix Captioning jobs means that they also attract top talent. As such, you have to have mastered the art of captioning to stand any chance of captioning for Netflix.

Why is Netflix interested in experienced caption writers? Well, experience helps the caption writer to work faster, resulting in quick delivery. Experience also means that as a writer, you understand the rules and can deliver the best quality.

5.     College Education

Captioning is not an academic exercise. However, it requires a professional who understands the work environment. College education prepares you for the demanding environment that is captioning. The exposure in college makes you better at captioning.

6.     Membership to a Hiring Platform

Netflix does not hire directly. They use hiring agents or freelance captioning sites. As such, you have to join a freelance captioning site to stand a chance of working for Netflix.

The website could be specific for captioning or a general freelancing website. Most freelance captioning sites require a few personal details before subjecting you to a test. They are easy to enroll in and will give you a perfect shot at the most lucrative captioning jobs.

Where to Get Hired in Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix

Netflix is so giant that they cannot offer a single workstation. As such, they use different platforms to hire captioning experts for their videos.

How do you get information on when and where they are hiring so that you can send your application?

Here are a few tips:

·        Netflix Website

Netflix has a website where all information about its operations is shared. In the Netflix jobs section, you will find details on how to get a captioning job.

Netflix updates the section regularly, especially when hiring direct staff. The jobs here are offered directly or through agents.

·        Freelancing Websites

It is the easiest and most popular way to get Netflix captioning jobs. Netflix uses agents and freelancing websites to outsource most of their captioning work. In other cases, the clients streaming their content through Netflix will use these freelancing spaces to source for the best caption writers.

The competition for Netflix captioning jobs is still too high at freelancing sites. The lucrative nature of these jobs drives this. As such, only caption writers with high ratings and positive reviews will get the jobs.

Register as a caption writer on these freelance sites by providing the personal information required. Look out for Netflix-related jobs or prepare an attractive profile to capture the attention of agents hiring for Netflix.

A useful review from previous clients and experience working for Netflix-related clients will make it easier for you to get the jobs.

·        Freelancing Agency

HR agencies and outsourcing companies hire caption writers on behalf of Netflix. They do not advertise the jobs as Netflix-related. The advert will indicate that they are looking for caption writers. It is only at the end of the project that you realize that the client is Netflix.

Freelancing and outsourcing agents still demand the highest standards. They act as managers for the captioning project, ensuring that it is delivered on time. Most of these platforms require members to register before getting the job.

·        Media Production Companies

Video production companies hire caption writers to work in-house or as freelancers. The aim is to caption the videos before they are released to Netflix. You’ll never know that the video is destined for Netflix until you see it upon release.

Captioning the work environment requires a lot of confidentiality. For instance, Netflix will not trust you to leak videos before released on the central platform. As such, you might have to work using unique software and heightened security.

closed captioning jobs netflix

How Much Should You Expect to Earn in Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix?

Captioning jobs for Netflix are some of the highest-paying gigs you will get online. Consequently, the jobs attract a lot of competition from freelancers who want to have a bite at this lucrative pie. The high number of videos required to sustain Netflix means that there are enough jobs for a large number as well. That said, how much should you expect to earn from captioning Netflix videos?

Well, the answer is not straightforward. Several factors determine how much a caption writer earns when working for Netflix.

They include:

a)     Experience in Captioning

Experienced caption writers earn more by the ease with which they handle the projects. An experienced caption writer is fast and has a track record of delivering quality work.

Remember, Netflix or its affiliates prefer working with experienced caption writers because they deliver quality work. As a result, your experience becomes an advantage when bidding for a captioning job for Netflix.

b)    Captioning Speed

How fast can you listen to the video and caption at the same time? It would help if you were keen to capture the details fast as well as write the captions. Top caption writers handle the software quickly and will deliver faster. Consequently, they earn more.

Caption writers who can work faster are also a priority during hiring. The idea is that the speed will enable the writer to deliver more quickly on the project. Work hard to hit a typing speed of up to 100wpm to increase your earnings.

c)     Direct Hire or Through an Agent

Who hires you to caption the video? Is it Netflix, a freelancing website, or the producers of a film?

Caption writers hired directly by Netflix and production companies earn more. Here is why:

Naturally, an agent or freelancing website must get its cut from the budget. If they were not in the picture, you would have earned the whole amount.

However, if you get the job directly from Netflix, the commission will not be deducted. The same case applies when the producer hires your services.

Nevertheless, only a few caption writers are hired directly. Most of the hiring happens through freelancing websites and agencies.

d)    How Much You Do

Are you willing to commit substantial captioning hours? It is the only way to earn more from the job. Captioning jobs are split into micro-projects. If you have more time to caption, you are at liberty to handle more of these projects, earning a fortune in return.

Additional Skills besides Captioning

Captioning is a complicated exercise that goes beyond writing a few words as a subtitle. There are additional skills that will turn you into the most sort-after caption writer. You will also earn more as a caption writer if you have the following skills.

i.                 Translation

Translation skills help you to handle projects in multiple languages. To reach more people, Netflix is translating and captioning videos in languages other than English. If you can translate and caption simultaneously, you have a lot of work at Netflix.

ii.               Attention to Details

Captioning requires the highest form of accuracy. Do not miss a word or expression when captioning. Employers are looking for caption writers who can achieve the highest level of accuracy.

iii.             Graphic Design

Can you make the captions more captivating? Such skills make captions more interesting for viewers. It results in an engaging watching experience.

Final Word on Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix

Top caption writers for Netflix must have the best IT skills. Know where to get the jobs and sharpen your skills to enhance your delivery. Master the additional skills that will make you better at captioning.

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