In recent years, streaming has become an important way to entertain people. You can stream everything, whether it’s video games, baking, doing your makeup, or just about anything else. But because of the number of streamers today, it has become harder to gain an audience. This is why streamers are looking for ways to increase their following with different techniques like incorporating a twitch intro video or animator banner. Another way to increase your chances of getting views is to know how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time.

When you stream on Facebook and Twitch at the same time, you can combine access to more than 2.6 billion Facebook monthly users and 140 million Twitch monthly users. Not only that, Facebook has a first-class audience insights tool that will enable you to appeal to more people. Lastly, Facebook and Twitch are two platforms that are built around content, with ways to monetize your content on both ends. 

The most popular streamers like Timothy Jon Betar leverage the power of social media platforms to make a fortune through their passion for streaming. Facebook and Twitch are two of the biggest names in streaming. So if you are interested in starting a career in streaming, you should learn how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time.

What Is a Streamer?

Before going to the specifics of streaming, you need to understand what a streamer is. A professional streamer is a person who makes a living off broadcasting music, games, art, and other types of video content. Only a couple of years ago, streaming was only limited to games, but now there has been an influx of streamers that focus on other activities. Although gaming streams are still on top, more streamers have built a loyal community by vlogging.

Why Should You Stream on Twitch and Facebook Simultaneously?

There are many streaming platform combinations you can try, but you can never go wrong with Twitch and Facebook. Both platforms have a large appeal, and they can also allow you to reach niche communities and turn them into loyal followers.

When you use both platforms together, you can connect to your follower base and increase your chance of growing it at the same time. Twitch and Facebook are clever choices because both cover all vital aspects for content creators like you, including networking, promotion, monetization, and growth, which are pretty much what you need to make a living out of what you love doing.

Facebook and Twitch Streaming

Choosing a streaming platform is a very important decision that can either make or break your streaming career. Although Twitch still tops the list of the most popular streaming platform, Facebook’s potential can’t be ignored. In this section, we will discuss the differences between Twitch and Facebook streaming.


When it comes to accessibility, Twitch is undeniably the biggest player in the live streaming industry since it can appear on platforms such as mobile devices, computers, and game consoles. Not only that, but Twitch also offers apps for Nvidia, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

The stream quality

When you become a streamer, you want your viewers to experience the best stream possible. For stream watchers, Twitch is the go-to destination, especially for video game players. It also lets viewers discover PC games or any content they want to watch. Twitch even highlights channels that do not center on gaming, such as Boss Ross painting videos.

On the other hand, Facebook streaming is very reminiscent of the social media platform’s look. However, the notifications and posts all focus on video games. The service will recommend game-related Facebook pages to fill your audience’s feed, and your audience can leverage this to expand their network. Once Facebook has figured out what people want to watch, viewing streams can be done in a snap.

Available tools

If you’re serious about streaming, you probably have external equipment that will capture your videos to make your broadcast look as professional as possible. But for newcomers, this can be quite hard. Thankfully, both Twitch and Facebook have convenient tools that can help newbie streamers start their video quickly. The two platforms also allow the audience to watch at 1080p, with 60 frames per second. It is also very easy to integrate graphics on streams on both platforms.

Required setup

Before you know how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time, you first need to learn its setup.

Twitch has a free studio software that can be used for desktop broadcasting, and Facebook allows streamers to go live through the site. Twitch and Facebook also allow streamers to record and share their mobile device screen from the app.

Options for getting paid

When you are a professional streamer, your priority is to build your brand on many streaming platforms, and knowing how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time will allow you to do just that. You should put your initial effort into both platforms equally to get the best pay.

On Twitch, users can buy Bits, which is a virtual currency that pays partnered streamers money when they drop it into the chat. One hundred bits cost $1.40. Other than that, users can also subscribe to your channel by paying between $4.99 to $24.99. On Twitch, you can control when ads appear in your live stream so you won’t alienate your audience.

Facebook’s streaming platform also uses a virtual currency called stars. Ninety-nine stars cost $1.99. Facebook also pays partner streamers when their audience drops it in the chat. The subscriptions to Facebook gaming cost $5 monthly, and partners can also turn on ads. While the monetization of Facebook Gaming is still limited, it’s gradually improving.

how to stream to twitch and facebook at the same time

How to Stream to Twitch and Facebook at the Same Time

To stream simultaneously, you need programs that will offer you ways to restream to Twitch and Facebook.

If you want to know how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time, you first need to set up accounts on both platforms. Next, you need to get your hands on software or gear with multi-stream capability. There are tons of options for you, such as multi-channel encoders and multistreaming software.

Each option comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, multi-channel encoders are expensive and not user-friendly, but they will give you amazing performance. With software solutions, you can save money, but it’s demanding on your computer hardware.

If you want a quick solution, cloud services may be perfect for you since it has a lower bandwidth requirement, it’s affordable and easy on your computer hardware. With cloud services, you will just stream content on the service you choose, and the service itself would stream it to Twitch and Facebook.

After you’ve chosen software or gear, you can connect your streaming platforms to it. Depending on what your choice is, this could be as simple as logging in to your Facebook or Twitch account or trying to figure out complicated hardware.

Once you’ve done this, you can finally start to stream on Twitch and Facebook. Keep in mind that you are bound to get better results from your multi-channel streams if you understand how to make both streaming platforms work.

Programs You Can Use to Stream on Twitch and Facebook at the Same Time

We’ve rounded up some programs that can help you stream to Facebook and Twitch simultaneously.


One of the best programs to try if you want to know how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time is Restream. This is a service that offers simultaneous streaming to more than 30 websites. Once you have signed up, you can add the channels you want to stream to through a unique key.

To multi-stream free on this program, simply create an account. Just input a unique username and password, as well as your e-mail address. Once you’ve signed up and selected your chosen YouTube and Facebook, you can finally choose a plan that works for you. This program is free, but free accounts do not have storage for recording. Restream’s branding will also show on your stream. The only way you can remove this is to upgrade your subscription. While this may not be viable for small streamers, it is recommended for those who already have a large community.

The third step is to connect your Restream with your Twitch and Facebook channels by clicking on the platform icon. Finally, you can set up your preferences and streaming software. Restream enables you to stream directly from your browser, GoPro, phone, website, or multiple participants in various locations.

Streamlabs Prime

This is a premium version of Streamlabs and has more than 40 apps that can improve your stream quality. It can also help you earn more money through merch. Streamlabs Prime allows you to multi-stream easily from SLOBS, which is one of the best free streaming software in the market. If you’re already a user of Streamlabs OBS, you’ll love this multistreaming platform.


This browser streaming software was started by Streamlabs recently, and it’s perfect for streamers who are looking for a user-friendly browser platform that will enable them to multi-stream quickly. This app is very easy to set up, and it will give you various options to create an improved stream even if you’re just using your browser. However, multi-stream is only available for premium users.

Live Streaming Done Right

Facebook and Twitch are two of the most competent live streaming platforms today. If you know how to stream to Twitch and Facebook at the same time, you can reach more people and keep your viewers entertained. Soon, you can make a sizable income by doing something you love. Contact Bunny Studio for help in getting started.