This is part of a series about how we work at Bunny Studio. We’re a remote company, so we’re based all over the world. We live different lives and come from different cultures, and our ways of working are unique. This is a place where we talk about the challenges of working remotely, as well as share our experiences.

2 years ago, Emmy — our former senior content strategist, had written an article about how Sheyla works remotely (read it here). We asked Shey if she would want to share with us if anything had changed for her in working remotely.

“Working remote is freedom and it’s liberating”

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Name, job title and location?

My name is still Shey and I’ve transitioned from being a Finance Specialist, did some time as Client Onboarding Associate and currently, I am the Sales Analyst. I continue living in Montevideo, Uruguay.

How long have you worked remotely?

For over 8 years, since March 2012 when I started working for Bunny Studio!

What does your workspace look like?

LOL! Exactly the same as back then. It’s still in the hall just outside my bedroom. It continues to be my comfortable, safe space, you know?

What does a typical workday look like for you?

After two years, not much has changed. I work from 9 am to 5/6 pm.

The most important is to stick to your schedule and manage your time. Having Sammy, my son, around makes it essential that I am organizing my work and my non-work time well. In the mornings, whilst Sammy is still at home, I do work that doesn’t require much of my focus. In the afternoons, whilst he’s at daycare, I do my most focused work.

After work, I focus on family time, so I keep my computer closed after 6 pm. It can be hard, sometimes, to keep that separation between work and the rest of my life. With Sammy, that after-work time is even more precious. He is always my first priority.

How does working remotely benefit you?

Oof, in so many ways. Especially now that I have Sammy and having seen him grow-up, I appreciate working remotely even more. I’ve been able to be with him since birth. I get to see my baby grow up, hear his first words, do some artwork with him… it’s such a fantastic benefit. If I worked in an office, I don’t know how we would cope, not being able to be together most of the day, every day.

If you’re a parent, working remotely… it’s so wonderful, I’m telling you. It’s such a privilege.

What challenges do you face when working remotely?

Still the same challenge as two years ago: the internet falling out! With remote work, if you don’t have internet, well, you’re screwed! But luckily I’m having fewer issues than back then.

What would you recommend to newbies in working remotely?

  1. Stick to a schedule. Be strict in being able to unplug. Even on your phone, remove the applications there.
  2. Also, get the f#ck up from your chair. Move around, use the space around you. You can easily lose track of time and sitting down all the time is killing!
  3. I understand that people might feel like they would miss people having around them and start feeling lonely, but I couldn’t imagine EVER working from an office again — too many people, ya know?! Remote work is life. Make use of the tools that you have. Reach out to people and ask to meet! It’s so easy to have a virtual coffee break with your teammates.

Take advantage of the fact that you can work from anywhere to enjoy life! Hang out with your children, travel, whatever. Working remotely brings so much freedom, so savor it.

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