Most consumers read product reviews so they can have better insight into a service or product’s usefulness, quality, effectiveness, and function. By knowing how to write a product review, you can share valuable information from your personal experiences that will greatly contribute to other people’s lives.

A product review is not as simple as a sales message that promotes a product you like. Instead, learning how to write a product review takes practice because you need to point out all the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service. This will help your readers determine whether or not it can be useful to them.

What Is a Product Review?

Before you find out how to write a product review, you first need to know what it is. A product review contains the opinion or feedback of customers for a service or a product. A lot of online businesses have a review section on each product’s web page, and customers can also learn how to write a product review and post it on their blog or social media page.

A product review will enable other customers to get an idea of what a product’s quality is before purchasing it. Thanks to reviews, customers can check out unbiased reviews to clear their minds and decide whether a product is worth their money. This is important because 3 in 4 people avoid advertising.

Importance of Product Reviews

When you buy a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for months, there’s a chance you don’t immediately click the “purchase” button without doing research, especially if it’s expensive. Here are some of the reasons why a product review is vital.

Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust reviews. This is why it can lead to a dramatic rise in sales. When you know how to write a review, you can earn extra money when you become an affiliate. You will also build your authority as a product reviewer. In time, people will trust your opinion. If you’re a brand, reviews can help you gain more website traffic. Here are other perks of product reviews for brands, customers, and reviewers.

how to write a product review

It builds trust

How can a customer know if a product or service will be right for them if they cannot find a review online? Feedback from other customers will enable them to decide what they want to buy. For example, do they need to size up an item of clothing? Will the quality impress them? Should they get this product, or is there a more affordable alternative?

Honest reviews from customers will help shoppers feel more at ease that they are making the right choice since someone has pointed out the bad and good points of the product. There’s nothing bad about negative reviews, either. Most customers find it hard to trust brands that never get any negative feedback.

It gives customers better insight

While customers can simply read the product description, it’s just a sales pitch that does not include personal opinions about the product.

On the other hand, when it comes to knowing how to write a product review, you will learn how to highlight important features other customers want to know about. Hearing from another person’s experience will help other potential customers identify whether or not the product will meet their expectations.

While a brand may want to highlight every single edge of their product, an honest product review will give fair feedback about it. This will help others know what they can expect from the product when it comes to its performance and flaws.

It helps brands improve products

There’s no point wasting hard-earned money purchasing products that have major flaws. However, a brand may not even be aware that their product has flaws if customers don’t tell them. Product reviews will enable brands to identify and resolve whatever issues they have. For instance, if a camera’s battery easily gets drained and a product reviews points this out, other people may not want to buy it. Therefore, the manufacturer will be forced to rectify the issue to increase their sales.

It’s a form of social proof

If a brand always gets positive product reviews, they can turn this into valuable content. It is not uncommon for brands to highlight what people have to say about their services or products. These testimonials make a big impact on the purchasing behavior of other people.

The more reviews a product has, the more people will be convinced that they are making the right decision to purchase it. Reviews can immensely help a store’s online presence as well. Brands can spend hours designing and testing their product, but they may never notice the same things a customer would.

It allows customers to have a voice

People love it when they feel like brands listen to them. Customers that take time to learn how to write a view for a product are more likely to be loyal to a brand and make repeat purchases. Through leaving or posting a review, they will feel like they have a voice since they can give meaningful information to others.

Improve ranking

Reviews will extremely help you rank in your local search even if you have a low-quality link profile. When a review mentions a keyword or a city, it will perform well on Google. When a product has received tons of reviews online, it will encourage more people to write about it as well.

How to Write a Product Review

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when writing a product review.

Find a niche

Before you become a freelance writer and write reviews, you first need to make a list of the topics you are interested in. You can’t simply write a product review of a camera then switch to a surfboard review next week. Do your homework and think of the services and products you have been satisfied with in the past. This will help you find your niche and target audience. When you pick a niche you are already familiar with, your passion will come through in your reviews.

Become an affiliate

There are tons of ways to become part of an affiliate program. You can look up affiliate directories, do a quick Google search, or check the competition of products you like. When you become successful in your journey as an affiliate, you can get a commission for every purchase from your link.

Get to know a product

When you’ve finally picked your niche, and you’ve become part of an affiliate program, the next step to knowing how to write a product review is to research the product well. This will help you give your readers proof that you are a reliable source of information. Make sure to do your research even before you start writing your review. When you have thorough knowledge, you will come off as an expert.

There are many ways to research a product. First, you can read the manufacturer’s website. Then, you can start looking into other brands and researching the benefits and flaws of products.

Get the product

Renting or buying a product is the best way to prepare for a review. While other reviewers may get a product for free, most reviewers who are still starting need to purchase it using their own money. However, you may get discounts by contacting a brand through a phone call or e-mail. Be upfront about what type of reviews you write and the traffic you get.

Use the product

This is the most important step in learning how to write a product review. Getting to know the product will allow you to have firsthand knowledge of its effectiveness and quality. Be careful of faking your reviews since your readers may know about it, and this will destroy their trust. Together with your writing, provide photographs or videos to demonstrate how it is used. This will also increase your credibility.

how to write a product review

Know what to write about

There are tons of reasons why a person may read a product review. The common topics you want to address include the product’s ease of use, its quality, and its pros and cons. If you want to take the extra mile, let your readers know the alternative products available and how it measures up to the product you are reviewing. You may also tell your readers whether or not it’s worth their money.

Write your review

A good review will hook readers from start to finish. Start with a good introduction that says something about the functionality of the product. If you’re reviewing other versions of an old product, focus on differences from previous models.

Describe the product and provide basic information such as the model number, price, measurements, and brand name. As you write your review, be fair in talking about what you loved and didn’t like about it. The most helpful reviews do not just praise products but also highlight their fault. Be clear in explaining how you arrived at your conclusion, especially if you’re discussing flaws.

For the conclusion, summarize all its advantages and disadvantages and evaluate if it lived up to its hype or if it provides great value for money. Lastly, do not forget to check for grammatical errors as well as common punctuation mistakes.

Excited to Write a Product Review?

Now more than ever, customers can take your business to new heights you never thought was possible. Online reviews are truly here to stay, and the more brands encourage their customers to learn how to write a product review, the more they can grab the attention of other people and increase their sales.