If an image is worth a thousand words, then an illustration is worth a million of them. ‘But illustrations appear like doodling that even a toddler can hack?’ you may ask. But what makes the illustration artwork prices so diverse? Let’s find out.

The truth is that illustrations are part of a growing art market worth $67billion in 2019 and growing by the year, technology and the availability of templates notwithstanding.

In short, illustration artwork prices are valid, especially for aspiring artists who want to name freelance artwork illustrators. But before getting lost in pricing, how about understanding what illustration artwork means?

What Is Illustration Artwork?

Illustration artwork is best defined as displayed visualization presented in a drawing, photograph, painting, or any other form of art. The presentation aims to dictate or elucidate sensual information that may be captured in a poem, newspaper article, story, or organizational learning materials, among other areas.

The most common illustration artwork is what is found in children’s books. Cartoons that accompany editorial pieces may also be illustrations. What about motion illustrations? Indeed, that is one of the fastest-growing graphic categories,s and with a little more patience, we will cover it in detail.

Overall, illustration artwork supports words on a document or board and may replace the phrase entirely. Interestingly, illustrations are so unique that there is no pricing model. Still, we can find the price of illustration artworks when weighing several factors.

An example would make it easier to understand the world of illustrations.  You can find graphics in posters, books, magazines, and teaching materials. Moreover, you can find animated images in films, advertisement videos, and video games. Check websites and video games for illustrations. These illustrations make the user of the platform friendly.

Categories of Illustration Artwork Prices

While each client has individual instructions and needs when ordering illustration artwork, they have no idea that representation falls into four major categories defining their characteristics. Note that these characteristics will affect the prices of illustrations inevitably.

They include:

  1. Editorial Illustration Artwork

Do you see regular cartoons or illustrations in your newspaper or magazine? This is what represents the editorial illustration. Your work will be to accompany articles or the editorial message. In some cases, you will have the entire page or column to pass your desired message. Consequently, these illustrations are highly competitive. It amounts to getting a regular column in a magazine. The role requires a person who participates in current affairs for a nation or in a particular industry. Sometimes you get instructions on what to draw or follow the editorial theme’s drift for the publication.

  1. Advertising

This is the artwork you find on product packaging, media, print, and collateral materials, among other sections. This category is considered the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the illustration industry. But why? It is the most competitive category and comes with hefty rewards for the few who get the chance.

  1. Books

Children’s books are the most common consumers of illustration artwork in this category. Your work will be to accompany stories and instructional manuals. These illustrations require a lot of creativity to capture the children or learners’ imagination, who could still be adults.

Moreover, in instructional manuals, the artwork is used to make the message easier to understand. Such projects are intense because they involve multiple illustrations. You must also bring your A-game in terms of consistency because the images usually run several pages. After all, no one wants a character in a story who appears different on each page.

  1. Motion Illustrations

These are illustrations for videos and animation. It is the work of motion graphic artists to animate and develop characters into videos. Thus, you can produce these video illustrations in games, simulations, or adverts, among other video options.

Traditional vs. Digital Illustrator

There is something worth appreciating from the discussion about illustration artwork. From statistics, the market has been shrinking over the years as people move from hand-illustrated creations to digital illustrations.

Let’s now distinguish between these two types of illustrations and determine how this trend affects the prices of illustration artwork.

Traditional Ilustrator

Traditional illustration artwork was and is still being done by hand. Classic illustrations have a high sentimental value, primarily because of the artists involved. There was little room for correction for the artist and, therefore, had to get the illustration right from the beginning.

Again, illustrations were intricate before technology took over because they required top-grade concentration and skill. In other words, it meant that only a few artists would capture the imagination of a client and deliver the perfect illustration. Illustrators who can do it entirely by hand were and still are, highly sort. The sentimental value of engaging a particular illustrator raises the price of illustrations.

Digital Illustrators

Digital illustrations are developed using apps and software. The apps produce motion or static drawings. When you are using static or motion graphic software, it demands a lot of creativity and mastery of the application.

So, do you pick a digital or traditional illustration, and how does it affect the price?

Well, digital illustrations are preferred because the developers can capture more and intricate details with greater accuracy. Corrections are also easier to make and incorporate the skills of a second illustrator or using templates. It may take the shine off an illustration or make it more valuable. You can also quickly transfer digital illustration artworks to other mediums like books, walls, merchandise, or available online. Digital, therefore, makes your illustrations dynamic.

illustration artwork prices for events

Why Should You Incorporate Illustration Artwork Prices in Your Work?

The price and hustle of incorporating illustrations in books and other types of works are enormous. The question remains: Is there a possibility that you can do without graphics?

You might want to consider the benefits of including illustration artwork prices in your work to fully understand what you will be missing by skipping the illustrations.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Dealing with abstract ideas

It happens that there are no visuals like real photos that would represent your idea. The next best option is to use illustrations. For example, cartoon characters are the best demonstration of instances where real pictures cannot work.

Spongebob or Tom and Jerry are abstract ideas. If you were to use a real person, their actions would be outrageous, for example.

  1. You have ambitions beyond photography

How do you represent ideas that are impossible to demonstrate, like a flying character or crushing the statue of liberty? Illustrations are a shortcut to presenting the concept without the limitations of reality. With the right illustrator, you can bring to life any idea.

  1. Illustrations are perfect for storytelling

It is instrumental when you want to minimize the number of words or speak without using words. Cartoon narratives printed on books or editorial pages are the best demonstration. Picture this; you want to say that your rival brand is horrible without mentioning names. An illustration will perfectly fit the scenario, driving the message home in a subtle yet effective manner.

  1. Presenting Data

Illustrations reduce the number of words you have to use to explain findings or a scenario. Data presentation during research or when delivering a report for an organization is one such point. Use illustrations that capture the imagination of your readers, especially in explaining the matter.

The newest buzz word in town is info-graphics because they make complex ideas easier to understand. Where would corporate statistics or presentation be without these artworks? That is the power of illustrations.

  1. When looking for a unique style

Everyone is using images and videos today. This has resulted in visual fatigue, whereby the target audience feels bombarded by videos and photos. And what is the effect? The fatigue is reducing the effectiveness of your message. Hence, illustrations are unique because you create new characters and features not previously associated with other brands or personalities.

If you had any doubt about hiring an illustrator, I am sure your position has now changed. Illustration trends change over time, necessitating a constant review of your strategy to use them in your work.

Still, the investment in hiring illustrators is worthwhile.

How Much do the Illustration artwork Prices Range?

Having decided to use illustrations in your design, it is time to hire a professional artist and must, consequently, think about the cost. Unfortunately, there is no price tag when choosing an illustrator. So, how do you determine the price?

Extent Of Usage And The Right To The Artwork

How extensively do you want to use the artwork? The details are captured in the commissioning agreement. If you want exclusive rights to the creations, you have to pay a higher price. In other cases, the client has rights up to a particular limit set by quantity or time.

Once the limit is exhausted, you have to pay for further usage. When the artist retains the right to sell the artwork to a third party, the fees are relatively low.

Project Description

Each illustration is unique. One may commission an artist to illustrate a known animal or a corporate video storyboard while asking another to develop a new creature in the drawing.

Remember, the details of each project will also differ. Furthermore, the amount of work the artist will do to deliver on the project will determine how much you pay for the illustration.

The need for special skills

Truth be told, all illustration artists are not the same. Each will deliver unique illustrations judged on accuracy, details, and other such factors when given an idea.

Thus, if you are a highly skilled illustrator or want to engage that skilled illustrator for your project, the price will be higher. Illustrations drawn using sophisticated software are also pricy.

Bidding or Commissioning

Bidding gives you a chance to choose the lowest price if the quality is constant. When you commission an illustration, the artist determines the price. The final call will depend on personal preference as well as your project goals.

In Conclusion

Speaking this way of illustration artwork makes it to appear expensive. However, you can get the best illustration artworks and still save money through minimized revisions, clear instructions, and bundling graphics work together, among other tricks. Remember, you must use all tactics to get value for money in all your illustration artwork projects.

Since we are talking about prices, you must not be lost that the best illustration skills come at a higher price. If you want the best illustration artist, you must be ready to pay the fee.

Still, the most expensive illustration artists are not necessarily the best. On the other hand, the cheapest are not amateurs. It is a delicate and tactful balancing act where you must consider multiple factors until you are guaranteed the best value for money.