Remember how much fun you had picking out the right illustration artwork wallpaper when you first got your phone? You wanted your wallpaper to represent you and make you happy whenever you saw it. That’s the glory of digital wallpaper – it should make you smile and represent you, and you can even use it to represent your brand and your professional self!

Let’s talk About illustration artwork wallpaper

You probably know about illustration artwork wallpaper. It’s the wallpaper on your home screen or your lock screen. You probably have some sort of wallpaper on all of your devices, whether you put it there or used the standard that came with it. You can use wallpaper on your desktop, your laptop, or your mobile phone. Many people like to use a motivational wallpaper on their laptop screen to get them started every day. Some people are always changing them up while others keep the same one for a length of time. If you think about it, you look at your screen a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of art every time you open your laptop?

Photos are great; everyone agrees! But sometimes in a professional setting, you may want something a bit more, uhh, professional. That’s where digital wallpaper can come into play. You could even create some, or have some made, that represents your company. Include your color scheme, your logo, or your office space and you’ve got a personalized piece of art. Think how impressed a client would be when you open your laptop to an artful rendition of your brand. For now, you could even consider a custom wallpaper Zoom backdrop. No more awkward spots of your home or wallpaper everyone has already seen. Make it a professional conversation starter, a brand statement, or simply something aesthetically pleasing for you.

Here we are with  an awesome, basic definition to begin with:

A wallpaper, or desktop background, is a background image that covers the desktop of a computer or other device. Most operating systems provide a default wallpaper and allow you to choose your own. Wallpapers can be any type of image, but most users prefer a clean background that is not too “busy.” The simpler the wallpaper image is, the easier it is to view icons and windows on the desktop. Some people prefer realistic backgrounds, while others opt for computer-generated images.

So yes, you can use that great picture of your dog or your baby, but you can also design anything you want to use and then even share it.

But what is the difference between wallpaper and a screensaver?

Great question! Though they are similar, they are different and had different beginnings. We know a bit about illustration artwork wallpaper already, but what is a screensaver? A screensaver is a software program that becomes activated after the computer is inactive for a specified amount of time. Screensavers were originally designed to help prevent images or text from being burned into older monitors. The old monitors could have damaged screens if the same display sat on them for too long, so moving screensavers were necessary. Now, not so much, but they are still fun and attractive to see. 

You know the screensavers…the moving lines across a black screen, bubbles flowing around, or a photo slideshow. Anything to keep the screen active when it’s not in use. Remember, the wallpaper is the picture on your computer or phone. It stays still. So let’s get back to it, shall we?

illlustration artwork wallpaper

Does it matter what my wallpaper is?

In the big scheme theme of things, no, it doesn’t. In the smaller scheme of day to day, maybe it does. It can give you a nice lift, a burst of motivation, or a moment to escape. It can also increase your brand dedication if you and all of your coworkers are using it.

This article from our own Bunny Studio shares a bit of why it can be important:

… the field of illustration shapes the world we live in. It is at once highly visible while being invisible, and it has an influence that transforms our visual culture to give people a voice and our lives more meaning.

On one hand, an illustration is a practical tool, it conveys information. On the other side, it is an art because it “can be beautiful and it can evoke emotion.”

Not only can it evoke a certain emotion and mood, but even illustration artwork wallpaper can set a mood. Sure, that great photo of the beach can bring back sweet memories, but it can also inspire you to work harder for that next trip. When you see your company brand as a wallpaper image, you may be inspired to put more effort in your work. It’s great for inspiration, motivation, and satisfaction. Artwork anywhere can set a mood and evoke emotion, even artwork on your wallpaper.

How to get just the right wallpaper

The lovely thing about illustration artwork wallpaper is that you can use almost any image. Techwalla tells us that standard computer wallpaper sizes are always changing because they are relative to the current popular monitor resolutions. If the screen and the wallpaper have the same resolution, you’ll have the best image. This is an important component, and if you’re not sure, even with some research, you may want to get with a design expert to make sure all is right.

Of course, basic composition is a good thing to be aware of if you decide to design wallpaper yourself. But then again, you can always turn to a professional illustrator. A strong illustrator could create some stunning wallpaper, truly works of art. The key is getting the right art for what you want. If  you are looking to tie the illustration artwork wallpaper into your brand, here are some great suggestions:

  • Use your color palette. Connect your color palette to your wallpaper to connect your brand.
  • Incorporate one aspect of your logo into your wallpaper. You could just take one small piece of your logo and create your wallpaper around that.
  • Use your brand art and resize it to fit the wallpaper dimensions.
  • Take a great artsy photo depicting your brand, whether it’s packages going out, your building, or your product, and use that to create art.

Again, this is where hiring a designer may be an option, especially if you are taking a part of your design or your color palette, or want something else all together! But how do you go about hiring an illustrator for this?

Hiring a pro for illustration artwork wallpaper or doing it yourself

The great thing is, you have lots of options when it comes to hiring. Think about:

  • the techie kid down the street
  • one of your talented employees
  • an artist from the local high school or college
  • a freelancer
  • a service

Regardless of where you find your designer, you want to make sure that they understand your vision. Think about things like cost and deadlines, plus their style and how much they listen to what you want. If you’re looking at a service or firm, see how they work and make sure that works for you. Often revisions are included in the price, like at Bunny Studio, so check on that component.

A professional can add that special touch. As we see here, when words do not suffice to illustrate what your business stands for, you hire a graphic designer to paint a better picture for your target audience. Graphic designers sprinkle creative magic into a business’s content to achieve a first-class impression.  Everyone can use a little magic, eh?


If you have a little tech-savvy and artistic ability, you may be able to do this yourself. Susan Chiang shares that she uses four major steps in designing illustration artwork wallpaper. Her steps include:

  1. Digitize your artwork. You can scan it, take a photo, or upload a design. Remember to be respectful and don’t steal anyone’s art!
  2. Next, she uses photoshop to clean up her image. She saves each element as its own .PSD file so she can use it in the design.
  3. She then uses Adobe Illustrator to design the image. She brings the elements into Adobe Illustrator where you can modify, shift, and change colors of the design. Perfect for creating just what you want.
  4. The last step it to export for sharing in the right file.  You will want to export your wallpaper as .png or .jpeg files and then make sure the file is the right size. Then you’re all set!

Remember, if this seems out of your wheelhouse, you’ve got great options for hiring an artist. Our pros at Bunny Studio would love to work with you on your illustration artwork wallpaper. You can have exactly what you want and complement your daily routine with great digital wallpaper.

Summing up the ins and outs of illustration artwork wallpaper

So we learned that wallpaper is a fun component for your digital devices. You may want it solely for your personal pleasure or maybe incorporate it into your business. When you choose Bunny Studio, the designs are all yours to use however you want, so you are free to share them with coworkers and employees. Having a brand wallpaper could be perfect for your Zoom backgrounds or your business laptops.

You may choose to work on this yourself or maybe you’d rather hire someone to create your wallpaper. If you’re going to hire someone, please reach out to us at Bunny Studio, we’d love to hear what you need. Let’s get some beautiful wallpaper for all your devices!