People have always been drawn to anything visual. It goes without saying the same preference can be applied in your institution through an internal company video. When you have a strong visual strategy for your company, your message becomes louder and clearer.

Think about it, how many times does e-mail or audio announcements pique your interest? There is also nothing wrong with face-to-face interactions, but shaking up your communication strategy with an internal company video is truly the way to go. Not only does video grab attention, but around two-thirds of individuals also understand information better when it is communicated visually.

Thanks to technology, making an internal company video is now easier than ever. People are now taking advantage of this medium and integrating it into their existing company strategies. If you want to make your company culture videos the best, it is important to learn some important tips.

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What Is an Internal Company Video?

Videos are essential for all brands when it comes to marketing. But aside from telling stories and catching the attention of buyers, it’s also a quintessential aspect in building a good communication strategy within the company.

Getting an internal company video made is the best way to deliver your message or an experience that is unique to your institution. This medium allows you to grant people a realistic insight into how to make themselves better. Great video branding also allows your employees to develop trust and emotional connection to your brand’s unique culture and motivate them in future tasks.

Why Should You Invest in Your Internal Company Video?

Internal company videos are used in the process of promoting company services, products, and goals within the organization. In this section, we’ll take a look at how this medium has a positive effect on your employees and why it is essential to improve a company culture that centers on growth.

Educating your employees

Video is not just an accessible medium; it can also educate thousands of people faster than face-to-face alternatives. Because your internal company video can be delivered to large groups at a time, you can share new and relevant information and speed up the education process in your company.

Your educational videos geared towards staff and executives can range from simple how-tos to lengthy tutorials divided into distinct parts. This will help your staff complete critical tasks and significantly reduce the risk of errors.

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Improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most challenging problems for businesses. With more than 85 percent of staff not engaged in the workplace, it can affect the overall company performance. Although training is one of the most important factors that play a part in engagement, many employees cite that internal communication and relationship with higher-ups directly influence their level of engagement. As a responsible business owner, you can use internal company video to bridge this gap, especially in a fast-paced company.

Simplifying information

As technology diversifies, it also comes with new challenges. The complexity of communication tools you choose can cause issues, especially if your staff cannot navigate the medium well to find the information they need.

Having an internal company video is an effective way to address this issue. Now more than ever, creating videos that teach your staff how to understand and act on data becomes vital for all company stakeholders. However, also make sure to adapt your internal company video to the habits of your employees.

Improve company culture

Company culture refers to your company’s personality. It dictates the environment in which your staff works. Every institution wants to create this, but remember that creating a company culture takes a long time. In fact, company culture is cultivated over months and years through good leadership and values.

You can use an internal company video to support your culture. Think of video not just as a way to communicate with your employees internally, but also as a method to encourage your staff to engage with each other and share knowledge.

Just like other company practices, using an internal company video is not meant to change your company overnight. It will take a while for people to warm up to this new strategy, but once they finally get used to it, it will be easier for them to do their work.

The Different Types of Internal Company Video

Here are some of the internal company videos you can make.

Onboarding and training

How do you welcome new team members to your company? If you want to dramatically enhance your onboarding process, use an internal company video. You can have recorded answers to some frequently asked questions as well as do walkthroughs to help new employees get up to speed faster with company processes. And make your onboarding content easily accessible by uploading it online or on company computers. This way, new hires can immediately play it when they have questions. This trick is also very important for remote workers.

Have you ever noticed most of your employees don’t get excited if you announce a new training seminar or program? If so, try to make training more interesting through an internal company video. Not only do these videos improve engagement, but they also have a positive impact on information retention. If you are trying to cut costs, this method also helps since shifting to video results in a staggering decrease in training costs for many companies.

For onboarding and training videos, it is important to maximize people’s learning and information retention by engaging all their senses. People are more likely to remember multisensory experiences, and this is why video works best for training purposes. Try to include interactive calls to action (CTAs) to assess the knowledge of employees after they watched the video.

To store your content, invest in one hub where people can check evergreen resources whenever they want. If you want to take the extra mile, you can commission a mobile-based platform where you can centralize all your videos.


Videos are an easy way to spread important announcements across your company. It can either be a closed deal, a product update, or a product launch. For example, you may use a screen-capture video to let everyone in on a new product feature. Even if it’s a corporate video, do not hesitate to experiment and make it fun through a selfie video. This is an awesome way of passing on your excitement.


If your company is having a technical issue, simply send an internal company video to your workforce instead of spending hours typing a long e-mail with screenshots. If you discovered a problem and have an idea on how to solve it, video is the best way to quickly spread the information.

Special events

Having events is essential for your company. After all, all work and no play won’t make anyone productive. Internal company video can be used to record and share company parties, lunches, presentations, and chats so a wider audience can access it. If you have remote employees, this becomes even more important to ensure they don’t feel excluded even if they cannot attend the event in person.

No matter where your team is located, you can use an internal company video to broadcast meetings and events live to keep everyone updated.

For special events and live stream videos, it’s okay not to worry too much about the production quality. Your audience’s attention will be more focused on what the speakers are saying. Just take into account the lighting. You may even use your smartphone if you do not have a high-definition camera.

Social learning

Video is one of the best ways to encourage people to collaborate. A socially collaborative internal company video can be easily spread to different departments and could do well in keeping your staff engaged while also helping them learn something valuable.

Without documenting such content, you may face an incredible amount of knowledge loss, as well as a lack of information continuity, which could be a problem if seniors resign or if employees quit. Not all companies can also afford to have a big space for social learning, and this risks increasing your employees’ feelings of dissatisfaction. To remedy this, video libraries can help.

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Making Your Internal Company Video More Effective

Creating an internal company video is no easy feat. If you don’t want it to turn out boring, you have to incorporate some elements that will work together to increase video engagement and viewership.

Add music

Good music has the potential to change the way your internal company video feels to your staff. It is always a good idea to invest in high-production music instead of visiting free music websites and downloading the first track you hear on the corporate category. With a little extra time and money, you can have the perfect song for your video.

Keep in mind that your audience will decide whether or not they like the video within the first seconds of watching it. If you want to make them interested, be smart in choosing your music.

Keep it simple

It’s tempting to take your graphics too far. But sometimes, less is more. You should treat graphics as something that will only supplement the message of your internal company video. When examining templates, keep it as simple as possible so people won’t be distracted from the main point.

Invest in a good voice over

You may be thinking: someone in your media department has a good speaking voice. Can you ask them to do the voice over for your internal company video? The answer is a resounding no. Unless they are a trained voice actor, most corporate employees do not do a good job at voice recording. Simply hire a trained voice artist for a hassle-free experience. All you need is to share your script, and professionals can easily breathe life into it.

Keep the design consistent

By now, you may already have a clue on how important design is. This aspect plays a major role in building your credibility. When it comes to graphics, color grading, and interviews, make all your company videos supplement each other. If you do not have graphic designers to produce an internal company video, hire a professional. These people understand the importance of having a consistent design in your output, whether it’s the method of delivering information or color schemes.

Bank On Your Internal Company Video

Although many brands already know the importance of a good employee communication strategy, many are still clueless when it comes to producing a high-quality internal company video. At the end of the day, the organizations using subpar video solutions are simply going to struggle to build their company culture. If you need help with your internal company video, contact the experts at Bunny Studio now.