If you’re a new podcaster, there are tons of things you need to consider when choosing the right host that will store and distribute your podcast. Since there are hundreds of hosting platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one. This is why you need to compare Libsyn vs Blubrry.

There really is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding a good podcast host since every company has its own advantages and disadvantages. Libsyn vs Blubrry both have a solid reputation in the podcasting industry.

Finding A Great Podcast Host

A great podcasting platform can do two major things. First, it can store all your audio files. Second, it needs to give you the right tools to have an RSS feed where you can share all your files with podcast distributors. Other essential aspects of your podcast host that are worth considering include ease of use, price, and storage allotment.

The goal of this article is not to tell you what the better platform is but to determine whether Libsyn vs Blubrry can better serve your goals.


Since launching in 2004, Libsyn has cemented its name as one of the premier podcasting hosts in the world with over 67,000 podcasts. It also gets over 111 million downloads per month. Libsyn has proven its effectiveness as a podcasting medium for almost two decades, and the millions of downloads are proof of its exponential growth.

The main focus of this platform is to help both veteran and newbie podcasters monetize their content easily. Some of its partners include Pandora, Radio.com, and Spotify.

The company caters to all types of podcasters and topics such as media companies, celebrities, government agencies, and many more. It takes a lot of reliability to have this success in a hyper-competitive industry, and this is what makes Libsyn so impressive.

In the debate surrounding Libsyn vs Blubrry, what makes Libsyn unique? Here are some features of this platform.

libsyn vs blubrry


This tool allows its users to publish their content on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and many more. This tool is very helpful for users who want to connect with more people on famous websites, apps, and services. OnPublish also helps podcasters integrate their podcast with popular directories so they can reach more people.

Through this helpful tool, users can easily add, remove, or edit content and customize its destination delivery. It also enables very detailed reporting, so podcasters know what platforms their audience visits the most.

Mobile app

Libsyn users can access the podcast hosting platform through their Android, GooglePlay, or iOS devices. This also enables customers to come up with suggestions on how they want to present their podcast, including the colors and graphics they want to display.

Libsyn player

This player will allow podcasters to easily publish their content to any website. It has a standard playback feature that includes rewind, fast-forward, episode duration, and other important controls that the audience would want to have when listening to a podcast.


Libsyn does not have a free option, but its pricing is very reasonable. Its offer starts at only $5 per month, which makes it a top choice for those who want to save money. However, this low option has a storage limit of only 50 MB, which is not enough for many users. Most podcasters prefer the $15 per month plan that comes with a 250 MB storage per month.

Libsyn’s most expensive package is worth $150 per month, and it comes with a staggering 3000 MBs of storage, as well as other features. If you need extra features or custom solutions, you need to contact Libsyn’s support team.

When you choose Libsyn, you will retain ownership of your content. This means that the brand does not have a right to distribute, edit, or insert ads on the content without your consent. The host also charges an amount for every plan that is not subject to a rate increase based on the downloads your show gets. The charge is only calculated based on what you upload to the account.

Simple monetization

The way podcasters make money is through advertisements and subscriptions. Libsyn makes it easy for you to get more subscribers and increase your monetization potential.

Libsyn also gives you the chance to choose the ads you want to play on your podcast. This means that no ads will be stacked in your podcast without your approval. If a company wants to purchase an ad slot from you, you can decline, and once you have a running ad and the campaign duration ends, the ad will be automatically removed from the channel.


If you’ve been researching podcast hosts, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Blubrry. This company is a big player in the industry with over 750,00 podcasts. It serves thousands of podcasters and is the first podcast hosting brand to receive a certification that implies they are compliant with International Podcast Measurement Guidelines. This platform also gives podcasts media statistics so users can have a better insight into their work and audience.

Since Blubrry started in 2005, it has offered a wide variety of services that is not only reliable but also very affordable. This platform allows its users to concentrate more on making their content the best it can be while they handle all the tech aspects of the podcast. Here are some features that make Blubrry stand out in the debate surrounding Libsyn vs Blubrry.

Flexible payment

Blubrry offers its users multiple payment plans that start from $12 for its smallest package up to $80 for the expensive package. The smallest plan of Blubbry allows its users to have 100MB data allocation, and the largest plan allows a 1,000MB allocation per month plan. The pricing can also be changed at any time, and you won’t have to deal with cancellation fees.

The platform also offers free services for your first month. The pricing allows its podcasters to get unlimited bandwidth even when they have the most affordable plan. Blubrry also has a no-fault coverage, which allows podcasters to upload 25 percent more than their specific limit, and they won’t get charged for it.

Optimized hosting

Blubrry offers its users PowerPress, which is the most popular plug-in for WordPress. This allows podcasters to publish their show on their website without hassle.

PowerPress will give you tons of options to control your RSS feed. For instance, you can have multiple feeds where you can upload more than one or two podcasts on the same site. This plugin will also let you write your show notes and upload mp3 recordings through your WordPress dashboard.

PowerPress also makes it easy for you to set up your podcast information on iTunes. This includes key information like subtitle, category, and author name, among many others. Once this has been set up, you can submit it to iTunes.

Accurate statistics

Blubrry gives you all-inclusive data about who listens to your podcast. It also allows you to know the types of podcasts your audience love to listen to, where they are listening from, and the device they are using. When you have this information, you will also know your listener’s geographical data and demographics.

Blubrry offers its users concise email summaries and reports that contain information they can use to track their audience and improve their podcast. These statistics go beyond regular data that only measures downloads. Blubrry can give you information on every stream, download, and play, which are very useful since if you only rely on web statistics, it can be very inflated due to bots.

libsyn vs blubrry

Great partnerships

With Blubrry, you can partner with companies that can help you grow your podcast. When you have established relationships with other brands, you can push your content monetization more. Some of the partners of Blubrry include Triton, Shopify, and Audioburst, among many others. Blubrry is great at matching advertisers with relevant content to benefit them and the podcaster.

Free support

Every podcaster’s dream is to have a hosting platform that listens to their needs. Thankfully, Blubrry has a great support team that is ready to answer all your queries and offer you explanations. You can easily schedule a video conference to speak to one of their agents when you encounter an issue.

Libsyn vs Blubrry: How Do the Two Compare?

Considering all the features of Libsyn vs Blubrry listed above, you really can’t go wrong with either service. However, Libsyn vs Blubrry may have differences that will influence your decision.

First, Blubrry hosting has a more convenient service plan because it has a no-fault hosting system that offers you complimentary storage 25 percent above your existing service plan. On the other hand, the packages of Libsyn are cheaper, but the data allocations are low.

When it comes to the user interface, Libsyn has an edge because its dashboard is very simple. While there are tons of features on Blubrry, it’s not easy for new users to locate them.

For self-hosting plug-ins, Blubrry clearly wins because of its PowerPress feature. This is a big deciding factor for podcasters who want to build a website where they can store their podcast and transcript. Meanwhile, Libsyn has a Publisher Hub plugin that plays a similar role as PowerPress, but it’s not as formidable.

Both platforms also do great in providing their users with statistics so they can learn the behavior of their listeners. This information can be accessed by all Blubrry users, while Libsyn users can only access it if their package is $20 or higher or if they pay a $2 fee.

Libsyn vs Blubrry: Who’s Your Winner?

When it comes to Libsyn vs Blubrry, there’s no doubt that both are amazing platforms. Both have solid features that can help you elevate your podcast, and your decision on what host to use ultimately depends on the services you need. Want to improve your podcast? Bunny Studio can help you, submit a project with us today!