Do a quick search for logo animation and the results you get will seem endless. This is because most companies have realized that, in addition to having a personal logo design, a custom name logo or a creative logo, it is important to have a logo animation in their digital marketing strategy.

As technology brings much-needed innovations to design, techniques on brand logos continue to change. And in recent years, motion design has crept its way into the must-follow trends. Your logo serves as a foundation for your brand image, so it’s crucial to bank on it if you want to come off as a reliable company.

Because of how popular logo animation is, there are many generators popping up online.

The biggest brands in the world, such as Google and Ikea, have jumped on board, so why shouldn’t you?

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What Is Logo Animation?

Every company needs a logo. This crucial element showcases the personality of your brand or product and plays a crucial role in branding. A strong logo can spark a connection with your target audience or tell your story. If a good graphic designer does their job well, your logo becomes a solid foundation for your marketing strategy.

Every brand has its own design needs. But if you’re projecting an international brand, an international company logo design is your business’ presentation tool.

The key to success is choosing an appropriate concept for your brand and a simple, elementary logo design cover can catch the audience’s attention too.

However, the era of print-focused graphic design has already passed. Now, technology has opened up amazing opportunities. And as a business owner, you should take advantage of these prospects. If you want to breathe fresh air into your static logo, all you need to do is ask designers to add some motion into it.

The animation can range from simple movements to a short video presentation depending on your company’s personality or business goals. Another option is to create a rotating logo animation or an animated badge that really says something about you and goes beyond an attention grabbing tactic it can really boost your brand’s visual identity.

While creating a logo animation online is only a tap away, it’s still best to let motion graphics specialists to their job.

Where to Use Logo Animation

Logo animation targets digital spaces, and this can be applied for various purposes. Take a look at where you can use it.

Social network platforms

There’s no question about the effectiveness of social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for product promotion. Your customers spend hours surfing the internet and browsing photos of their favorite brands. So you should take advantage of this fact.

Video content is an amazing marketing tool that can quickly catch their attention. Not only that, but it’s also very easy to share. Animated logos can now be converted on social media as GIFs that could be used for posting so it can be readily accessed across all platforms.

Logo animation for companies

Presentations and videos

Every company needs to hold presentations. This may be meetings, trade shows, or product demonstrations. By including logo animation on your slides, you can add an element of creativity to your otherwise plain presentation. It can also increase engagement.

Aside from presentations, you can insert the logo animation in outros and intros of your promotional videos. Promo videos are something you should invest in, so why not take the extra leap and polish it with an animated logo? This killer combination works because the start and end of your videos present a way to finalize your message and remind the audience who you are.

As people watch your video that includes an animation logo, it will stick in their minds and hopefully encourage them to act on your call to action, whether it’s visiting your store, downloading an app, or signing up for your e-mail list.


E-mail is still one of the most common communication methods, especially for B2B businesses. With its 3,800 percent ROI, it’s no wonder most companies use it. Unfortunately, e-mail signatures always include plain and dull information – name, a short quip about the position, and a static logo.

But this formulaic practice is very easy to ignore.  So if you want to spice up your e-mails, using logo animation will encourage a second look.

Digital banners

By now, you’ve probably heard of the term “banner ad blindness.” This refers to your customers ignoring your banner ads because they’ve been exposed to so many of them. If you want to break this, infuse logo animation to your banner ads to add some flair. This is also an amazing strategy to increase your click-through rate. Aside from banners on the internet, your animation logo can also be displayed on large LED billboards.


If your logo animation is used in social media, e-mail marketing, and presentations, don’t miss using it for your website as well. An animated logo on your landing page can make a great impression on your visitors and even surprise them. However, it’s vital to make the animation loop only once. Otherwise, this could be very distracting, and it may annoy your website visitors.

Benefits of Having an Animated Logo

An animated logo is a dynamic way to present your brand image. It’s a great technique to showcase your brand’s character as well as attract loyal clients. This is also a surefire way to stand out from your competitors since logo animation guarantees ingenuity. Take a look at the other benefits of this amazing visual content.

Brings originality

Because of the number of companies today, many brands have similar logos, and they can even be in the same industry. While this may not have happened on purpose, there is still a need for companies to find ways to add some elements that would make them more recognizable, or give a clue about the services they provide.

To bring much-needed uniqueness to your logo, adding motion is the ultimate solution. Logo animation is a great way to let your imagination run free. Your logo, combined with visual effects and graphics, will help create a lasting impression on your customers.

Evokes emotion

Your customers see hundreds of logos every day, and they are constantly looking for fresh and unique ideas that will tickle their imagination. A logo animation can trigger feelings of joy, excitement, and even intrigue. If your animated logo brings out positive emotions to your viewers, there’s a great chance that they will build trust with your brand.

Just take a look at Warner Animation Group Logo and the Pixar Animation Studios logo. Because people see it all the time at the beginning of movies, it elevates their excitement.

Makes a good first impression

Someone’s first impression of your brand is crucial in how they see your products. It only takes a few seconds for people to decide whether they like something they see. And since your logo is a solid representative of your brand, it needs to make a great first impression on current and potential customers. An animated logo is a way to increase your chances of being memorable and making a positive first impression, so maximize its potential as much as you can.

Increases brand awareness

Dynamic images and video content are received by your customers better than static images. A logo animation can connect with your clients and draw out their attention in a way no image can. Animations can last as short as one second up to 10 seconds. Remember, people want to see a little movement, not binge-watch a season of their favorite show. So do not waste their time by looking at complex movements.

Improves storytelling

Logo animation is a crucial part of your storytelling process. This can give your audience a better explanation of your company’s nature compared to a simple image. An animated logo works similarly to a short video in telling the story of your company. Since it can be shared across the internet very easily, more people will see it.

Take a look at Shazam’s animated logo. They added a moving element that looks like a beat, which suggests their promise to help people identify music based on a short sample.

Showcases professionalism

You can’t expect your customers to be experts in the marketing field, but they still have a basic understanding of whatever is trending. There are tons of companies that proudly share their animated logo with the whole world. And when you join the ranks, it shows that you are willing to keep up with the times.

Qualities of A Good Logo Animation

People judge your video in the first three seconds. So in this short period, you should make your video or logo worth watching. Just as we are trying to keep your attention with this article, your animated logo should be trying to do the same thing.

But first, you need to realize the importance of watching as many logo animation examples as you can. This will let you learn more about what movement works and what doesn’t by peeking at the experience of other brands. Do you want the letters to shrink or expand? What type of background do you want to use?

You will also notice a lot of useful resources that you may not have thought of before. We’ve gathered some helpful tips that are important to aid you in delivering a lasting punch.


As much as you can, make your animated logo dynamic enough to capture and maintain the viewer’s attention. Aside from showing your brand, your goal is also to entertain people in some way since keeping their eyes and brain working is the secret to generating a positive response. It’s a good idea to animate every letter, icon, and sign separately. Independent movements will make it more interesting.

Shows build-up

If you want people to pay attention to you, you have to build up their curiosity. You want the viewer to think they don’t want to miss whatever is going to happen next. Remember that this is something you need to achieve in just a couple of seconds, so each frame truly counts. Many companies don’t show their whole logo at once, so you can use this technique for you.

Logo animation for everybody


If your animated logo is more than 10 seconds long, people will just get bored. In the age of readily available and easily-digestible content, your customers’ attention spans are decreasing, so the shorter your logo animation is, the better. Many logo animation samples start and end on a plain background. It’s not a rule that’s meant to be followed at all times, but it’s a great way to stand out better and be in sync with professional standards.

Cohesive theme

If you are creating a logo animation for a business such as a law firm, we can guarantee that you don’t want a high-energy and happy animated output. As you do some research, you can better explain to the animator how quickly you want your animations to move, the effects you like, as well as the sound or voice to accompany it.

Before you commission a logo animation, explore your company’s website, and use the design that is apparent throughout. Re-familiarize yourself with your brand’s aesthetics and look through already-created videos in the past. If you have something that doesn’t represent your style well, your customers will not be happy about it. Take a look at Skype’s animated logo. It remains consistent with the overall look by using their signature blue color.

Get creative and seek inspiration from your company and plan animations that perfectly fit your style. For instance, if you have a window company, you can request your animator to include two windows which open to reveal the full logo.

Elevate Your Branding Through an Animated Logo

Animated logos are now on the rise. People’s eyes gravitate towards anything that moves, whether it be waves, fire, or mobile screens. This eye-catching magic has entered logo design. Without question, logo animations emerge as the clear winner against static ones. Want to get your logo moving? Bunny Studio can help you.