The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. It explains why businesses use image-based logos more than text. While at it, you should know that 95 out of the top 100 companies have used just one or two colors on their logo. Thus, it takes an expert logo designer to create that iconic image that the entire world will associate with your business. So, how do you choose the logo design ideas for business?

Surprisingly, some of the iconic logos do not appear to be inspired by anything. While that is true, you need to understand the value of your business’s logo to ensure that you give it the attention it deserves.

The composition needed to Create Logo Design Ideas for Business

It is only prudent to start by defining a logo and distinguishing it from your business name. It will help you understand why a company like Coca-Cola has a logo similar to its name, while Apple has an image. With the two examples, it will be easier to understand what a symbol means for a business.

Remember, a logo is an emblem- like Starbucks coffee, graphic brands-like Nike, stylized names like Coca Cola, or symbols like Apple, representing or is used to identify a product, brand, organization, or company.

Some companies used abstract logos, while others are symbolic. A stylized name of the company will also suffice as a logo.

Why You Need a Business Logo

If a company has a name, why does it need a logo? Here are a few reasons

Brand Identity

Identify means ownership. While there are thousands of coffee shops, a logo will tell you the shop owners across the street. It is the reason you see logos on uniforms, vehicles, stationeries, and all items belonging to the company.

However,  the company’s name may be too long such that it cannot be identified from a distance. What is interesting is that brand identity goes beyond language. While the name of the company may change from one market to the other, the logo remains.

Capture Attention

Recall the feeling of going to a strange place or a crowded one and finding an old friend? It is the same effect when you see the logo of a company, you know. You find a familiar symbol on the shelves of a store or rows upon rows at an exhibition.

Moreover, it tends to capture your attention immediately. That is the power of an iconic logo. Sometimes, a customer avoids searching for the product or business in a crowded place.

While at it, your business will benefit from the bias of prior vetting. Clients cannot turn to other products if their favorite brand is nearby.

Make Your Business Memorable

A logo is simple and, therefore, memorable. A symbol like a bitten apple sticks to the mind of your customers more than the name. Furthermore, the recall speed is high when the customer is looking for similar or other products in the future and encounters your logo; it will be easier to remember.

Stand-Out from Competition

Supermarket rows feature numerous products. How do eyes identify one brand over another? It is the logo that captures your attention. An impressive, familiar, and memorable logo gives you an upper hand when the customer is faced with multiple options when buying.

Build Brand Loyalty

People fall in love with brands for unknown reasons. They collect souvenirs of their favorite brands in the form of caps, key holders, t-shirts, mugs, and pens, among others. They also use the logo to make a statement among friends and peers. That is what brand loyalty means.

Where to Get Logo Design Ideas For Business

Sometimes you look at a logo, and it is incredible. Hence, it would be best to reflect on the thought process, and it is impossible to understand. The stories of how logos were developed are as astonishing as the prices the companies paid.

However, let’s stick with where to get ideas for now, shall we?

Your Business Name Is a Hint

A business name is an excellent source of ideas for your logo. Coca Cola leads in this category by using its full name as a logo. Other companies like LG took the first letters of their names to create a logo.

Thus, allow an expert graphic designer to play around with your business name and develop a logo. Because of extracting a logo from your business name, there is always a direct relationship between the logo and the business.

The Pick from the Goods or Services on Offer

Look at the NBA logo, and you have a perfect example. Without adding any word, you will know that the logo has something to do with basketball. This is one of the best methods of developing a logo.

Because potential customers can see an image on the logo, they begin to associate it with the goods or services. Customers do not have to know your goods or services beforehand.

What Is The Industry About?

Most communication app logos have something in common. They feature a chat illustration, giving you an idea that they are about messages. WhatsApp, Talk, Line, Viber, and others in the category can signal communication without using any word.

Be Unique

Create a unique logo that people cannot associate with any product. Remember, many symbols have no relationship with the products or services offered. There is nothing on a Mercedes logo that says it is a car. Still, the brand is iconic the world over.

While a logo is essential, it will not be iconic unless your products or services are of high quality. Make it simple and memorable, but your benefits will make it famous.

logo design ideas for business

The Process of Developing  Logo Design Ideas for business

The internet has numerous graphic apps and platforms that promise mind-blowing logos.

Hey, do not yet rush to the internet to create a logo and expect it to be iconic. There is a method for designing logos that might cost you if you are not as creative and savvy as some of these CEOs.

Developing a Logo

Begin by thinking of your branding colors and symbols. Old logos had nothing to with the products they offered because they were few and there was little competition. Today, favorable logos give a hint of what you offer. Without enquiring, a person should already associate you with a particular industry.

The next step is to watch your competition. What images, colors, symbols, and general appearance have they chosen? Do you want to be unique, or would you love to flow with the current? Remember that your brand will be competing with many others during exhibitions and marketing events. Avoid symbols that may make you appear similar.

Utilize your team and associates when choosing a logo. Brainstorm on several ideas and get their opinions. They offer a different view and will help you to see blind spots that could weaken your logo. At the same time, they suggest ideas that make it better.

Eventually, you will have to choose a logo. Pick a compelling one that will represent your brand. Use it on all your platforms, including office merchandise, online and offline forums. Widespread use makes your logo and brand more popular.

Cost of Developing a Logo

Have you ever thought of how much a company like Google spent on its logo? The answer will shock you. The company CEO used a free app to create logos, ending up paying 0$ for today’s valued brand more than $1Trillion. Simply put, how much you pay is not as important.

Here are factors that will influence the cost of your logo

Your Input

One of the most iconic logos was created by the CEO using a free app, as indicated above. It means that if you have the skills and tools needed, you can create a professional logo that beats all your competition. Your input may also come in the form of direction given to freelance logo designers to complete the task. The cost goes up if you have to provide the idea for the designer to polish it.

Method of Recruiting

How are you recruiting your logo graphic designer? You may issue a tender with a fixed price or allow designers to bid so that you can pick the lowest. Hand-picking graphic designers for your logo is more expensive because they set the price.

Skills of the Graphics Designer

How experienced is the graphics designer handling your project? Are there unique skills needed to produce the best logo for your business? Such are the special requirements that will make your logo expensive. Graphic designers with exceptional skills and who can deliver excellent designs are more expensive when hiring.

What Makes The Best Logo Fit for Business?

No logo is terrible; after all, interest is on the goods or services offered. However, a logo weakens when it faces competition or customers struggle to work with it. This awakens a debate on what makes a logo fit for a business.

Here are the five principles you must tick on the checklist to make your logo acceptable in the business:

  1. Simple-can a logo get any simpler than what MacDonald has? Just the letter M and the logo is complete. Simple logos are memorable and more comfortable to identify. In many cases, simple logos use a single color. It makes your work easier.
  2. Memorable- brand loyalty is built when customers can identify your brand fast. You achieve that by creating a memorable logo. Notable brands are representative of the services you offer, unique, and capture attention. The mind will always be searching for that icon whenever it faces uncertainty.
  3. Timeless- avoid trendy ideas unless you can transform them into timeless pieces. Further, consider the cost of rebranding in case you need to flow with the trend. Develop a logo that transcends gender, time, language, and current trends. It will still be relevant years from now, helping avoid confusion resulting from constant rebranding.
  4. Versatile- the most important question when choosing a logo is its appearance on different surfaces. How will it appear in color, reverse printing, large billboards, postage stamps, and such dynamic places? Check for tips from experienced designers to help you understand the value of a versatile logo.
  5. Appropriate-at the end of the day, you are targeting a particular audience. Will they identify with your logo? An example is the colorful nature of symbols of products targeting children.

The Final Word on Logo Design Ideas for Business

A logo acts as an ambassador for your business and is a crucial pillar when branding. The best idea is one that captures your business ideal while making it easier to interact with your clients. Choose a logo that stands out among your peer businesses while helping your clients to recognize the brand.

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