Medical practitioners are known to offer reassurance and confidence to patients. They also sound like they know everything about your life and, therefore, their diagnosis or the information they provide is accurate. Whether you are a medical marketer or passing information as a professional, this voice and perception must be felt in your medical scripts to make the videos believable and effective in conveying the desired message.

It takes a lot of work to impress a person looking for professional medical advice or information. If you think it is too much work and you can produce a lackluster video, here is what captivating videos are doing for medical professionals.

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Traits of a Captivating Video

  • Building reputations– the medical profession is highly dependent on reputation. Therefore, a good video gives the impression that you offer quality services. Ultimately, the public has greater trust in your work and will flock to your clinic or buy the products you are offering.
  • Deliver traffic– do you have a website or social media page that needs attention? Create a video and watch as visitor numbers soar.
  • Call for attention– a high-quality medical video will transform an ordinary brand into a household name. Creativity combined with professionalism capture the imagination of potential clients, raising awareness about your brand.
  • Humanize Your Brand- wonderful text on your website is an advantage during digital marketing. However, you should take it a notch higher with videos. Your target audience sees and hears you speaking about different topics, giving your clinic or hospital a human face.

The benefits of having a video on your website or as part of your training and marketing campaigns are endless. Remember, it would be suicidal to skip these benefits and claim to be a serious medical brand or franchise. When all is said, the foundation of a successful medical video is a professionally made medical script.

Medical scripts are unique because they require a higher level of professionalism and the message shared is highly sensitive. Still, you have to stick to the basic principles of video production. You also have to consider the tricks that make your video to appear medically professional.

Below is the secret to creating the most captivating medical video:

  1. Think like a Hollywood Script Writer

The Hollywood mentality should guide any scriptwriter. Hollywood is so competitive that a scriptwriter must aim to be at the top. The same principle applies when producing medical videos. You will be competing with other product marketers or health professionals. Think of the features that will turn your video into a blockbuster.

Which voice will utter the words? Is it male or female? Which words will capture attention and make an impact? What graphics can you add to make a video worth watching? Is there a storyline to your video and how does it add value to your cinematic idea? With such considerations in mind, you will write a competitive, informative, and audience-appropriate script.

  1. 2 Minutes are Enough

Medical videos address one issue at a time. Statistics also indicate that the most viewed videos are approximately 2 minutes long. Your story and the information you wish to pass should, therefore, never go beyond two minutes.

Videos need to be short because the information is easier to understand. Moreover, the presence of a presenter aids in providing explanations or graphics that demonstrate the idea means that you do not have to explain everything. Remember, too many words result in a longer video that viewers abandon halfway. It makes it difficult to deliver the message.

While short videos are more attractive for selling medical content, the topic will determine the length. Some topics require more explanation than others, eliminating the chances of a short video. In such cases, a short video would be considered too shallow such that it fails to meet the expectations of your viewers.

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  1. Use a Template

Which is your favorite medical video and why? Which is the most viewed medical video and what makes it so popular? Answers to these questions are in examples of the scripts or transcripts used in producing these videos. Take the script and learn a thing or two about writing a winning medical script.

Learn from already successful writers about creating a captivating introduction. The old scripts will also help you to order your ideas or build a storyline that will prevent abandonment. Beyond the script, watching the top medical videos will also enrich your scriptwriting ideas.

A template and sample scripts provide a framework on which you can build your idea. However, this is not an invitation to copy what other writers have produced. Use it as a source of ideas that can be used to enrich your script. The script must remain unique, else it will not attract the attention of target audience.

  1. Write a Medical Video Script

With the concept in mind and an idea of what it takes to write a medical video, it is time to put word to paper. A medical script is extremely technical and requires a deep understanding of words and the terms used in the profession. Research thoroughly and use these words in your script. Organize a medical professional to edit the technical elements so that they are factual and make sense. Organize several round table read-through sessions to give you a feel of the would-be video. Once satisfied with your script, it is time to shoot.

The quality of a medical video will largely depend on the script used for production. Learn from the best medical scripts writers but make your script unique and captivating. You must have the mentality of a Hollywood scriptwriter where you have to beat everyone else in the medical video production theater.