If there’s a list of the most famous voices in the world, one man would surely top it – Morgan Freeman. Once you hear Morgan Freeman voice overs, you wouldn’t even need to see his name on the credits to recognize his unmistakable voice.

Morgan Freeman voice overs are everywhere due to his appealing voice and ability to effectively convey any message. In fact, Morgan Freeman voice overs add interest to some of the most well-made movies, applications, documentaries, and even political ads. Some fans even joke that he can narrate chores like taking out the trash and make the event seem like an award-winning performance.

The actor’s status as a reputable narrator is known all over the globe thanks to the smooth timbre of his iconic voice. His ability to tell a narrative in a way no one can replicate is something truly extraordinary.

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This post has been updated in August 2021.

Who is Morgan Freeman?

With films such as The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, and Driving Miss Daisy under his belt, Morgan Freeman has become a household name. Born in Memphis Tennessee on June 1, 1937, Freeman didn’t initially want to be an actor. Right after he graduated high school, he joined the Air Force. However, he realized that this was not what he wanted. This decision brought him to the entertainment industry. He first started in Broadway in the late 1960s, and his brilliant portrayal of characters paved the way to more challenging roles in Hollywood.

With all his films and plays, people started to take notice of his voice. Freeman’s role as a narrator has become associated with a calm yet strong tone that allows a story to unfold in a way that’s unlike any other.

This quality made him one of the few actors who became successful in the voice over industry. He was even paid an estimated $1 to $2 million for lending his voice to the Visa debit cards.

The Keys to Success

Want a voice like Morgan Freeman? Here, he shares some keys to the perfect voice.


When asked by Jimmy Kimmel where he learned and developed his voice, the actor shared that he went to Los Angeles City College to study acting. During his education, he had a voice and diction instructor. The educator taught him how to speak and emphasize the final consonants of words.

Use Your Voice

He also shared with CNN how to get a voice as smooth as his. For Morgan Freeman voice overs, the secret lies in talking. He made a point that a person’s voice sounds different at the beginning of the day. As hours go by, it will sound more relaxed and warmed up. The trick to achieving a vocal quality as strong as Freeman’s is to get rid of the tension in the voice by talking until the tension disappears.

the voice of morgan freeman

The Top Morgan Freeman Voice Overs Out There

Want to hear Morgan Freeman voice overs? If so, check out some of his best work below.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #1- Waze

Nothing is worse than driving on an unfamiliar street. It turns out, Morgan Freeman voice overs can make this terrible experience bearable. He joined the likes of Kevin Hart, Darth Vader, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a voice navigator in Waze. The famous voice talent was commissioned by the navigation app to guide drivers in traffic. The app also shared that he was the most requested celebrity for voice overs.

Google’s free navigation app uses celebrities to aid people get to where they want to go in the fastest way possible. The marketing effort came just after London Has Fallen was released, where the actor played the vice president of the US. In the application, he addresses the driver as Madam or Mr. President. Without question, there’s nothing more special than Freeman warning you to avoid a busy intersection.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #2- CBS News

Morgan Freeman voice overs can be heard while you are watching the news on CBS. The actor replaced Walter Cronkite six months after he passed away as the voice of the CBS evening news. According to the news channel, having the actor on board allows them to be flexible when anchor Katie Couric needs to do special reports on location. The switch to Freeman’s voice also brings consistency to the news program.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #3- The Long Way Home

One of the Oscar-winning features Freeman lent his voice to is The Long Way Home, which centers on the lives of Jewish refugees in Israel after World War II. The gripping documentary is known for its haunting depiction of how the war impacted the lives of the refugees even after the war ended. The documentary also features the voices of Michael York, Martin Landau, and Ed Asner. However, it was Freeman’s poignant narration that helped emphasize the human aspect of the film and how the plight of the refugees helped form Israel.

Morgan Freeman narrates how the refugees still suffer from antisemitism, poverty, and even the British mandate of Palestine.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #4- Shawshank Redemption

Known as one of the most soul-laden narrations in films, Morgan Freeman’s voice in another Oscar-winning film, Shawshank Redemption, hints that flashbacks told through narration can be successful if done right. Many scenes in the film use Freeman’s voice to successfully get a clearer introspection of characters in a way no dialogue can. His voice over of Andy Dufresne’s letter in the ending is one of the most emotional and uplifting scenes in the movie.

In the film, Freeman plays Red, who the lead meets at the Shawshank prison. In the movie, a 20-year span is narrated by Freeman, and he handles this heavy passage of time incredibly well to give a smooth flow of narrative, despite the time jumps.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #5- The Bucket List

Freeman lends his deep voice to many of the movies he stars in. These movies include The Bucket List. This movie also features Jack Nicholson and is a heavy tear-jerker favorite. The unique travelogue documents the misadventures of two terminally ill men who have a huge disparity in their financial status.

Freeman narrates against the backdrop of the picturesque snow-covered Himalayas. Although the film deals with limited life expectancy and even death, Freeman does an amazing job of letting the audience feel enlightened and hopeful for what’s to come.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #6- Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Morgan Freeman voice overs feature in many environmental documentaries. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is one of his finest works. It follows the efforts of Dr. Patricia Wright to save the lemurs and have them thrive in the modern world.

The 2014 documentary highlights the threat of endangered animals due to agricultural fires, among other reasons. Freeman’s impeccable voice brings awareness to issues surrounding the future of lemurs.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #7- Born to be Wild

Another environmental documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman, Born to Be Wild was released in 2011. This documentary focuses on orphaned elephants and orangutans. Freeman brings his talent to captivate the audience and let them know the story of these unfortunate animals and how they can be saved. The animal preservation documentary is a perfect example of Morgan Freeman voice overs in that both the animals and voice over are gentle and soothing.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #8- March of the Penguins and March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step

March of the Penguins is one of the most successful documentaries ever. It also is one of the projects that cemented Morgan Freeman’s voice over career. This film offers a look at how penguins live, and how the cute animals deal with climate change.

The 2005 documentary uses Freeman’s voice to evoke a sense of urgency to the viewers about the serious effects brought by global warming. This effect is done by showing people footage about the adorable animals to establish a connection, then hitting them with the hard truth about the challenges the penguins face.

Freeman also narrated the sequel to this documentary. Although it did not get the same recognition as its predecessor, Freeman still did a great job in raising awareness and call to action for the Arctic’s distressed animals. In the film, the icy landscapes which serve as the Penguin’s home are already disappearing. Because of this, the animals are even more in danger.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #9- The C Word

The C Word is a documentary that deals with cancer. This 2015 film does not only hit a personal chord among viewers, but it is also educational. Freeman’s voice can be heard speaking to the masses about the misfortunes brought by the deadly disease. The documentary also discusses the proper medical care of patients, as well as the factors that reduce the risk of getting cancer, namely: exercise, stress management, diet, and reducing toxins.

morgan freeman and his voice voiceovers

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #10- BB King: The Life of Riley

BB King: The Life of Riley centers on one of the most celebrated blues musicians in the world, Riley B. King. Morgan Freeman introduces the audience to the complex music style this artist brought to the masses. Freeman recounts the influence of the late musician, as well as his failures and successes in the music industry.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #11- The Lego Movie

It may be hard to imagine Freeman’s serious voice in a comedy flick, but this is exactly what happens in The Lego Movie. Unsurprisingly, his witty remarks and his bass-like voice complement each other for an entertaining watch for the audience.

He provides the voice for Vitruvius in the film and fights against Lord Business. His God-like character in The Lego Movie advises other characters, including Superman and Emmet. His performance proves that he is the best choice in Hollywood to play God or any God-like being. The animated hit also featured the voices of Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell, and Chris Pratt.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #12- Cosmic Voyage

One of his older works, Cosmic Voyage is a short documentary film from 1996. Morgan Freeman guides the viewers on some of the best scientific theories, some of which have never been seen on film. Freeman also takes the audience on a journey to the solar system and the cosmos, which include supernovas and back holes.

Aside from dealing with space, this documentary also discusses time- as it shows how the first cells developed into human beings. Morgan Freeman voice overs are a perfect match for this monumental film.

Morgan Freeman Voice Overs #13- War of the Worlds

This Steven Spielberg film based on a novel by H.G. Wells stars Tom Cruise. The film shows a man struggling to protect his family from an alien invasion. It uses the powerful voice of Morgan Freeman to establish intensity and lightheartedness.

Freeman’s voice deepens the audience’s understanding of the destruction shown in the film. The effectiveness of his narration even helped the movie secure three Oscar nominations.

One of the World’s Greatest Voices

If you love movies, commercials, and documentaries, there’s no way you have missed Morgan Freeman voice overs. He can even read from a phone book and make it seem interesting. Although you may not see him on-screen during his voice overs, there’s no denying that his storytelling prowess is unmatched. When the “Voice of God” grabs a microphone, you know that even the simplest words will sound magical.

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