The internet has modernized how both big and small businesses market their products and services. To build an online reputation, a company needs both a great video marketing strategy and access to the best motion graphic software.

The reason is simple: would you rather look at numbers or a colorful animated clip?

But just how do you conquer the world of motion graphics?

  • Get the right motion graphics software
  • Hire professional motion artists
  • Send a clear message to a targeted audience
  • Promote your motion graphics video

What are motion graphics, and why do brands use them?

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Best Motion Graphics Software

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced motion graphics artist, you need access to the best software out there.


As a beginner, you might have questions like:

  • What is the best motion graphic design software to use?
  • Is motion graphic design hard to learn?

The truth is that getting into motion graphics is not as easy as it seems. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the results, you need training and practice to create good visuals. It takes time to be great at anything: time and a lot of Youtube tutorials. To master the use of a motion graphics software, start with the basics and keep challenging yourself to more complex tasks as you grow.

Here is a list of the best software to use for the job:

Adobe Motion Graphics Software

First, the most popular tool of all; Adobe After Effects. Beginners believe all they need to learn is the After effects program, but this inst true.

The Adobe Creative Cloud has multiple programs, and they are all essential in creating motion graphics elements.


You’re probably wondering, what does Photoshop have to do with motion graphics? As a motion graphic designer, this tool can help you in the following ways:

  • Editing textures in your designs
  • Stitching images together
  • Creating matte paintings

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s vital you learn Photoshop, even if you’ll barely use it as you begin.


This is another useful Adobe motion graphic tool. With Photoshop, you can edit pixel-based designs. With illustrator, you have the freedom to create and edit vector-based designs. A vector-based image can be scaled up or down without pixelating. With Illustrator, you can create objects, logos, and other elements to be used in motion graphic design.

After you are done creating designs in Illustrator, you can then export them to Adobe After Effects where the real motion graphic work begins.

Adobe After Effects

This program is versatile in your motion graphics workflow. You can animate the designs you create in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Some of the features of After Effects are:

  • Motion tracking capabilities
  • Simulation effects
  • Kinetic typography

Again, these features do not begin to cover the full capabilities of After Effects. The software is essential to motion graphics, but you should also look into Adobe Premiere as a video editing tool.

Motion graphics software guide

One more thing.

Adobe motion graphic software does not support 3D elements, except in some instances. After Effects has 2.5D capabilities. If you want to jump into the world of 3D motion graphic design, look no further than:

Cinema 4D

This software is both versatile and user friendly. Motion artists use it in 3D modeling, simulation, and animation.


This is a free motion graphics software that can create 3D elements in real-time.


This open-source 3D creation software is loved by motion designers for its long list of capabilities. Blender supports animation, simulation, rendering, rigging, compositing, and modeling _ all part of the 3D pipeline. The software can also perform motion tracking and video editing.

Motion graphics and how it connects people

Why Use Motion Graphics?

Apart from enhancing your business brand, and promoting online reputation, here are other advantages of using motion graphics:

Low cost and affordability

The creation of motion graphics may seem expensive as it takes weeks to create high-quality videos. However, if you look at costs from another perspective, you will realize that motion graphics are time and cost-effective.

Here’s how:

Animated videos require little or no updates. This means that a business can create a video that will serve consumers for a while without getting old-fashioned.

Brand presentation and visual attraction

Videos and other visual mediums of communication are essential, and not just in advertising. 2020 has taught businesses a lot about video advertising, one of the lessons being on the importance of engagement.

How you approach your target audience to create a lasting impression on their mind as a brand is a big deal. For your company to make a brand more appealing and noticeable, you need to up your motion graphics game. Maybe this means using the right software for your design work, maybe it means hiring an expert motion graphics artist.

It matters what content you put out there. Your audience wants:

  • Create eye-catching visuals
  • A captivating story
  • A demonstration as opposed to a narration

The appearance of each element, such as color and motion flow of your designs should sustain the curiosity of your audience.

Integration and compatibility with other platforms

One of the most overlooked benefits of motion graphics is the liberty to combine and blend it with other video styles. With the right software, you can complement motion graphics with different techniques such as; character animation, live video action, 3D animation, and many others.

Motion graphics sometimes lacks a human connection. You can spice it up and add some emotion to your video with a slight story or characters.

Simplifying a Complex Message

Motion graphics are an effective branding solution. These videos attract the audience’s attention and wholly engage them. Furthermore, they are simple. 

With the best motion graphics software at your disposal, you can simplify complex messages and engage your audience even further.

Video content is more marketable and engaging compared to other content formats. Business messages can go viral by engaging motion graphics videos that are easily consumed and shared by the audience within a limited time. The contents of motion graphics are memorable to many viewers since they are visually presented and not in text form.

Endless possibilities

You should make an effort to distinguish targeted audiences according to their preferred content, format, and how they would wish to receive data: either through audio, reading, or infographic viewing. Motion graphics videos are a multi-sensory technique that enables one to address various audiences. Thus, increasing engagement and value of a business.  

Unlike live-action videos, motion graphics animation gives creators more control over their style and technique of storytelling.

How To Create a Great Motion Graphics Piece

If you would like to be a motion graphics designer, you need to understand the principles of animation in addition to conventional graphic design.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

It’s all about the visual appeal

Images are great learning tools. Using colorful, vibrant moving images awakens the interest and curiosity of the target audience. Remember to keep it simple. Using too many designs can be distracting to the viewers.

What is the message?

Numerical data, figures, statistics are a great way of explaining complex information, ensure that these are assimilated in your video to make it more informative.

Motion graphics software for new users

Have some personality

To keep your audience’s attention and gain their trust, make communication style fun, accurate, and precise. In our article on motion graphics artists, we talk about inspiration and what it means in this creative career. The trick is to love what you do. It’s easy to be a graphic designer when you actually want to be one.

In this sense, a great motion graphics artist uses the best software to create timeless designs. They leverage their training, experience, market research, and intuition when designing. The truth is that there will always be better tools and programs; a great motion graphics designer should continuously learn so as to improve their skill.

Motion Graphics Latest Trends

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography makes it easy for graphic designers to stretch, twist, and shrink texts. You can leverage simple animation techniques to create stunning motion graphics designs.

Use only the motion graphics software that allows you the creative control that comes with kinetic typography.

Don’t underestimate the power of moving text. It might seem like a small thing, but kinetic typography can help evoke emotions in your audience.

2D meets 3D

The classic era of animation is best represented by 2D designs. If you want to evoke a bit of nostalgia in your audience, then you can use both 2D and 3D designs in your art.

There’s something about mixing the old with the new. 3D brings depth to the design and 2D adds the element of surprise that takes the audience back.

Move with the times

The world of motion graphics is ever-changing. There will always be an update or new software; and you need to keep up with these trends. It’s also advisable that you look at what other motion graphics artists are doing as well as what software they are using.

Leverage your skills and creativity to create amazing designs. With the help of the best motion graphics software, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Finally, motion graphics is only one part of the video. You will still need to edit it and add a voiceover. We’ve got you covered. Here’ s a list of relevant software you might need:

A Summary

Motion graphics can take your business to the next level. But this highly depends on a few factors. For starters, you have to set a clear message. You also need a targeted audience, but most important of all, you need the best motion graphics software.