Content creation is a massive industry. If you want a lot of videos, photos, or articles to maintain the interest of your customers, your content production has to be a priority. But how can one person create all the content you need? Thankfully, you can get help through online outsourcing.

Online outsourcing allows you to take advantage of the expertise of professionals outside of your staff. Around one-third of small businesses outsource some of their business processes. Outsourcing content such as videos or graphic design gives you access to professionals to represent your brand effectively.

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What Is Online Outsourcing?

Outsourcing content refers to getting a solution for companies by hiring freelancers or another business to perform outsourcing services. Online outsourcing enables the process of finding, performing, and paying for a job to take place online.

Platforms dedicated to this process make way for economic benefits for both employers and workers. With this arrangement, workers can access jobs with a higher wage and enjoy flexibility. For instance, if you get a voice-over artist from Southeast Asia, they are bound to get paid higher compared to the regular rate in their country.

Online outsourcing also gives you the potential to get people from all over the world to shape your projects in a hassle-free way. This has enabled more brands to bring fresh concepts and ideas that allow them to stand out from their competition.

Platforms like Bunny Studio enables companies to get work done without making a long-term commitment. Everything from marketing, financial reporting, production, and web content creation can be handled by experts outside your organization.

There are many compelling reasons to start online outsourcing.

How Can Online Outsourcing Help You?

If you have a business, you may not have time on your hands for everything you need to do. Because of this, you may find it hard to keep up with your business goals. If you are in this position, online outsourcing can greatly help. Here are some of the benefits of online outsourcing.

Improve efficiency

The last thing you want is to delegate a project to your employees only to realize it does nothing but drag the process on for longer than usual. It will also take up the working days of your workers.

Whether you want to outsource a translation job, photos, articles, or editing, it is intended to contribute to the efficiency of your business. Through online outsourcing, you can acquire much-needed competence and productivity without excessive spending on hiring new permanent staff.

Fast content

When you think of online outsourcing, you probably have a picture of hiring a team outside your country. While it’s true that there are countries that you can target for affordable work, you don’t always have to hire someone outside of your country. The beauty of going for a reliable outsourcing platform is you don’t have to stress yourself with 12-hour e-mail delays, 3 a.m. video chats, or constant back and forth communication.

Guaranteed high-quality work

More companies are outsourcing all forms of content. You can hire a graphic designer, director, or writer quickly, and it will save you valuable time. However, you need to ensure that the worker you choose is amazing at their craft.

Bunny Studio has done all the hard work for you by ensuring their talents provide quality output. This way, you won’t have to concern yourself about massive editing before you release your content, which can significantly delay your marketing process.

Make the most of your employees

When you don’t have a dedicated video production team for your company, you may be tempted to ask your current staff who can shoot and edit a video in hopes of saving money. However, the output will reflect the lack of expertise of these employees. Not only will this take up most of their time, but it will also delay their current work. When you seek help from an outsider, your workers can stay dedicated to working on whatever you hired them to do.

Online outsourcing with freelancers

Help you grow

Outsourcing has grown steadily since the early 2000s. What do you think has driven this statistic? Without question, it’s the increasing number of satisfied clients that are realizing the advantages they can gain through online outsourcing.

With more businesses increasing their outsourced content, the number of choices has also increased. This has inspired Bunny Studio talents to further develop their skills to ensure they give nothing but the best to their clients.

Save money

Many individuals falsely believe that all outsourced content is a type of cheap labor. However, that’s not the case. In fact, online outsourcing relationships based solely on costs often fail. Many companies offer a fair wage to their talent pool, and this is a sign that professionals are producing quality work and are getting the pay they deserve. As much as possible, select a price that indicates quality, and do not always choose a project simply based on the cheapest cost.

But while legitimate online outsourcing companies charge a reasonable fee, they also prioritize your financial interests.

Work with trusted people

Let’s face it. With the thousands of people offering online outsourcing, you are bound to run into a few bad apples. However, unreliability is not an issue with Bunny Studio. You can expect to hire someone who has honed their craft for years. This will allow them to provide consistent quality work.

Know the trends

When you look for an online outsourcing provider, you have to make sure you are spending your energy and money where you can get the most benefit. Considering this, hiring individuals who know current trends is crucial in delivering quality work that will attract your target customers.

What to Know Before Outsourcing Work

For the online outsourcing platform to deliver content that grabs the attention of your audience, you need to consider some important points beforehand.

Choose what to outsource

By now, you may already have a strong content marketing strategy in place. Examine what content you need and decide what you want to outsource. Ideally, the content you choose to outsource will be those projects your in-house content team cannot do on their own. For example, you may want to outsource your video voice-overs or illustrations. Most of your company employees won’t have the time to produce these themselves, so online outsourcing will speed up content creation.

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Find out what you want

Now that you’ve figured out the type of content you want, it’s time to specify what exactly you want. If you don’t know this, you may spend a lot of money and waste your time in the process. To find out what you need, have a clear understanding of your brand. What unique services do you offer? And what are your values and goals? What makes you authentic? Who is your audience?

All this information will be used to communicate effectively with your chosen agency. With this information, they can select the right person that fits your brand image. Not only that, but it will also help you provide clear directions regarding formatting, voice, and style.

Have a clear contract

If you are inexperienced with online outsourcing, it can be tempting to forego the formalities of the deal. After all, you’re there to get work done, and the sooner you have your outsourced content, the better, right?

However, Bunny Studio ensures that contracts and other legal items are not disregarded. This guarantees that the output will meet your expectations. In the long run, you’ll understand that contracts are essential in relieving tension and preventing confusion.

Build relationships

Although you won’t be able to enjoy beers after work with someone you hire for online outsourcing, you still have to build a genuine relationship with them. And this can only be done if you treat them like real people who deserve respect. They should be treated the same way as the employees you have in your office.

Small things really do go a long way. For example, you may give them positive feedback. If the first draft was subpar, do not worry. Instead, treat them with compassion and make them understand what you expect of them. By investing in these people, you will create a better and more profitable partnership that benefits them and your company.

Online outsourcing for small business

Examine ROI

If your in-house team requires significant time to edit videos, or if your team finds it hard to come up with a good graphic design, online outsourcing those responsibilities is the smart thing to do. Examining your return on investment (ROI) will help you choose the areas of your business that are costing a lot of money, stress, and time.

As you study your ROI, you should also examine tasks you were not able to do. Would they generate a high ROI if outsourced? Return on investment is an integral part of your content strategy since it will make you get the most out of your campaign.

Assess trends

Although you can trust professionals to know trends in your industry or niche, it also pays to understand them yourself. You want your instructions to be relevant to the current situation, which includes the news, what people are talking about, and the next “in” thing. If you’re confused, look into trend tools used by your competition or delegate this task to someone else.

Create guides

It is a must for you to have a style guide that includes information on the grammar, structure, tone, and approach you want for whatever content you will outsource.

The style guide includes any needed information that creatives need to make the content you expect. Aside from this, it also ensures consistency of in-house and outsourced content. You can make points such as “colorful backgrounds” or “use lots of images.” When someone sees the instructions, they should have a clear idea of how they would make the content. You may also suggest sources and work samples to guide them.


When you are outsourcing your content, it’s crucial to open lines of communication. If they have questions, they should be able to reach you immediately. With so many communication platforms, establish one you prefer and make it clear to them. You may use e-mail, slack, and Skype, among others.

Once they know the best way to reach you, communication can be a strength to your working relationship. Remember that it’s better to accommodate questions in the process of content generation rather than deal with the major headache of fixing problems later on.

Is Outsourcing the Best Solution for You?

Online outsourcing has dramatically changed how businesses operate. After decades of a one-size-fits-all approach to content, online outsourcing has enabled millions of brands to go far beyond geographical restrictions to secure amazing content.